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Office 365 Mail Backup & Restore Tool for macOS & Windows

Setup Quick & Easy Automated Mail Backups of Office 365 email accounts
  • Setup Automated incremental Backups of multiple office 365 mail accounts backup & restore all your Emails.
  • Smart Auto Clear Office 365 mailbox feature to automatically free up space from your office 365 server account. It allows you to set the tool to auto delete emails from your live mailbox after successful archival.
  • Restore Office 365 mailbox from backup to live mailbox and view or search using Mail Backup X software solution.
  • Have the freedom to select specific folders from the mailbox and backup Office 365 mailbox and exclude folders such as ‘Junk’ and ‘Deleted’ folders.
  • Office 365 backup and restore tool for searching through your attachments, contacts, emails, and calendar items.
  • The only Office 365 backup and restore tool out there that ensures automatic compression of your mail data so you can save maximum disk space.
  • An Office 365 archive and restore solution that is easy-to-use with a simple interface so you can backup all important mail data to offline local hard drives or cloud storage like One Drive, DropBox or Google Drive.
  • A tool with numerous automated features such as auto detects when the Internet connection is lost and auto resume when the Internet link is up and running again.
  • Available in two distinct editions to enable you to backup Office 365 mailbox and restore for personal use and for teams / business.
  • A solution that enables you to store mirror and distributed backups for extra security and replicas, so you always have additional mirror copies of your Office 365 emails and other data.
Office 365 Mail Backup & Restore Tool

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Ready for macOS BigSur and Windows 10

Experience The Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool Advantage

Confidently archive and restore Office 365 emails, calendar items, and contacts with Mail Backup X and Office 365 backup & restore solution that works flawlessly on macOS and Windows. Never worry about losing Office 365 email data ever again with this incredible Office 365 backup and restore solution that has made a difference to over 40,000+ users and businesses.

A leading software solution to backup Office 365 mailbox data without hassles

Easy solution for everyday or special use cases

The market is filled with complex Office 365 backup and restore solutions. To take the complexity out altogether, we have designed and developed Mail Backup X that not only answers the questions related to all your Office 365 backup and restoration worries but ensures you can backup your emails with ease. You don’t need to read a chunky manual booklet to understand its features because it is so simple and easy to use. Whether you are backing up emails for your team or yourself, this tool is the solution.

Mail Backup X’s interface allows you to find everything you need instantly. The layout is fantastic and enables you to find what you need when you backup Office 365 emails. There are minimal steps required for maximum efficiency. You can save time to backup Office 365 mailboxes and restore your emails with the easiest archiving solution ever created.

Allows you to Choose Office 365 mailbox folders you need

If you haven’t archived your Office 365 emails for years, then you might think you have a mountain of a job to do because you have several thousand emails. Mail Backup X will take the stress off of you because it is designed to keep user convenience and ease of use in mind. Plus, you are not forced to select the entire Office 365 to backup with the archiving and restore solution. You can choose the folders you want to archive only.

By giving you the chance to archive only the Office 365 folders you need, you can select the folders of importance. This will save you time to backup Office 365 mailbox in its entirety when you don’t need to. This can help save considerable time in archiving and restoring when you need it. Moreover, you have the ultimate choice of selecting folders.

Backup using incremental, mirror, and distributed backup

Saving your emails incrementally is the best way to go about backing up your Office 365 mailbox. Initially, the selected folders will get backed up. Then from next time onwards, only the new emails that you receive will be archived. Mail Backup X uses an intelligent logic to keep a log of emails already archived and automatically keeps a track of any new incoming mails to add as incremental backups. So you can do other tasks and let the app handle the task of backing up your emails received in your Office 365 mailbox.

Additionally, the Office 365 backup and restore software tool allows you to set up a mirror and distributed backup where you wish. A mirror backup will enable you to save an exact copy of your Office 365 mailbox archives in another location or locations. In distributed backup with Mail Backup X, you can distribute the archive over several storage devices or locations.

View & Search backed up Office 365 emails.

Once you back up and archive your Office 365 emails, you might leave them in the storage location for some time. But what if you suddenly realized you need a particular email and want to read its contents? If you had deleted without archiving, you would have been in trouble. But when you archive with a professional tool like Mail Backup X, you can rest assured that your mail data is safe.

You get a search option in the Office 365 backup and restore solution whereby you can search through all your email archives. Whether you need an Office 365 mailbox email of the past year or from a few years back, you can effortlessly search using the tool’s search function. It is fast and allows you to search in a variety of ways, including dates, messages with attachments, specific file types etc.


Automated resume feature for complete archival

You are amid backup Office 365 mailbox when you realize that your Internet connection isn’t working due to some issue. The backup and restore tool automatically detect there is no Internet connection and pauses your archive process. As soon as the Internet connection is established again, the backup process resumes automatically.

You don’t need to manually pause and resume like in other ineffective Office 365 backup solutions. The backup and restore software solution does it for you to get back to other important tasks that you need to complete. You can instruct the software tool to backup your Office 365 emails and restore them whenever the Internet connection is working.


Free up space in your online Office 365 mailbox by archiving locally

When you have years of Office 365 mailbox data, you probably want to backup Office 365 mailbox entirely, so all the mail data is safe with you. Rather than let the emails sit on the Office 365 server, you have the option of archiving and then instructing the software to delete the corresponding original emails from the mailbox. This clears out space from your mailbox.

This automatic delete option is an intelligent function of the Office 365 mailbox archive tool. Mail Backup X ensures when you archive, the same emails are not redundantly sitting in your mailbox. Hence, by performing deletion after backup, you get to store your email data safely while emptying your mailbox space at the same time.

Archive important contacts and calendar items

Mail Backup X isn’t only a backup and restore Office 365 mailbox from backup tool. It is also a tool that ensures zero data loss while backing up calendar data and contacts data from your Office 365 mailbox. You might have an extensive contact list since you started using Office 365. Rather than manual storage, the Office 365 mailbox archiving tool can enable you to save the contacts and calendar data too.

These are stored alongside your emails when you archive the complete Office 365 mailbox. Hence, when you view your emails, another inbuilt function of the tool, you can view the contacts just like you saved them in your original Office 365 mailbox. All the emails, contacts, and calendar items are saved without error using the archiving and restore tool.

Save space automatically when you archive Office 365 mailbox

Space-saving is one of the primary reasons for archiving Office 365 emails. Instead of worrying about how you are going to save space, Mail Backup X solution does it for you. Every time you archive Office 365 mailbox, you automatically save space. You don’t need to click on anything, and you don’t need to download anything else. The software tool has the capability to backup and restore Office 365 mailbox from backup while compressing your archives.

The tool is capable of compressing your Office 365 mailbox up to three times. That means you have three times more space to save more archives in the storage space where you are storing your email archives. This happens whenever you archive using the backup tool and ensures you get to utilize the harddrive space to the fullest.

Backup mailboxes anywhere you want

With certain tools, there is a limit on the location of backup Office 365 mailbox. Not with this incredible tool. Mail Backup X gives you a plethora of options to archive your Office 365 emails. You can choose one or multiple locations to save your email archives. For instance, you can select your external hard drive, pen drive, or computer to be storage spaces of your archives.

Alternatively, you can save your Office 365 mailbox archives on cloud servers. You can save your backups on One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP servers. You can set up mirror and distributed backups on these locations as well. If you want to ensure better safety, then you can save on many storage locations instead of just one as long as you remember where you saved them.

Secure your archived Office 365 emails

Security of your Office 365 mailbox is paramount. This is why Mail Backup X has given particular attention to detail when it comes to security. While archiving, you have the option of choosing if you want to encrypt and save your email archives in the storage space you chose. If the Office 365 mail data contains confidential information, it is best to secure the archive to avoid data theft.

You don’t want your important archives to be easily accessible by unauthorized individuals, and the Office 365 backup and restore solution ensures that only you have the authority to open your archives. You can ensure complete security every time you archive by selecting the encryption option. Then you become the only one who gets to open the archive as you control the key to unlock your archives.

FAQ's - Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool

How do I take a backup of a Office 365 Mail Account?

Please find the step by step instructions on using Mail Backup x to take Gmail or Gsuite Business Mail account Backup:

  • Step 1: Download and Install Mail Backup X Personal on your Mac or PC. For Google Apps / Gsuite Backup for Teams, check our instructions on the next Question.
  • Step 2 : Launch Mail Backup X > On Dashboard > Under Tasks > Click on Setup a New Backup > Choose Mail Server > Office 365 > Click Sign > A Secure Browser Window will open for you to login to Office 365 account and authorize Mail Backup X for Backup & Restore functions via SecureAuthentication. 
  • Step 3: Once Authorized, You will be presented the list of Folders to choose to backup. 
  • Step 4: Next, you are presented with options to 
    • Select a location to store the backed-up archive ( Local Drive or Cloud Space), 
    • Set Option to keep a Secure encrypted or unencrypted archive. 
    • Set Backup Schedule:  Auto, Manual (Daily, Hourly, Minutes)
    • Auto Source cleanup: You can set it to Off, Clean up mails Older than a set number of days. It helps ensure you never run out of free space in your Gmail / Gsuite account by automatically clearning old archived emails from your mailbox. 

Step 5: We are All set, and backup is in progress. You get a notification once the backup is completed. 

Your Office 365 backup and restore tool sounds excellent in writing. But I want to be sure that it is the right fit for my business. How can I do that?

We offer a free trial version of the Mail Backup X tool so you can get an idea of how it works for your business. You don’t have to commit to buying our product in order to use the trial version. The free trial is valid for 15 days, after which you can opt for a license depending on the number of people who work in your business and how many Office 365 mailboxes you want to archive. We provide ongoing support so you can quickly start archiving your important Office 365 mail data without problems. The tool is easy to use and efficient.

There is a lot of confidential information on our Office 365 mailboxes, and I am not comfortable using a third-party app. Why should I trust your tool?

We always take data security seriously. To ensure maximum security, we have ensured that while we process and help you migrate Office 365 mail data, the data doesn’t get stored in our servers in any form. Hence, at no point in time do we have access to your data so you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe with you. You have complete control over how your data is stored and where it is stored at all times.

Are my credentials and data secure? I would prefer not to share my login credentials with a Third-Party app. How do you guys ensure the security and confidentiality of my credentials?

At no point in time, we ever have access to your login credentials. We use Microsoft Approved browser-based login authentication, explicitly designed to ensure security while dealing with Third-party apps. All we get is an authorization token to process your data, which is also processed at your computer. We never access your data or credentials.

I want to store Office 365 archived mails in various places. Is this possible with Mail Backup X?

Our Office 365 backup and restore tool enables you to store in as many places as you like. Do you want to store certain Office 365 mail archived files in your hard disk drive? Go ahead and do that. Do you want to save some archived files on OneDrive? You can do that too. You have complete control over where you wish to save the archived data so you can select the place according to your choice. We ensure effective storage in the storage places you, the user, select.

My mailbox is in terabytes. Does the backup Office 365 mailbox tool limit how much data can be archived?

There is no limit on how much data can be archived from your Office 365 mailbox using Mail Backup X. The tool is specifically created and developed to ensure it can efficiently archive Office 365 mailbox data of any size with ease. Moreover, it is one of the simplest backing up and restoring Office 365 tool out there, so you can rest assured that it will do its job with expertise.

Can I archive particular folders instead of everything because not all mail in my Office 365 mailbox is important?

Yes, Mail Backup X Office 365 backup tool gives you that option. We understand that not all mail might be important for you and so the tool ensures you can select the specific folders you want to archive. However, if ever you think it is best to archive anything, then the archiving and restoring tool can help you archive every single mail too. You can select when you want to schedule the backup of your emails. That is, you can select whether you wish to archive all data from the time your account was created or particular folders in your Office 365 mailbox.

We have a few Macs & PC mixed configuration in our Organization. Does your Tool support both macOS & Windows?

Mail Backup X is the only Tool which covers macOS & Windows users at present. We regularly update our App to keep it compatible with the latest OS. We are compatible with macOS BigSur and Windows 10 at present.

I have archived some emails previously. Can I view these with Mail Backup X Office 365 backup and restore tool?

Office 365 backup and restore tool gives you the freedom to view your archived mails. Let us say you need to view certain emails you have archived. You can do that with Mail Backup X because it has a simple-to-use viewer that shows your archived emails in the format you had saved them. Do you have archived files in various formats? Then Mail Backup X is an incredible tool that allows you to view those archived emails too. All you need to do is import them to the tool to view them in a snap. You can then view all your emails.

I have archived some Office 365 folders and now I want to migrate these to another email client application. Is this possible with Mail Backup X?

Yes, it is possible for you to migrate your mail data from Office 365 to any other email client application with Mail Backup X. This applies to archived files that you have backed up using Mail Backup X or any other application. If this is your first time migrating your mailbox data, then we are here to help. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to migrate your mailbox data with ease to whichever mail account you wish to. Mail Backup X makes everything so fast and straightforward.

Do you provide an option to restore Office 365 emails?

Yes. When you want to restore the emails you archived, you can do that with our tool. Mail Backup X Office 365 backup and restore tool enables you to restore your archived emails to wherever you want them to. That is, you can restore them to the account you archived them from or you can restore them to another mailbox of your preference. You have the option of restoring for your entire team with the Team edition, or if you are using Mail Backup X Personal edition then you can restore emails for yourself.

I prefer using PDF to store my archives as they are easy to store and retrieve. Does Mail Backup X offer an option to save in PDF?

Mail Backup X is an advanced way to backup Office 365 mailbox and restore your archives whenever you need them. One of the many options is to store your Office 365 mail archives in PDF format. You can choose this option for easy export or storage purposes.

I work with a team of people and want to ensure the complete safety of everyone's Office 365 mail data. Can I archive their Office 365 mail data too?

Mail Backup X’s Team Edition enables you, the administrator, to set up backup profiles so you can backup and store your team’s important Office 365 mailbox data. This can ensure data is safe even if accidental deletion or purposely-done deletion takes place. Additionally, it can give you peace of mind knowing all the business-related communications are safely stored in a local backup storage space. Our backup and restore solution ensures individuals and teams can effectively backup and restore their emails as and when necessary.

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What our clients say?

  • By far the best and easiest archiving tool we have ever found. I was scratching my head thinking of how I am going to backup Office 365 mailbox of my account and those of my teams’. This is when I came across Inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X solution. The rest is history because I am still a happy customer of the tool that works as wonderfully as always. Plus, top-notch customer service makes things so much better!

    Nancy Myers
  • I was skeptical about this tool because I had some bad experiences with other backup and restore tools that never performed as well as advertised. With Mail Backup X, that wasn’t the case at all! I first tried the free trial version and was amazed at how easy archiving could be. Additionally, this tool is packed with so many bonus features that I couldn’t believe my eyes. My business is running better, and I am not scared about losing my emails because I have Mail Backup X to archive all the important data.

    Theresa Mahana
  • Just go for Mail Backup X because it is hands down the best Office 365 backup and restore tool out there. It archives easily and quickly while giving you options for everything so you are always in control. The migration process was as effortless as the backup process.

    Robert Calhun