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We are real confident when it relates to our Apps, that is we offer you fully functional Trial version of Mail Backup X which lets you test and experience all major features built in the App. We are sure after using the Trial version and the positive experience will be enough to help you make up your mind that it's a wise investment to safeguard your most crucial personal and business data your E-mails. 

System Requirements for Mail Backup X

  • Computer Processor: 1GHz or Higher
  • Computer Memory: 2 GB or More
  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL 

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Download Mail Backup X for Mac OS Mac OS X ( 10.10 and above)
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Change Log 

Version 1.45.170818  - Released on 18th August 2017   << Latest Version >>

  • Fixed: Fixed a memory leak durning PST Import.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in importing signed messages from PST import.
  • New Feature: Added support to import Outlook OST (*.ost) files. Supports OST 2013 format.
  • New Feature: Option to split PST files if pst file grows over a size limit while exporting backup data in pst file format.

Version 1.42.170630  - Released on 30th June 2017

  • Fixed: An issue with re-indexing marked-as-deleted folders.
  • Fixed: Sender/From now shown properly in Mail viewer.
  • Fixed: A duplicate detection issue caused by attached message not included during hashing while backing-up from Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: a drawing issue in items-list-view.
  • Fixed: Set Date format in dd/MM/yy (Or MM/dd/yy) style in mails list view.
  • Fixed: A crash on Apple Mail Archive export.
  • Fixed: A rare and random crash on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: A crash on export to PST when default folder name clashes.
  • Fixed: A minor bug with items not shown in viewer due to some caching issue. (missing after split hierarchy in cache folder)
    Handling for cache items during profile database reindexing.
  • Fixed: Line ending issue in MBOX to EML conversion.
  • Fixed: A bug in reading message date from OLM emails.
  • Improvement: Hide Marked-As-Deleted folders if they are empty.
  • Improvement: Fixed few memory leaks and memory related issues.
  • Improvement: Show visual indication for Marked-As-Deleted folder in folder view.
  • Improvement: Added checks to verify archive store against viewcachestore.
  • Improvement: Performance improvements.

Version 1.40.170518  - Released on 18th May 2017

  • Fixed: App poses crash or errors during PDF export for certain emails.
  • Fixed: Attachment emails not loading from Apple Mail Database.
  • Fixed: Random crashes on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: App hangs while ignoring partial warnings for selected emails.
  • Fixed: A random crash on exporting selected emails from viewer's emails list.
  • Fixed: Backup mirror stopped working in previous builds. Its fixed now. Few other issues also fixed in this area.
  • Fixed: App hangs on quitting in case a search-query is still running in UI.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement on app launching.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement on asset deletions/restore/partial asset warning resolve workflow.
  • Improvement: Improved stability and reliability of product with various preventive measures.

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