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System Requirements for Mail Backup X

  • Computer Processor: 1GHz or Higher
  • Computer Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL 

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Change Log 

Version 1.39.170501  - Released on 1st May 2017   << Latest Version >>

  • New Feature: Live update viewer's item list (eg emails/contacts/calendar items) when backup is running and user is in viewer window.
  • New Feature: Major refactoring: Improved MIME parsing mechanism and related code.
  • New Feature: Preference to control CPU-usage priority while performing backup operation.
  • New Feature: Performance improvement (up to 90% improvement)
  • Fixed: Bug: Few email fields not honoured when imported from ANSI-pst (1997-2002 pst files).
  • Fixed: Bug: Local folder not detected in a certain version (old) of Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: few minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed: a probable crash on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: a crash with Thunderbird backup profile.
  • Fixed:  a rare crash in email-viewer.

Version 1.38.170321  - Released on 21st March 2017

  • New feature: Mail Backup X can detect Uncached-Items from data source. Now it provides one-click functionality to 
    a) Resolve (Force download) uncached-items with Apple Mail, Outlook:mac and Thunderbird. 
    b) Ignore such warnings if user doesnt want to see them. Even if user ignores warning for such emails, Mail Backup X tries to fetch full items while synchronizing.
  • New Feature: Functionality to view Uncached or Deleted items (folder wise). Added UI to indicate uncached or deleted items in Viewer.
  • New Feature: Added support for Thunderbird/Postbox message store type configured as "maildir". ("mbox" store type supported since initial version).
  • Improved: Asset Revision mechanism to avoid downgrading of assets in case of source database rebuild/repair.
  • Improved: Thunderbird/postbox synchronization mechanism.
  • Fixed: A random backup-process interruption caused by searching.
  • Fixed: Total count shown wrong during Export process.
  • Fixed: A crash caused by Apple Mail Attachments in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed: A rare issue while displaying folder hierarchy in viewer. (caused by multi-threaded nature of app.)
  • Fixed: Duplicate-detection not working in a rare scenario.
  • Fixed: Few other minor bugs.

Version 1.37.170206  - Released on 6th February 2017

  • Fixed: Application window becomes temporarily unresponsive when user is viewing profile log and meanwhile profile log is updated rapidly in background.
  • Fixed: A rare crash in user interface.
  • Fixed: Wrong Message date-time shown in viewer for imported OLM emails. If an OLM has already been imported then need to "Re-index" database for OLM-Import-Profile.
  • Fixed: A rare crash in UI which sometimes occurred immediately after a profile is deleted.
  • New Feature : Allow user to sync from "Now Onwards or Since beginning" in case a backup profile is setup with IMAP server.
  • New Feature: Facility to reset sync on any backup profile.
  • New Feature: Item Deletion Support: Awaited facility to delete any email/contact/calendar items using context-menu's "Delete" option. User can also restore deleted items if required. Added button to show "Deleted items" for a profile in viewer. When user is in "Show Deleted Items" mode, search will per performed on deleted items of given profile.
  • Improved: GMail specific artwork and colour scheme for GMail account-backup-profiles.

Version 1.36.170122  - Released on 17th January 2017   

  • Fixed: Unable to locate Thunderbird profile on few machines.
  • Fixed: App crash/unexpected behaviour after a profile is deleted.
  • Fixed: Caused by empty messages in Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: App rarely crash on Application quit when Outlook backup is setup to sync automatically.

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