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Mail Backup X :- Want to Migrate Mailboxes? This is your best chance

If you are looking for the best software for mailbox migration, this is the best place to find it. Most email users get trapped with free mailbox migration tools and end up regretting their decision.

Choose the right tool for mailbox migration

There are different types of mailbox migration tools but you should only use the ones that you can completely trust. Do not trust free tools when it comes to something as serious as mailbox migration. You should only choose certified tools which ensure secure and high-speed migration and that too in a streamlined way.

Why choose Mail backup X to migrate mailboxes?

Mail Backup X mailbox migration tool is compatible with a variety of email services, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and other IMAP-based options. This means you can use it to manage and convert emails from multiple accounts, all in one place.

This tool is loaded with the best benefits which ensure that you get the best experience for email management.

Easy to use

In addition to its compatibility, this mailbox migration tool is also incredibly easy to use, even for those who are new to email migration software. Its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate and customize the conversion process with ease. You can tailor the process to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you get the most out of the tool.

High end security

But perhaps most importantly, Mail Backup X is known for its unparalleled security measures. When converting your emails, you want to be confident that your data is being handled safely and securely. With this mailbox migration software, you can trust that your data is protected during and after the conversion process.

All in one solution

But it doesn’t stop at just email conversion. It also serves as a dedicated solution for backing up, restoring, and archiving your emails, providing even more value and versatility. If you want a tool that can do it all, Mail Backup X is the way to go.

High speed operation to save time

One of the top advantages of working with this software is its impressive speed. Whether you need to convert, migrate, recover, backup, or archive your emails, this tool can get the job done quickly and efficiently. There are no slowdowns or delays to worry about, making it a great choice for busy professionals who don’t have time to waste.

Cross platform compatibility

Another key benefit is compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This means you can use the software on any platform, regardless of which one you prefer. This is particularly useful for users who work on different devices but need a single solution to manage their emails.

Everything in its right place

In addition to its compatibility and speed, this mailbox migration tool also preserves the original hierarchy and integrity of your mailboxes. You don’t have to worry about any changes or disruptions to your email data during the conversion process.

Work with large files

And when it comes to handling large data, this tool truly shines. It can easily manage large files without any issues, thanks to its advanced technology and capabilities. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt PST splitter that allows you to automatically split large files and specify the size of your PST files if you are converting them from OLM to PST format.

Filter what you want

Another useful feature is the filter item window, which allows you to choose which email items you want to export. This gives you the power to personalize the conversion process and select only the emails that are most important to you.

Smart backup and resume

In addition, this tool offers a smart backup and resume feature that automatically detects when you have an active internet connection. This means the process can pause or resume as needed, ensuring that you always have a reliable and efficient way to manage your emails.

Portable automatic USB backups

And when you need to take your emails on the go, this tool has you covered with its ability to create portable PDF archives and automatic USB backups. This portability feature is incredibly useful for those who need to access their emails from multiple devices or locations.

Here are the different types of mailbox migration packages

The tool lets you chose different types of packages that you can choose from according to your budget and migration needs

Single user version

The single user version of this tool is designed to manage up to 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on two computers. You can get this version for both mac and windows. You can get a $20 top up and get 10 additional mail profiles to manage.

Team version

The team version of this tool is great for different teams of different sizes. You can get this version for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. This team edition lets you manage up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can also upgrade this team version with a simple top up which lets you get 10 more mail profiles. The admin of the team version can remotely manage emails for other users.


Overall, this OLM converter software is a top-notch tool that offers a range of benefits for users. Whether you need to convert, migrate, recover, backup, or archive your emails, this software has the features and capabilities to get the job done.

Free trial for all users

The free demo for this mailbox migration tool is great to test how it works. The free demo works without fail and lets you manage your emails for 15 days. Once you are sure that the free trial works for you, you can upgrade to the full version in the package that you want. You get access to all features without having to spend any money. This free demo gives you total control over the features of the tool.

When you are sure, upgrade to the full version and enjoy your journey of email management.

Most frequently asked questions

  • How to migrate email mailboxes with accuracy?

If you want to migrate mailboxes with absolute accuracy, you should ensure that you are using the most accurate software. If you want to get the most accurate software, you need to narrow down your options and only choose the ones that you can trust. Stay away from free tools and only choose among professional tools. Mail backup X is the best solution for this if you are looking for speed and accuracy.

  • What is the best way to migrate mailboxes as a beginner?

If you are a beginner and wish to migrate mailboxes with absolute security, you should get the best professional tool. Mail backup X is the best solution to migrate mailboxes for all types of email users. You don’t have to worry about problems like data corruption and file modification. This tool is compatible with all major email services and lets you be in control at all times.

  • What makes Mail backup X the best software to migrate multiple mailboxes?

The fact that it works directly on both Mac and Windows makes it ideal for all users who want a comprehensive solution for email management. You don’t have to worry about data loss or cyber threats related to email management. This is the best thing about working with professional software. You can use this tool for email migration, archiving, backup and also recovery.

  • Which version of the tool is most suitable for single users?

The single user version of Mail backup X is ideal to be used by individual users. The single user version works best because it can be installed on two computers. You don’t even have to think about compatibility since it works on both Mac and Windows.

  • What is smart email backup and recovery?

Mail backup X offers a brilliant feature which lets you backup and restore emails automatically. Smart backup and resume feature allows the tool to automatically detect when the network connection is lost. The tool halts the backup process when the connection is lost and resumes it when the connection is re-established. This smart backup and resume feature works great for users who don’t like to live in the fear of losing your emails due to an unstable internet connection.

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