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Perfect Solution for Mail Backup & Archiving
for macOS & Windows

Designed especially keeping in mind the needs of Business & Home Users

Mail Backup X is a one stop solution for mail backup, archiving, email management & Mail Conversion trusted by 42000+ Business and Home users worldwide.

Mail Backup X for macOS and Windows PC

Best Mail Backup & Migration Solution Used by World's Most Trusted Businesses Big and Small*

We offer robust, reliable and simple to use mail backup solutions, so our clients can focus on their core business.

Mail Backup and archiving Solution for Home Users Personal Edition

Mail Backup X for Individuals

For Personal and Home use

Top notch Mail backup solution that lets you back up your personal emails from almost all the email sources available today and organize them under one safe and secure mail archive. 

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Mail Backup and Archiving Solution for Small Business Team Edition

Mail Backup X for Teams

For Small and Medium Business

No more worries about missing or deleted emails, Mail Storage Quota full warnings, lost productive hours when you are using Mail Backup X for teams.  You can focus on what matters to you the most, “your business.”

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Unique Benefits of using Mail Backup X!

No other Solutions make Mail Backup as easy and effortless like Mail Backup X
Backup Mails from Multiple Sources

Backup Emails From Multiple Sources

All popular Mail clients Supported

A Mail Backup App that’s plug and play with all major mail clients like Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Windows Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox. Configure mail backup with these mail clients in few clicks and all your mails will be Automatically backed up as they arrive in your mailbox.

Backup your Internet Mail Boxes Backup Gmail Mailbox, Backup Gmx.de, Backup Yahoo mail

Backup your Internet Mail Boxes

Any Online mail service provider supporting IMAP, Microsoft Exchange Server

You can also backup mails from multiple Online Mail Service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, AOL, Yandex, mail.ru, iCloud mail.com, Protonmail, Zoho, Gmx.net, web.de, Cpanel hosted websites, business mail hosting services supporting IMAP and Microsoft Exchange.

Easy Backup and Restore Mails from Backup

Easily Restore Mails in few Clicks

Restore mails from backup with simple to use Wizard

You can easily restore specific or the entire mail archive as per your convenience. Not only that you can restore mails in few clicks to any archive file format supported by mail client of your choice be it .EML, .PST, .RGE, .MBOX supported by Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo, etc

Blazing fast search of Archived mails

Blazing fast Search for Archived Mails

Lightning fast searches with advances search module

Packed with ability to search emails from a particular personsubject, with a specific word during a specific time frame or in the entire database. You can also search only for emails with attachments with specific file types or do a complex query with AND and OR operators; as that helps you perform more complex search operations.

Compressed Searchable Mail Archives

Save on Storage with 3X Compression

Ultra High Compression algorithm with repair recovery records

Uses special algorithm designed to secure and safeguard you mail data. Mail Backup X compresses and extracts files to reduce storage space requirements and upload download times for your Mail profiles backed up on cloud and ftp. We also support repair recovery record, which safeguards your mail data against any any hardware corruption. 

No Special Skillsets Needed

Simple Wizard based User interface to guide you with setting up mail backups

Unlike other Complicated Mail Backup Softwares which need a lot of technical know-how to set them up and maintain, we were focused on keeping Mail Backup X simpler, so it could be understood and used even by a novice user. After ensuring its simple to use and has the least learning curve, we kept the same simplicity going while designing the Business edition of the product.

Import and View Third Party Mail Archives

Import Third Party Mail Archives

Don't leave any older Mail Archives behind.

It’s not just a Mail Backup Solution, but supports reading & import of common mail archive file formats (.mbox, .rge, .olm, .olk,  .pst, .eml)  used to store mail data by most popular Mail Clients like Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. 

Inbuilt Mail Archive Viewer, Free Mbox Viewer, Free PST Viewer, Free OLK file Viewer, Free EML Viewer

Inbuilt Mail Archive Viewers

View imported mails from popular mail clients

Includes Professional grade inbuilt Mail Viewers. So you can view and read all imported Archive files ( Mbox Viewer, RGE Viewer, OLM Viewer, OLK Viewer,  PST Viewer, EML Viewer) and archived emails, without the need to switch between or open mails with different mail clients.

Free Mail Migration, Mbox Converter, OLM converter, PST Converter, EML Converter

Inbuilt Mail Migration Tools

Freedom to choose a mail client of your choice

Includes a robust and  advanced mail conversion engine used in  professional mail conversion tools. If you prefer to be free to use a mail clients of your choice. Mail Backup X lets you Convert and export mail data to all major mail data file formats like (.mbox, .rge, .olm, .pst, .eml).

Platform Independent

One Mail Backup Solution covers Mac & Windows

Only solution for mail backup that is available for macOS and Windows. You can run with the same license on Two Computers for individual edition. In case of Teams if you have few users on mac and few on Windows no need to look for different solutions. 

Save Backed up mail to Cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box or FTP

Backup to Cloud Storage or FTP Server

Support for all Popular Cloud Storage and FTP Server

Now backup of your Mail Backups to Google drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox. Or If you have a FTP server, you may upload your backups. This comes in handy while archiving emails for teams.

Auto Sync Backup with USB Drive

Auto Sync Copy of Local Backups to USB Drive

Auto detects USB Drive and Syncs Local Mail Backup

Added Safeguard in case of local hard drive failure, set the app to bind a mail Archive to copy and sync to USB or Portable HDD/SSD drive as soon as it gets plugged in to the system

Control & Manage Remote Backups for Teams

Run Mail Backups for Remote users

Control remote mail backups for team members at runtime (Only in Team Edition)

Run and manage live remote mail backups for team members. You can setup auto upload to companies cloud storage or FTP location. Admin can Download and clear cloud storage as the backup grows.

Admin Dashboard for Team Mail Backup

Visual updates on Backup progress

Quick alerts via Mail Backup Dashboard for Admins (Only in Team Edition)

Backup Dashboard for Admins, to view Backup Status  at runtime. Get Quick Alerts and notifications on backup for team members backup needing attention.

Hybrid Backup Local/Cloud

Option to Backup Mails for team members Locally or on Central Cloud storage locations.

Setup and Add Multiple Cloud storage space using multiple cloud service accounts. Admin can choose to leave the backup on Cloud or can download old backup from cloud to local Hard drives thus save costs and avoid spending a fortune on cloud storage space.

Highly Confidential Email Added Layer of Mail Security

Extra Layer of Security

For Users with sensitive data

Management Members with highly sensitive and confidential mail data can add an additional layer of security by using a personal encryption key to avoid exposure and data leaks through unauthorised personal and keep your data confidential from any Outsourced IT teams.

Supports Large Archive Volumes

Safe for Large Archive Volumes

Mail data Today runs into Terabytes

Now a days mail data runs into Terabytes, it can manage and process huge amounts of data effortlessly. Bring all your Mails from multiple accounts and manage from a central archive, be it from past and future all are safe.

100 % Mail Data Privacy

100% Privacy for Archived Mail Data

Your data belongs to you and stays with you

Your mail data stays with you; all your data is encrypted & stays with you at Local backups or any cloud or FTP server accounts owned by you. So, unlike other Mail Backup Solution providers, we don’t keep your data on our servers. 

Advantages of using this Power packed Mail Backup Tool

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Yet so simple can be used by a novice!

For most individuals and organizations, emails are the most critical part of daily activities and communications. Some of us realize the importance of backing up emails only when a critical mail goes missing which could make or break a deal, has picture attachments from a moment we cherish. Whereas, some of us are proactive and put the safeguards in place well in time. That is, to use a robust and reliable mail backup solution.

  • Lower your IT support / Cloud Storage costs
  • Safeguard mail data from unauthorised snooping
  • Lower Loads on Mail servers & improve performance
  • No more exceeded mail quota warnings
  • No more lost mails due to user error
  • Offline access to archived Mail data
  • Safeguard mail data from ransomeware attacks
  • One Solution for Mac and Windows Users

What our clients say?

Why Mail Backup X?
  • After having a major issue with our emails, and we were about to loose them all, this amazing software saved all our critical data.
    On top the support team was in touch with us after minutes we contacted them and they guided us through the entire mail recovery process. Support Team coordinated with us for 8 hours of non stop to help recover all our 40,000 emails. And believe it or not, all the support and work was for FREE!! We have never experienced such a professional, fast and super friendly service over the years. And all we did was buying this outstanding software!

    Norbert Reichart
  • Mail Backup X is Awesome…far superior to other Mac Mail backup software. I am not very technology oriented, yet found this program easy to learn and play with. You can add backup directly if you have any configured email account with Apple mail, Outlook for Mac or Thunderbird. Even it forces you to download each mail if it’s not downloaded completely.

    The auto USB feature is an impressive one. Just assign a drive; it will automatically take incremental backup whenever you connect the drive if the backup set to automatic. When I try with the search function that is much faster than Google as well as inbuilt Mac Mail search function. I love this program, which is with an ultra modern look not like the old UI as others. Definitely, get 2 thumbs up from me.

    Drazen Sakic
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