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My Mail Backup Profiles Section Explained

In order to give better flexibility to the user, Mail Backup X allows you to setup multiple backups, each configured from different email-sources, backup-locations and different backup schedules. Each backup-configuration is referred as backup profile.

For example, a backup profile can be setup which takes backup from your personal email account on an IMAP Server, runs every 30 minutes and saves secured (encrypted) backup at a certain location.

Simultaneously, you can setup one more backup profile which takes backup from your Microsoft Outlook (client application running on your system), runs automatically and saves un-secured backup at two mirror locations. Each profile runs independently without interfering with other profile. You can freely modify settings or delete any profile when needed.

Thus, it gives better control in configuring complex scenarios in few simple steps while configuring individual Mail Backup Profiles. 

My Backup Profiles section Explained

There are mainly two types of backup profiles:

  • Active Backup Profiles: An active backup profiles takes participation in backup process. It takes backup from a source such as an email-client application or email server account.

  • Passive Backup Profiles: You can import Mail database exported from Apple Mail / Thunderbird / Postbox / Outlook databases and Mail Archive files like ost / pst / olk /eml / olm / mbox  into Mail Backup X. A new backup profile is created for each “Import” and it does not run any backup schedule later. It enables you to view/search and export your legacy data to any other desired format. Thus, Mail Backup X also doubles in and comes handy as a Universal Email Archive viewer.

Setting up a backup profile is a straight forward task. Click on “My Backup Profiles” in the left sidebar

Click My Backup Profiles in Left Menu

It will open the “My Backup Profiles” view. You can add/remove/update your backup profiles from this view. There are various buttons to create new backup or import data etc.

Adding New Mail Backup Profile

My Backup Profiles

All your backup profiles are listed in “My Backup Profiles” view. Each backup profile is displayed on a profile card as you can notice in following figure.

My Backup Profiles Visible under Section

Useful Options and Settings of Backup Profile 

A typical profile-card shows all information about a profile and it has few buttons to perform profile- related operations as highlighted in following figure.

Backup Profile options and settings operations

Backup Now: A button at the top right corner of each profile card to manually start backup for this profile anytime.

Delete: Click on “Delete” button either to archive or delete this profile. An archived profile will no longer participate in backup process and it will stay in passive mode allowing you to view or export backed-up data later. You can also delete a profile, so that it gets removed from Mail Backup X. Please note that your backup archive (*.mbs) are NOT deleted from storage locations. You may want to retain them or delete them manually from the storage location.

Copy To USB: If you have registered this profile for “Auto-snapshot” on an external USB drive then this button appears as soon as the registered USB drive is detected. Click this button to start copying your profile’s snapshot (archive file) to external USB drive.

View Data: Open viewer where you can view and search your emails/contacts/calendar items for this profile.

Export Data: Click this button to export data to different formats. Export process will be discussed later in a dedicated topic.

Log: Click on log button to open profile log. Profile log contains a log of all operations and their results with timestamp. It also contains errors and warning occurred during backup or other operations of this profile.

Settings: Click on setting button to update profile setting such as profile name, backup locations, profile schedule or USB snapshot registrations etc. Most of the profile settings have already been discussed but there are following additional settings as highlighted in following figure.

Modify Folder Selection Server Settings Mail Backup Profile

1) Server Settings: This button appears only for server-based backup profiles. Click this button to update server settings such as host, port, password and timeout etc.

Modify Server Settings Mail Backup Profile

2) Modify Folder Selection: Click this button to open folder hierarchy and update the folder selection for backup.


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