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We are real confident when it relates to our Apps, that is we offer you fully functional Trial version of Mail Backup X which lets you test and experience all major features built in the App. We are sure after using the Trial version and the positive experience will be enough to help you make up your mind that it's a wise investment to safeguard your most crucial personal and business data your E-mails. 

System Requirements for Mail Backup X

  • Computer Processor: 1GHz or Higher
  • Computer Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL 

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Supported OS

Download Mail Backup X for Mac OS Mac OS X ( 10.10 and above)
Now ready for macOS X Catalina/ please read note below for install instructions

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Download Mail Backup X for Windows

 Windows 8 and above

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Note: Instructions for Additional Installation Steps required for users macOS Mojave & Catalina

In macOS Mojave & Catalina Apple restricts access to Mails, Contacts and Calendar for third-party applications. macOS Mojave & Catalina users will need to allow & set permissions for Mail Backup X to access Mails, Calendars and the Contacts.

 Please follow the step-by-step procedure given below to ensure compatibility with macOS Mojave & Catalina.

1. Please go to the "System  Preferences" on your Mac,

2. Open "Security & Privacy" from the top

3. Click on the 4th Tab "Privacy" which is after Firewall

4. Then Click on "Full Disk Access".

5 Add Mail Backup X from your Application folder

6. You will get a prompt suggesting you need to quit Mail Backup X. Please click on "Quit Now".

7. Launch Mail Backup X Again. 

Change Log 

Version 1.78.191011  - Released on 11th October 2019   << Latest Version >>

  • Updated: Performance enhancements & Compatability with macOS X Catalina.

Version 1.76.190328  - Released on 28th March 2019

  • Updated: Google OAuth workflow.
  • Fixed: few customer reported bugs.

Version 1.68.180711  - Released on 11th September 2018  

  • Fixed: A rare issue with folder hierarchy synchronisation.
  • Fixed: A crash with FTP setup widow.
  • Fixed: Unable to read Apple Mail Database on 10.11 in a rare scenario.
  • Fixed: A crash when backing up Outlook database.

Version 1.62.180425  - Released on 25th April 2018 

  • Fixed: Mail Backup X fails to detect folder hierarchy from Apple Mail on few machines.
  • Fixed: Exported VCF and ICS not imported by google.
  • Fixed: A corruption in database chunks in case Mail Backup X crashes or force quit.
  • Fixed: Button titles not update in wizard dialogs sometimes.
  • Fixed: A minor issue related to asset revisions.
  • Fixed: Major crashes reported by customers.
  • Fixed: Date searching should honour local timezone (It used to filter items in GMT).
  • Fixed: A timezone related issue in recurring events from OLM and OLK Databases.
  • Fixed: Uncached data warning does not disappear when Apple Mail has attachments with a "." dot name prefix.
  • Few more minor bug fixes.
  • Improved: Viewer: Improved data list loading in viewer. A major refactoring to support very large number (say 1000000 mails or more) of items in viewer without costing memory and performance. Now items should load quickly and folder switching should be smooth.
  • Improved: Searching: Significant performance improvement in searching mechanism. Even with a very large number of items (say 1000000 mails or more).
  • Improved: Rigorously tested to avoid data loss or corruption in various scenarios. Introduced exhausted error handling to take care of failure in various scenarios.
  • Improved: Redesigned "Mirror Setup" mechanism. Earlier we used to have a primary backup and it's mirrors but now it has changed. All mirrors are given same status now and all are independent of each other. Now use can randomly remove or add any mirror copy. Introduced error handling while setting up or deleting mirror copies.
  • Improved: Improved logging mechanism. Added timestamp to log messages. Also increased coverage of logging to identify cause of unwanted failures, which enables us to quickly fix issues.
  • Improved: Added Postbox 6 Support.
  • Improved: Performance improvement in backup synchronization and data import workflow.

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