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Change Log History for Mail Backup X

Version 2.0.20271 - Latest Stable Build
  • Introduced "Dashboard" to show current status, processes, and notifications, etc.
  • Cloud storage support, Mail Backup X now has inbuilt support to Add Cloud Spaces from popular cloud storage service providers like Google Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox and FTP File server to save backup directly to the cloud from within the App.
  • Redesigned viewer to show profile data for individual profiles and avoid clutter.
  • App Level Security - to protect data exposure by anyone having access to your system and opens the App. The user can now password-protect the App. Individual profiles can be secured with a security key: i.e., profile data can't be viewed on any other computer without the profile's security key.
  • Added Support for Exporting Mail attachments while exporting all emails as pdf.
  • Backup Performance increased as compared to the legacy version.
  • Better Performance to utilize maximum network speed for IMAP Backups compared to the legacy version.
  • Prevent system from entering into sleep mode while the backup is running. Users can set this option under preferences.
  • Feature to "archive" an active backup.
  • Exhaustive refactoring to achieve uniform user-interface on OSX as well as Windows PC.
Version 2.0.1 - Beta Released
Beta Released to Select Customers
Version 1.86.200502 - Legacy Version
  • Updated: Performance enhancements & Compatibility with Gmail.
Version 1.78.191011
  • Updated: Performance enhancements & Compatibility with macOS X Catalina.
Version 1.76.190328
  • Updated: Google OAuth workflow.
  • Fixed: few customer reported bugs.
Version 1.68.180711
  • Fixed: A rare issue with folder hierarchy synchronisation.
  • Fixed: A crash with FTP setup widow.
  • Fixed: Unable to read Apple Mail Database on 10.11 in a rare scenario.
  • Fixed: A crash when backing up Outlook database.
Version 1.62.180425
  • Fixed: Mail Backup X fails to detect folder hierarchy from Apple Mail on few machines.
  • Fixed: Exported VCF and ICS not imported by google.
  • Fixed: A corruption in database chunks in case Mail Backup X crashes or force quit.
  • Fixed: Button titles not update in wizard dialogs sometimes.
  • Fixed: A minor issue related to asset revisions.
  • Fixed: Major crashes reported by customers.
  • Fixed: Date searching should honour local timezone (It used to filter items in GMT).
  • Fixed: A timezone related issue in recurring events from OLM and OLK Databases.
  • Fixed: Uncached data warning does not disappear when Apple Mail has attachments with a "." dot name prefix.
  • Few more minor bug fixes.
  • Improved: Viewer: Improved data list loading in viewer. A major refactoring to support very large number (say 1000000 mails or more) of items in viewer without costing memory and performance. Now items should load quickly and folder switching should be smooth.
  • Improved: Searching: Significant performance improvement in searching mechanism. Even with a very large number of items (say 1000000 mails or more).
  • Improved: Rigorously tested to avoid data loss or corruption in various scenarios. Introduced exhausted error handling to take care of failure in various scenarios.
  • Improved: Redesigned "Mirror Setup" mechanism. Earlier we used to have a primary backup and it's mirrors but now it has changed. All mirrors are given same status now and all are independent of each other. Now use can randomly remove or add any mirror copy. Introduced error handling while setting up or deleting mirror copies.
  • Improved: Improved logging mechanism. Added timestamp to log messages. Also increased coverage of logging to identify cause of unwanted failures, which enables us to quickly fix issues.
  • Improved: Added Postbox 6 Support.
  • Improved: Performance improvement in backup synchronisation and data import workflow.
Version 1.45.170818
  • Fixed: Fixed a memory leak durning PST Import.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in importing signed messages from PST import.
  • New Feature: Added support to import Outlook OST (*.ost) files. Supports OST 2013 format.
  • New Feature: Option to split PST files if pst file grows over a size limit while exporting backup data in pst file format.
Version 1.42.170630
  • Fixed: An issue with re-indexing marked-as-deleted folders.
  • Fixed: Sender/From now shown properly in Mail viewer.
  • Fixed: A duplicate detection issue caused by attached message not included during hashing while backing-up from Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: a drawing issue in items-list-view.
  • Fixed: Set Date format in dd/MM/yy (Or MM/dd/yy) style in mails list view.
  • Fixed: A crash on Apple Mail Archive export.
  • Fixed: A rare and random crash on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: A crash on export to PST when default folder name clashes.
  • Fixed: A minor bug with items not shown in viewer due to some caching issue. (missing after split hierarchy in cache folder)
    Handling for cache items during profile database reindexing.
  • Fixed: Line ending issue in MBOX to EML conversion.
  • Fixed: A bug in reading message date from OLM emails.
  • Improvement: Hide Marked-As-Deleted folders if they are empty.
  • Improvement: Fixed few memory leaks and memory related issues.
  • Improvement: Show visual indication for Marked-As-Deleted folder in folder view.
  • Improvement: Added checks to verify archive store against viewcachestore.
  • Improvement: Performance improvements.
Version 1.40.170518
  • Fixed: App poses crash or errors during PDF export for certain emails.
  • Fixed: Attachment emails not loading from Apple Mail Database.
  • Fixed: Random crashes on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: App hangs while ignoring partial warnings for selected emails.
  • Fixed: A random crash on exporting selected emails from viewer's emails list.
  • Fixed: Backup mirror stopped working in previous builds. Its fixed now. Few other issues also fixed in this area.
  • Fixed: App hangs on quitting in case a search-query is still running in UI.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement on app launching.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement on asset deletions/restore/partial asset warning resolve workflow.
  • Improvement: Improved stability and reliability of product with various preventive measures.
Version 1.39.170501
  • New Feature: Live update viewer's item list (eg emails/contacts/calendar items) when backup is running and user is in viewer window.
  • New Feature: Major refactoring: Improved MIME parsing mechanism and related code.
  • New Feature: Preference to control CPU-usage priority while performing backup operation.
  • New Feature: Performance improvement (up to 90% improvement)
  • Fixed: Bug: Few email fields not honoured when imported from ANSI-pst (1997-2002 pst files).
  • Fixed: Bug: Local folder not detected in a certain version (old) of Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: few minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed: a probable crash on profile deletion.
  • Fixed: a crash with Thunderbird backup profile.
  • Fixed:  a rare crash in email-viewer.
Version 1.38.170321
  • New feature: Mail Backup X can detect Uncached-Items from data source. Now it provides one-click functionality to  
    a) Resolve (Force download) uncached-items with Apple Mail, Outlook:mac and Thunderbird.  
    b) Ignore such warnings if user doesnt want to see them. Even if user ignores warning for such emails, Mail Backup X tries to fetch full items while synchronizing.
  • New Feature: Functionality to view Uncached or Deleted items (folder wise). Added UI to indicate uncached or deleted items in Viewer.
  • New Feature: Added support for Thunderbird/Postbox message store type configured as "maildir". ("mbox" store type supported since initial version).
  • Improved: Asset Revision mechanism to avoid downgrading of assets in case of source database rebuild/repair.
  • Improved: Thunderbird/postbox synchronization mechanism.
  • Fixed: A random backup-process interruption caused by searching.
  • Fixed: Total count shown wrong during Export process.
  • Fixed: A crash caused by Apple Mail Attachments in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed: A rare issue while displaying folder hierarchy in viewer. (caused by multi-threaded nature of app.)
  • Fixed: Duplicate-detection not working in a rare scenario.
  • Fixed: Few other minor bugs.
Version 1.37.170206
  • Fixed: Application window becomes temporarily unresponsive when user is viewing profile log and meanwhile profile log is updated rapidly in background.
  • Fixed: A rare crash in user interface.
  • Fixed: Wrong Message date-time shown in viewer for imported OLM emails. If an OLM has already been imported then need to "Re-index" database for OLM-Import-Profile.
  • Fixed: A rare crash in UI which sometimes occurred immediately after a profile is deleted.
  • New Feature : Allow user to sync from "Now Onwards or Since beginning" in case a backup profile is setup with IMAP server.
  • New Feature: Facility to reset sync on any backup profile.
  • New Feature: Item Deletion Support: Awaited facility to delete any email/contact/calendar items using context-menu's "Delete" option. User can also restore deleted items if required. Added button to show "Deleted items" for a profile in viewer. When user is in "Show Deleted Items" mode, search will per performed on deleted items of given profile.
  • Improved: GMail specific artwork and colour scheme for GMail account-backup-profiles.
Version 1.36.170122
  • Fixed: Unable to locate Thunderbird profile on few machines.
  • Fixed: App crash/unexpected behaviour after a profile is deleted.
  • Fixed: Caused by empty messages in Apple Mail.
  • Fixed: App rarely crash on Application quit when Outlook backup is setup to sync automatically.
Version 1.35.170117
  • New feature: Server based secure Open Authentication (OAuth) support for GMail. User interface to switch between Manual Configuration and OAuth configuration. Application is OAuth ready now. Support for other mail service provider will be added soon.
  • New feature: Added backup setting button to relocate source path in case path has been changed by third party application.
  • New feature: Search "All Mails" by default. If user chooses to search "Selected Folders" then store last search mode for user ease.
  • New feature: Added preference to control whether Mail Backup X starts automatically on MacOSX startup.

  • Fixed: Failed to setup backup with  Apple Mail since 10.12.
  • Fixed: Apple Mail Crash : Fixed a crash in case name attrib is not present in "x-mac-auto-archive"ed attachment.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by a certain folder type in Outlook:mac database.
  • Fixed: Mail Backup X crashes while importing a legacy PST file.(caused by a certain html encoding)
  • Fixed: Crash caused by empty converted data. Skip the blank item.
  • Fixed: A bug in  Consider only head revisions while fetching deleted items.
  • Fixed: A random crash during MBOX import
  • Fixed: App hang when user is in Profile log view and switches back to dashboard.
  • Fixed: Toolbar icons scale to inappropriate dimensions. Added high res images @2x for logo and toolbar items.
  • Fixed: Wrong attachment property read in OLK2015.
  • Fixed: Add ".mba" to allowed file types in file open when importing MailBackupX profiles.. 
  • Fixed: A major bug App hang and giga-mb-consumption during IMAP sync: Server does not provide list of folders sorted in order of hierarchy. Implementation to tackle the situation where we can encounter a deep level folder before it's parent. 
  • Fixed: A memory leak.
  • Fixed: An app-hang (not responding issue) during synchronization.

  • Improved: MIME generation in PST Import. Remove comment from Mime-version field. Removed a bogus header field (Status). Content-Disposition should be inline for related items.
Version 1.33.161208
  • Fixed: Application crashes during Apple Mail Backup when email has a zip attachment with "auto-unarchive" feature.
  • Fixed: Toolbar icons are clipped on OSX Sierra, retina display.
  • Improved: MIME generation during PST import.
  • Improved: MIME generation during OLM import. 
Version 1.31.161123
  • Fixed: app launch issue on fresh install of OSX 10.11.
Version 1.29.161117
  • Fixed: App hangs when switching back to Dashboard from profile log view.
  • Fixed: App hangs and consumes enormous RAM while synchronising data from IMAP server.
  • Fixed: Folder hierarchy not correct in case of certain IMAP sync.
  • Fixed: A minor memory leak fixed.
  • Improved: MIME generation for OLM email message.
  • Improved: MIME generation for PST Email message.
Version 1.28.161019
  • Fixed: Apple Mail Sync crash issue reported by customer.
  • Fixed: Attachment missing in emails backed up from Apple Mail (OSX Sierra).
  • Fixed: A rare crash in Outlook sync
Version 1.25.160928
  • Fixed: A crash while setting up or editing mirror locations.
  • Fixed: Folders falsely marked as deleted during synchronization with IMAP account in a rare scenario.
  • Fixed: Failed to detect duplicate items in Thunderbird/Postbox profile sync.
  • Fixed: A random but rare crash while opening/closing profile log view.

  • Improved: Export snapshot workflow.
  • Improved: Opening and reindexing mbs files workflow.
  • Improved: Stability of app by fixing a bunch of memory issues and error handling in various scenarios.
  • New: Error reporting mechanism when a backup location is not accessible.
  • New: Apple Mail Sierra support.
Version 1.24.160908
  • Fixed - Folder selection flickers initially in viewer.
  • Fixed - Multiple progress items added to status bar dashboard for one profile.
  • Fixed - Few Replication setup and editing related bugs.
  • Fixed - IMAP configuration issue when user-name is not an email id ie. does not have domain name.
  • Fixed - Bug: Incorrect max profile count displayed on dashboard.

  • Improved: Trigger cache-purging at the end of sync completed.
  • Improved: backup-settings dialog. AutoCopy apply only to Export Profile so modified string accordingly.
  • Improved: stability.
  • Improved: Optimized Thunderbird/Postbox database synchronization.
Version 1.21.160825
  • Fixed - User should be able to import individual Apple Mail mbox archive. 
  • Fixed - Contacts crash with RGE
  • Fixed - App crash while indexing items from *.mbs file.
  • Fixed - Random Crash while exporting snapshot/synchronization.
  • Fixed - Wrong Email data imported from Thunderbird/Postbox local mail folders.
  • Fixed - Crash with corrupt Outlook Identity
Version 1.2.160718
  • Fixed - Unicode names dont appear properly in Mails list view.
  • Improved - Delete button disabling in Open Mail Backup Archive Dialog.
  • Improved - Duplicate item count and item details will be written to log.
  • Improved - Folder history rebuilding when reindexing a database.
  • Fixed - A crash in Window Minimize -> Maximize using minidashboard buttons -> Close -> Synchronise sequence.
Version 1.2.160711
  • Fixed: Sync history is wrong after importing a profile.
  • Fixed:  While deleting a Profile, backup process is automatically aborted. Otherwise it used to hang.
  • Fixed: Text Encoding dropdown is visible for Unicode PST file in folder view. It should be visible only for Ansi PST.
  • Fixed: Failed to setup mirror while importing a new profile.
  • Fixed: Improve mirror copying during Synchronisation.
  • Fixed: Mirror not flushed in case operation is canceled. : Mechanism changed now.
  • Fixed: Ensure mirroring is completely done for import/backup profiles if there is some transaction pending.
  • Fixed: Few bugs in setting up mirrors for fresh profile / profile deletion combination.
  • Fixed: If cache-purge is in progress for replication and user tries to delete replication then it hangs.
  • Fixed: App quite during Export Snapshot has problem.
  • Fixed: Scaling (possibly due to dpi) to reasonable size while printing or generating PDFs for emails.
  • Fixed: Error handling if failed during mirror setting up or location update etc. NOTE - Location status is shown red if a location is not accessible.
  • Fixed: Data corruption in case USB is abruptly removed while export profile is in progress. May produce invalid item headers which used to crash thereafter.
  • Fixed: Error handling in case USB drive is abruptly removed. 
  • Fixed: Ensure database is upgraded when we mount an old .mbs (originated before or by  #220) file.
  • Fixed: Folder is mistakenly marked as "Deleted" sometimes in case of IMAP.
  • Fixed: Location priority changes not applied immediately (need to relaunch earlier) after setting changed.
  • Fixed: Notification window is taking focus from other apps. Now notifications are shown as standard OSX Notifications and it does not distract user.
  • Fixed: Archive store hangs (deadlock) when sync + purge + retrieve asset done together.
  • Fixed: Horizontal and vertical pane switching orientation and splitter positions are now restored in viewer after subsequent app launching. 
  • Fixed: Last selected emails list was not reset after PDF export done. So it used to generated PDFs for unselected files too.
  • Fixed: Scaling set in print keeps on scaling down.
  • Fixed: Cancel search synchronously before quitting/closing window. Now it responds quickly.
  • Fixed: If no internet connectivity then backup-schedule for IMAP profile should be skipped. NOTE: A temporary schedule is introduced which tries to sync again in 1 minute and if it fails then 2,3..4 minutes... and if it fails for half an hour then failure is reported in mini dashboard with notification.
  • Fixed: Apple Mail Local folders not detected in OSX 10.11.5
  • Fixed: An empty folder hierarchy used to appear parallel to original folders after sync in Outlook Mac backup.
  • Fixed: Live update handling of  folder rename/delete/move handling in folder hierarchy view.
  • Fixed: Apple Mail: Try to fetch and display email detail in case emlx file is not present in database.
  • Fixed: Partial Outlook Emails not updated properly after sync.
  • Fixed:  Preview not shown for attachment having non-english names.
  • Fixed: App crashes in a certain setup when a backup location not accessible during backup in progress.
  • Fixed: Apple Mail account name issue.
  • Fixed: USB Profile export activity is not ended and crash sometimes when usb abruptly removed.
  • Fixed: Email date shown wrong for emails having wrong "Date" field.(Mostly generated by bugg tools out there.). Received date filed generation and searching. May need to rebuild database.

  • Improved: Viewer Date/Time format in local format on Customer request.
  • Improved: Profile folder creation on export and show profile name in export progress windows in path field.
  • Improved: If user mixes various mbs files then with same name then sync should not corrupt unwanted mbs file. Instead show error.
  • Improved: Error handling if failed to retrieve asset even from replication stores in viewer.
  • Improved: Changed recessed button style to Visible Bevel buttons on user's suggestion. Now every clickable item is shown as button.
  • Improved: Show MBOX file size in appropriate units in folder hierarchy view.
  • Improved: Significant optimisation in memory usage.

  • New Feature: "New folders" detection and indication mechanism. Notification is shown when a new folder is detected and user has not checked the setting for "Automatically backup newly detected folders".
  • New Feature: Add build version number in dashboard for convenience.
  • New feature: Open Dashboard when user tries to launch using app icon from doc etc.
  • New feature: If automatic schedule and backup is outdated for 4 hours then sync once on app launch.
  • New feature: Log view is updated live.
  • New feature: Added button to view Raw MIME source of emails in viewer.
  • New feature: Switch to default viewer state ie. select a folder and first email on opening viewer for first time. Restore last viewer state i.e. last folder selection after subsequent app launching.
  • New Feature: User can iterate through all attachments in previewer after clicking "preview" button for any one attachment of an email.
  • New feature: Missing Attachment icon in case email was partially downloaded by source client.
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