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A Plethora of Apple Mac Mail Email Backup Options! Which one to Choose? That is the Question!

Apple Mac email backup options

Life is supposed to be easy for us with lots of options to choose. However, it just gets more complicated when we have choices, and we have to choose only one. It does become a little simpler when we are clear about what we want. But that is easier said than done. Apple Mac email backup options fall under this too!

If you are in such a dilemma, then let us sort it out for you.

Apple Mail email backup alternatives on Mac

There are two alternatives of backing up Apple Mail emails on your Mac. Let us consider them one at a time.

OPTION 1: Free backup tools through freely available software online and freeware.


  • No price to pay.
  • Easy to obtain from the Internet.
  • Lots of software options to choose.


  • Unprofessional tools.
  • May be loaded with malware.
  • Data loss is highly likely.
  • Unsafe and untrustworthy.

OPTION 2: Paid backup tools specifically designed to meet your archiving needs.


  • More likely to get value for money.
  • Professional tools provide useful features.
  • Data loss in archiving is minimized or nil.
  • More trustworthy and reliable.
  • Good for long term use.


  • You have to invest in it by spending on it.
  • Lots of paid options available hence confusion may arise.

As you can see the paid option is better if you are looking for a reliable archiving solution. It is advisable that you get a reliable software tool to archive your Apple Mails safely.

What to expect when you choose the most reliable Apple Mail backup on Mac software

There is always a speculation that most people have when they decide to buy a paid software tool to archive their Apple Mail emails such as:

  • Will the tool work well for me in the future?
  • Is the tool worth the price that I am paying?
  • Will it be able to handle continuous archiving?
  • Will it be compatible with my Mac?
  • Will it ensure that it doesn’t take all the resources?

And so on. You are not alone in this, and these are prime factors to consider.

We can’t blame you because we know that you are putting your earned money into it and you expect the best. Mail Backup X is designed to give you the best always. With no exception ever! There are already thousands of happy customers that are using this fantastic product for Mail Backup X archiving software.

Once you choose Mail Backup X, you can be sure that you will never again have to:

  • Fear data loss as data integrity is always maintained when you use this archiving software tool.
  • Keep track of archiving because the software does it for you. It is super-consistent.
  • Think about the security of your emails because this tool is designed to keep your emails safe.
  • Be afraid of accidental deletions from the mailbox as your emails will have been saved instantly on your Mac or wherever else you specified.

Want to know more? Let’s dig in and find out more about this amazing software that is making heads turn!

Use Mail Backup X for Apple Mail backup needs

Mail Backup X is one of the simplest yet sophisticated archiving software that you will ever use. It will be there with you helping you archive all of your important Apple Mail emails. What makes it so unique? It is not only a single part of the software that makes it unique. Many features are included in the software which is of importance. Here are some of the features:

Superfast archiving: Your emails will be archived at a rate never heard of before! This email archiving software is known to archive your Apple Mail emails fast so that you save time. The software gives you time to do other things while it takes care of the archiving part.

Folder hierarchy: Whether you have folders, subfolders and sub-sub-folders in your mailbox Mail Backup X will save them all. With the same name. With the same structure. Thus leaving no point of frustration. You will know where your emails are and in which folder!

Viewer: There is a viewer that is included in the software that allows you to access and thus have a look at all the archived emails in one central place. There is a search tool through which you can search for specific emails in your archived directory.

Compression: Every email is compressed three times more than other archiving software and then saved on your Mac. This allows you to save more space! Space is the biggest issue that people face when it comes to archiving, and Mail Backup X eliminates the need to get scared.

Choice of backup: You can choose the type of backup you want. You can make a choice between mirror backups and distributed backups of your Apple Mail emails. You are not restricted in any way. By default the incremental backup takes place. 

These are only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more in Mail Backup X!

Need more time? No problem!

It is better to take your time analyzing the tool for which you will be spending because at the end of the day you are the one who will be using it. Before we go here are some of the things that you ought to know regarding Mail Backup X:

  • You will get constant updates once you purchase the software. Since Mac OS keeps changing regularly, so will the software change to work correctly with the updated OS.
  • There are three licenses for you to choose from: for household usage, small business, and enterprise.
  • You can get as many email profiles as you want if you want to archive emails from other email services apart from Apple Mail. Five email profiles are provided, and if you want more, then you can get them as add-ons.
  • There are massive discounts available when you want bulk license keys of the software.

You should also try the trial version of the Mail Backup X on your Mac for 15 days then decide. No rush. Take your own time exploring this software and its capabilities according to your needs. You are going to love it. That’s a guarantee! Feel free to contact our customer support team for any queries. We are available 24*7.