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About us

We build software solutions that last a lifetime while still not costing a fortune. Our Solutions are reliable yet, affordable to individuals and Small & Medium businesses.


“Pay attention to the inner voice that tells you when something feels right. Much of your creative problem-solving occurs at an unconscious level.”


We don’t look for ideas; instead, find problems that bother us and start working on software that solves it. It helps you work on the problem with a much simpler mindset since that takes out second-guessing what others want out of the picture. It also keeps you interested in refining things in more intricate ways until they work perfectly in sync for you.


Before releasing our software to the world, we try to answer this single question: “Is our software solving the problem for us and adding any value?”


About Inventpure Software

Our Journey

We started in 2010 with a problem at hand. How do we convert mail data for PC to Mac? It grew into a much broader idea to solve a much larger problem: Organizing, archiving migrating emails & contact data for individuals and small teams was always tricky to manage. Any existing solutions were developed, keeping in mind Big corporations, who could spend tons of money to establish the infrastructure and necessary hardware required to accomplish this complex task.


The right technology that could cater to individuals and small businesses was absent.


Today, Inventpure provides enterprise-class yet cost-effective and simple to use Software for Mail Backup & Migrations, specifically developed, keeping in mind the needs of individuals users & Small Teams.


Are we into this for the long run?

We’re a bootstrapped and profitable independent company with no VC funding debts over our head to control or force our solution’s destiny, without plans to sell out or get acquired. We believe that if you develop something that works and is loved by and adds value to its users’ lives, it will sustain and thrive. So far, in the last ten years, it has been proven to be true. 


For us, it’s a marathon, not a quick sprint, as perfection takes years of practice, efforts, passion, and consistent efforts, and we are into it for the long run.


We deeply care about our Home users & Business users alike. As they both have there own individual specific needs. Both solutions have to be defined and designed right from the base up to match their unique needs. That is what we do and believe in, meeting our user’s expectations and requirements. 

Are We in for long run?
Sustain Growth

How do we ensure sustainable growth?

For us, it is not about reaching a million users, earning millions of dollars, but establishing a name that resonates with Quality Software and a human touch. Our clients should feel cared for and welcomed, which has been a quality that’s very rare to find with companies today. We are not running after profits, but good relations with our clients.


Not just clients, we feel its the same with employees. We believe happiness is the key to success. When one is happy and love what they do, results are just phenomenal.

At Inventpure, we follow a few core guidelines:


  • Simply put, We care for our people. 
  • We are very selective about hiring. We hire people who are passionate and care about what they do and fit into our culture. Even if they are just starting, what matters to us is if they have the zeal to learn and have potential. We allow them to learn new things, make mistakes until they become world-class. 
  • We don’t believe in hire and fire; we never overhire. Our people fit into multiple roles and are happy to interact with people. You might be surprised to find one of our founders manning our support as we don’t believe in hiding behind cabins walls, but rather being out there interacting to understand what exactly works for our end users. 
  • We don’t overspend. We only hire people when we can afford and needed it and find someone who exactly fits the roll. 
  • We trust our people; they can work the hours that suit them best, when they want, from where they want, and take a vacation when they want. 
  • With trust comes responsibility and accountability. It helps establish high standards for everything that our team accomplishes. 
  • We have had a 100% retention rate for the last ten years. 

In the last ten years, we’ve competed in one of the most saturated markets. We’ve battled fierce competition. We’ve survived and beaten competitors with millions of dollars in funding. Ten years later, we can finally say we have built a reputation and name for ourselves in our segment.

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Our Values

No matter how much our popularity grows, these values guide our decision-making every day.

We put love and passion into what we create.
Customer First approach
We always put customers first.
We strive for simplicity.
Open Honest Down to earth
We are open, honest, and down to earth.