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How to Backup GMAIL / Gsuite account emails on Mac OS X?

How do I export Mails from Gmail / Gsuite on Mac?  

If you have been trying to find the best possible solution that answers the above question, you have come to the right place online. Nothing is forever, not even emails! We have tried to get closer to our “forever” concept by developing what is known today as the: Mail Backup X.

For personal or professional reasons, having a backup, in general, is for most people a way of life, so why not try it for your emails? You can be a Gmail or Yahoo user or have a POP / IMAP Based Email service provider, either one; you can start backing up business-critical emails to avoid any awkward situation in the future!

Mail Backup X is more than just a backup tool for emails. It’s a tool to set automatic or specific backup intervals and search for any email you need. It also allows backup snapshots set to automatically copied over to Portable USB Drives. Its a series of software in one!

Step By Step Guide on Backing up Mails from Gmail / Gsuite Mail Account on your Mac 

Step 1 : Please download and install the Mail Backup X Application on your Mac. Please follow the link for Install Instructions

Step 2 : Once the installation is completed. Launch Mail Backup X from the Applications / Quick Launch Menu 

Step 3 : You may start the fully functional trial run for 15 days or activate it if you have already purchased a license.

Step 4 : You May Choose to Setup a New Backup Profile from the Dashboard by Choosing option “Setup a New Backup”

Set up a new Gmail Gsuite Backup for Mac OS

Or You May Click My Backup Profiles on the Left side Bar in Dashboard > and Click “Set up a new Backup Profile”

Select Gmail Backup from Left bar

Step 5 (a) : You Will be presented options for Mail Clients / Server > Choose Email Server.

Choose EMail Server option

Step 5 (b) : You will be presented options for E-Mail Services like : Gmail / Yahoo Outlook.com / Exchange / IMAP / POP. Please Select Gmail from the list and proceed to next step.

Choose Gmail For Backup Option

Step 5 (c) : The App will prompt you to click continue for opening a safe Authentication session using secure Xauth Authentication for Gmail/Gsuite via your browser. It is a new method used by Google to avoid sharing your login details with Third party App developers and still allowing for Trustworthy developer to develop apps which interact with Gmail / Gsuite service.

Click Continue to authenticate using Web Browser

Step5 (d) : Your Default Browser window will open, you will be prompted to login to Gmail or Gsuite account, if you are not signed in. If you are not signed in, please enter username. If you are already signed in to Gmail/ Gsuite account in your browser, please skip to step 5 (f).

Authenticate your Gmail account

Step 5 (e) : Please enter you password to sign in as you usually do to sign into Gmail account in your browser.

Authenticate Gsuite Account

Step 5 (f) : You will be prompted to allow access to Mail Backup X , Please click allow. Don’t worry our app has been reviewed, tested and approved by Google for security checks. We do not access or store any of your data with us, your data stays on your local computer drive or any cloud service authenticated by you if you choose to setup cloud storage.

Allow access to Mail Backup x to setup Gmail Backup

Step 5 (g) : Once, you have allowed access to Mail Backup X to backup your Gmail account. You will be prompted, if you would like to backup your emails since beginning or from now onwards. Its your personal choice but usually we recommend since beginning so all your mails from day One are backed up and archived.

Setup Gmail backup from the beginning

Step 6 : You will be presented with folder structure from Gmail /Gsuite account to choose for backup on your Mac. Please select the folders you would like to be backed up from Gmail / Gsuite Account.

Select folders to be included in Gmail Backup

Please click Continue to proceed to next step.

Step 7: Now you are presented with Advanced options like setting:

  1. Frequency of Mail backup ( select Automatic as its recommended or you may choose Manual or recurring at particular intervals).
  2. Secure your backup archive by encrypting the data. So, it can only be viewed on this computer.
  3. You May also activate the USB Auto Snapshot option by assigning a USB drive. So, whenever you connect the USB drive, It automatically makes a snapshot copy of your local mail backup to the USB Drive in the background automatically.
Setup Local or Cloud Gmail Backup

You can Set the location of backup to local disk drive or Cloud service by authenticating and adding Cloud Space (at Present Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft One Drive are supported) . Click on Choose a Source next to Storage Locations, to pick a location to save your Gmail Backup. Click Save to save the settings and proceed to next step.

Step 8 : Gmail / Gsuite Mailbox Backup Profile is set up and now your emails should have started to back up as per the options and settings you selected during the previous steps.

Gmail Gsuite Backup has been configured and backup is in progress