What is the duration taken to ship the product and what are the content that I will recieve when I purchase the application?

Mail Backup X is processed as a Digital download order and no physical shipment is involved to save time on using the app. It offers the added advantage of Greener Planet earth and we love our planet. When you complete your order, your personalized license key is generated instantly and additionally emailed to your email address used while placing the order. You can instantly Activate the software and get started.

What if I face any problem while using Mail Backup X?

Customer satisfaction is one of our key values and we are know to offer the best service in industry. We offer free email support (in English language) to all of our customers and our skilled experts are always ready to help resolve your problems at the earliest. We are responsible and sensitive towards customer issues. We act responsibly and always expect cooperation from our valuable customers while providing support. It's a saying that no customer issues can be resolved without getting good cooperation from the customers. After all has been tried and still you don’t find our product useful we'll be happy to refund the money.

What is your refund policy?

If you find the product is not as useful as advertised, you can ask for refund within 30 days of your purchase. We shall arrange for a 100% refund provided that you worked with the support team and we failed to resolve the problem. In all other circumstances a 5% processing fee is deducted by our payment processor for each reversal.

Do you provide free updates?

We provide free updates to all our customers. Whenever there is an update available.

Why is your software not free?

Mail Backup X is a professional Mail Backup App. If we provide it for free then it won’t be possible to provide support and work on updates and improving the app.

Does Mail Backup X supports  Non – English content)? 

Yes! Our app can handle all type of Unicode content and is able to process the same. (Contents in all languages including double byte character set such as Chinese and Japanese, etc) 

How many Machines Can I install the software on?

You can install Mail Backup X on two computers. eg. You have a Laptop and a Desktop. For Business users this number is mentioned in your order details. 

Do you offer Educational discounts?

Yes, we do, please contact edusales@inventpure.com for any educational discounts with your student, teacher identification proof.

Do you offer Bulk License discounts?

Yes, we do, please contact sales@inventpure.com for any bulk purchase queries.