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Google Apps - Gsuite, Gmail Backup & Restore Tool for macOS & Windows

Perform Quick & Easy Automated Mail Gmail Backups & Restore of Gsuite / Google Apps email accounts
  • Setup Automated incremental Backups of multiple Gsuite mail accounts backup & restore all your Emails.
  • Make an offline archive of old data for G Suite Mail accounts to your local Hard Drive, or another Cloud Drive accounts like Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Free up your MailBox Space automatically by Backing up older, less accessed data from previous years and clearing older already backed up emails from the live mailbox.
  • No more out of Storage Space notification for Gmail/ Gsuite Accounts. Automatically Clear Gmail Space, set conditions to be followed to clear out backed up data after a specific time frame. For Example, you can select all emails older than specific number of days or months to be backed up and cleared from Gmail / Gsuite Mail accounts.
  • Manage Backups & Restoration of Gmail / Gsuite emails for multiple users remotely with our Team Edition App in just a few clicks.
  • Get Critical notifications and alerts for Backups, not running, or failures in the app dashboard.
  • Supports adding Double-layer Encryption for data of your mail accounts, with confidential emails to avoid unauthorised access.
  • Save space with up to 3x compression of Google Apps Mail Backup archives.
Google Apps Backup & Restore Tool - Backup & Restore Gmail and Gsuite Mail accounts

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Ready for macOS Monterey and Windows 11

Google Approved & secure Google Apps Gmail Gsuite Mail Accounts Backup & Restore Tool

Most Trusted Google Apps / G Suite Gmail Backup & Restore Tool

If you are using Google Apps or Gsuite for your business, it’s wise to set up automated backups using a trustworthy and reliable Google Apps Gmail Backup & Restore Tool. Cyber threats from hackers and malicious apps are getting common, which holds your data hostage until you pay up a significant amount. It’s wise to have a plan B, to be prepared to deal with such a nuisance. As one mistake and you might have no other option but to agree to such demands to get back your critical data, and all the stress is just whole another thing to deal in such a situation. And such cyber threats are not only targeting end users, but even time to time Google, as you might have noticed, service outages are reported now and then with Google services. All this downtime means your business-critical data being inaccessible to you while the service is t being restored. And every minute of downtime counts for your business.

Mail Backup X, a Google Apps / Gsuite Email Backup & Restore Tool trusted by over 42000+ users & businesses worldwide, has been designed keeping in mind these threats and offers you a Plan B, just in case you face such a situation.

Why should it be a priority to backup Google Apps / Gsuite Mail accounts?

Always have a Plan B in place

To counter Google Apps Service Outage

In some cases, users reported data loss after a Google Apps Service outage. Backing up Mail data to your local drive or an alternate Cloud drive will always save you from undue stress and worries, in case you ever find yourself in such a situation, knowing that you have a backup copy of your critical mail data.

Access your emails even if the network is down

Plan B for When network goes offline

While having network issues, the users can’t access their mailbox data. This Google Apps backup & Restore Tool will help you backup/export your data in the desired format and access it offline while encountering network issues.


No more Out of Storage space warnings

unable to send receive mails warnings

After a few years of using Gmail/Gsuite, users frequently notice the dreaded out of storage message. Clear storage to receive and send emails. Our Back up & Restore Tool comes as a respite for such users as it automatically takes backup and, based on user-set conditions, clears the old backed up emails from the mailbox. Thus freeing up mailbox space regularly. It doesn’t end here; our Tool also lets users restore any of these emails to the mailbox from the archive in just a few clicks. So, you can be at peace; if you ever need those emails back, quickly restore from the backup.

Accidental or Deliberate Data Deletion

Due to human error / disgruntled employee

There are always chances of Accidental Data loss. Be it a user just trying to clear up some mails from the mailbox or someone’s leaving the company and data being moved to another user accounts. There have been cases reported while moving on employees delete the emails thinking some mails are personal but might be critical for a business. Sometimes email gets deleted due to human error. Having Backup of G Suite mailbox data will always add to the peace of mind that you have a “Plan B” in place for such cases.

Salient Features of G Suite Gmail Backup & Restore Software for macOS & PC

Archive your Gmail/ Google Apps MailBox

SafeGuard your business emails

Create Automated Incremental Mail backups for self and team members. Google Apps Backup & Restore utility let you perform easy wizard-based automated incremental backup & Restore operations for your emails & attachments in just a few simple steps and safeguards your mail data by creating an offline archive on your local system or choice of cloud storage services like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or an FTP location.

The utility is intelligent enough to retain the original mail message formatting, file attachments, and email meta data.


Not just a backup tool

it also allows for Restore & Export to Multiple file formats

Not just backup your Gmail / Gsuite email but restore them directly to any of your live mail accounts with IMAP support in few clicks. For users planning to move over to some other service like Outlook or Apple Mail, Our Tool also allows you to export your backed up mails in multiple file formats like : 

  • EML: Mail message file format compatible & supported for import by mail clients like Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
  • PST: Mail Archive format supported for import in Outlook, Office 365, Outlook Mac, etc.
  • MBOX/ RGE: can be imported to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora Mail, etc.

Supports Single Gmail accounts or Gsuite Domain user Accounts

Our simple to use G Suite Backup solution allows you to download email data for single users of team of users with ease:

  • Mail Backup for Individual Users with Gmail Account: all you need to do is login to gmail account and allow Mail Backup X to download the email data to an archive on your local hard drive on your Mac Or PC. However, Backup of Multiple Gmail Accounts is supported.
  • Mail Backup for Gsuite Domain Users: Admin can setup config, and team members can install the client apps to authenticate their accounts & Automated incremental backups are in progress. At the same time, Admin can view the progress and status of the backups in the dashboard. 

Auto Clear Archived Mails Data

and Free up account storage space.

No more seeing “You are running out of storage space messages. You will be unable to send and receive emails till you clear up some storage space”. Mail Backup X supports an intelligent feature, where you can set it to Auto delete emails from your cloud storage, once it verifies the email has been downloaded to the local archive.

Not just that, it also allows you to set an option to delete any archived emails before any specific date. It is very helpful because you can choose to keep emails for a particular time frame that you might need to respond to on a day to day basis. For Example, delete archived emails more than a year old. It would allow you to keep all emails from this year, and you can always search and lookup threads in the Gmail interface.

Start Gmail / G Suite mailbox backup

from the beginning or Today.

You get the choice to download and backup Gmail / Gsuite mailbox data since the account was created or from the day you are setting up the backup. It is specifically helpful, if you have downloaded the Google Take out file for the older mails to date. You can also import the Google Takeout mbox file and avoid using up your bandwidth to download the emails again.

All the Mails are available now to be viewed and searched in your Mail Backup X Backup profile.

Preserves Folder / Label Structure & Auto-detect

any changes by the user in Gmail / Gsuite mailbox.

Gmail / Google Apps Backup & restore Tool will maintain the original folder structure while backing up and restoring the mail account. In simpler words, if a user has set and assigned messages to Labels or nested custom labels structure. While backing up, all the messages are backed up in the same order under different folders. So, while restoring, the messages are restored with similarly organized be it to same or any other IMAP supported mail account.


Choose Folders to include in your Gmail / Gsuite backup.

While setting up your Gmail / Gsuite backup, you are presented with a list of folders as defined in your Gmail / Gsuite account hierarchy. You can choose which folders to include in your backup to help you filter out the exact data you need to be backed up from your mailbox.

View real-time backup & restore progress

from the dashboard with detailed logs

Once you have completed configuring your Gmail / Gsuite backup profile, you can view the progress in the Dashboard list of active processes. At the same time, you continue with configuring more backups or any other tasks with the App.

Supports Intelligent Resume function

While Gmail / Gsuite backup is in progress, you are experiencing network issues with your internet connection. Unlike other Tools, Mail Backup X is intelligent to detect connection or system sleep modes and resumes the process where it left, instead of starting the backup process all over again.

Safe & Secure Tool Approved by Google

Our Gmail & Google Apps backup & Restore App is Google approved. We use a secure login method as recommended by Google and never ask or store your login credentials or mail data. You control your data; we only help process the data for you that too on your computer.

FAQ's - Google Apps / Gsuite Mail Backup & Restore Tool

How do I take a backup of a Gmail account or Gsuite Business Mail Account?

Please find the step by step instructions on using Mail Backup x to take Gmail or Gsuite Business Mail account Backup:

  • Step 1: Download and Install Mail Backup X Personal on your Mac or PC. For Google Apps / Gsuite Backup for Teams, check our instructions on the next Question.
  • Step 2 : Launch Mail Backup X > On Dashboard > Under Tasks > Click on Setup a New Backup > Choose Mail Server > Google Mail > Click Sign > A Secure Browser Window will open for you to login to Google account and authorize Mail Backup X for Backup & Restore functions via Google SecureAuthentication. 
  • Step 3: Once Authorized, You will be presented the list of Folders / Custom User labels to choose to backup. 
  • Step 4: Next, you are presented with options to 
    • Select a location to store the backed-up archive ( Local Drive or Cloud Space), 
    • Set Option to keep a Secure encrypted or unencrypted archive. 
    • Set Backup Schedule:  Auto, Manual (Daily, Hourly, Minutes)
    • Auto Source cleanup: You can set it to Off, Clean up mails Older than a set number of days. It helps ensure you never run out of free space in your Gmail / Gsuite account by automatically clearning old archived emails from your mailbox. 

Step 5: We are All set, and backup is in progress. You get a notification once the backup is completed. 

I have more than one team member, each with their computer system and some working remotely. Will your App support Gmail / Gsuite backup for multiple users /remote users?

We have developed Mail Backup X Team Edition, which offers extended installation on multiple computers. In addition to an Admin installer, it comes with Thin/ Fat Client installer.

The Client installers can be installed on team member’s computers.

  • The Thin-client is an interface less installer, which only allows for time to time authentication of Mail accounts via Google secure Browser-based Authentication if a user has changed their password.
  • Whereas a Fat-Client installer includes a complete interface, so the team members can also view and search their backup archives in addition to Admins.

What All does your G Suite Backup & Restore Software Backup?

Mail Message: Mail Backup X backs up mail message with the original headers and source without any alteration along with meta info such as “Subject, From, To, Body, Attachments,” etc.

Mails including all Attachments: While backing up, you get all the attachments included with the mail message like Images, File Documents, PDFs, etc., along with the mail messages.

Backup all of your Folders including Custom Labels:  Inbox, Archived, Important, Sent Mail, Bin, Draft, Starred, User Created Labels

Backup Mails from the beginning Or the Day you configured the Backup: While configuring the backup, you may choose to start the backup from the day you established the mail account or from the date you started if you have already done a Google Takeout. 

Import Common Archive files pst, rge, eml, olm, Google Takeout mbox Archives: you can import common archive files including Google Takeout mbox file to set a common archive to search and view all pre-downloaded mailbox data. 

Are my credentials and data secure? I would prefer not to share my login credentials with a Third-Party app. How do you guys ensure the security and confidentiality of my credentials?

At no point in time, we ever have access to your login credentials. We use Google Approved browser-based login authentication, explicitly designed to ensure security while dealing with Third-party apps by Google. All we get is an authorization token to process your data, which is also processed at your computer. We never access your data or credentials.

We have years of emails in our Gsuite business mailbox account? Does your App allow auto clean up to free up server storage space?

While setting up a backup profile, you may choose to set auto clean up all archived mails or any emails older than a particular date or absolute date. It comes in handy to ensure you never are out of storage, and all the old mails that you rarely access are stored in your local offline archives. We also have a feature to restore emails from the offline archive to the live mailbox. That is just in case if you need the older mails in the near future. So, Mail Backup X covers almost all the scenarios one might ever need.

Will Mail Backup X let me export the archived emails into any of the mail archive formats? Let's see if I need to access the emails with any other popular mail clients like Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc.?

Yes, with Mail Backup X inbuilt universal conversion engine, you can export your Gmail / Gsuite Mail archives as PST, MBOX, EML, PDF file formats compatible for import in Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Microsoft Outlook / Office 365.

I have a Google Takeout mbox file that is about 50GB. Is it possible to import and view these emails with Mail Backup X?

Yes, we have tested importing data up to 100GB and more. Gmail Takeout files are supported, and the data is also viewable & searchable in the Mail Backup X Viewer. 

We have a few Macs & PC mixed configuration in our Organization. Does your Tool support both macOS & Windows?

Mail Backup X is the only Tool which covers macOS & Windows users at present. We regularly update our App to keep it compatible with the latest OS. We are compatible with macOS BigSur and Windows 10 at present.

I have signed up for Gsuite Education account. Will your Tool support backup for Educational accounts?

Yes, Mail Backup X supports backup for Gsuite Educational Mail Accounts.

I have a Desktop and Laptop, will I be able to install & activate the App on both the computers?

Yes, we defined our licensing, keeping in today’s scenario in mind. Every one of us owns at least two computers on an average. That is why we allow activation of the App on two computers. But plan you back up profiles keeping in mind that the backup profiles don’t get segregated email data on two machines in parts. 

We are considering to use your Tool to do Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 Migration. Is it supported?

Yes, you can backup all your account data and choose to restore it to your Office 365 account. If you have are on a High-Speed broadband connection, it will get done in a short time, as the better the throughput of the internet connection, the quicker the data will be transferred. We also offer Free premium support to plan your migrations. Do write to us if you need help with planning the migration. Happy to assist.

Does your Gmail / Gsuite Backup & restore Tool supports restoring backed up emails to my live Gmail / Gsuite business account?

Ours is the only Tool that offers live restore to the mail account while keeping the user labels hierarchy intact. The mails are restored to a Custom folder, “Mail Backup X Restored,” so that we don’t make any changes to your existing structure, and the user can move the messages at their convenience.

Trusted by over 42000+ Users Worldwide for Google Apps / Gsuite Backup & Restore *

What our clients say?

  • I have been looking for a simple Gmail backup & restore solution for our Gsuite mailbox by Google. After trying multiple apps, finally, we have found just the right solution, which not only meets its requirements but far exceeds them. Thanks to the developers for providing regular updates and excellent service with the initial setup. Cheers!

    Robert Wing
  • Our team members on and off used to get Out of storage space warnings, and it was troublesome and took away a lot of productive time for our IT staff. Finally, that’s behind us, all going smoothly after setting this up for our small team. I’ll highly recommend this App to everyone looking for an automated solution for Gsuite Mail Backup.

    Thomas B