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Outlook: create Microsoft outlook backup 2011 - this is how you back up your data

Microsoft outlook backup 2011

In order to be able to access important Outlook data such as emails, contacts, or files even after a data loss, you need a backup. Here we explain how to do the right thing to create the Microsoft outlook backup 2011 and then use it to restore it.

How to Microsoft outlook 2011 Email backup 

To ensure that important emails and files in your mailbox are not lost, it is important to regularly backup your data in Outlook. To create a new backup, please open Outlook first and click on the “File” tab.

  • In the window that opens, navigate to “Open and Export” and click on “Import / Export” to open the import / export wizard.
  • Select the “Export to file from” option and confirm with “Next” before you define the file format for the backup.
  • Then mark which folders you want to save in the backup and determine a storage location such as a USB stick or external hard drive after clicking on “Next”.
  • Finally, click on the “Finish” button to finish creating the backup.

How to Microsoft outlook 2011 backup and restore

If you have created a backup, you can use it at any time to restore Outlook and data lost from it. To carry out the recovery, please navigate in the email program to “File”> “Open and Export”> “Open from other programs or files” and click on “Outlook data file (.pst)”. After clicking on “Browse”, select the backup file and confirm the restore with “Next”

Automatic and best way to backup outlook 2011

How to create or make outlook backpup 2011 is one of the Most Frequently Asked Questions of Mac Outlook users. Because many Mac users want to keep their emails preserved in a backup where it cannot be corrupted due to technical errors. However, backing up Outlook data files has not been easy. Fortunately, here you will discover how to create Microsoft outlook 2011 backup and restore without risk and how to get the best results.

If you want to know how to create a backup of your Outlook data files, this is the best place to get the right solution. If you have the right solution, you may not even need to learn how to back up Outlook emails. There are many online solutions that can offer you to back up Outlook emails. However, if your question is how to back up my Outlook emails securely, then the solution will be different. Free online backup tools are not equipped with the security features needed to ensure the security you deserve. That is why it is always suggested to use professional tools to back up your Mac Outlook database.

How to create backup outlook emails securely?

The most reliable way to recover Outlook data files is with the help of third party professional tools. There are many online and free options that offer to back up Outlook email files, but they are not safe or reliable. Therefore, if you are a Mac Outlook user who wants to back up your Outlook email files safely, you should never look for manual methods or free tools. Professional tools are specially created to ensure the security of your email files during the email backup process. Having a tool that damages your data during the Outlook mail backup process makes no sense. We are backing up the data to keep it safe, so any practices that damage the data while protecting it are contradictory. Therefore, you should only use a certified solution that can ensure the security of your email data during the Outlook data backup process.

What is the best way to Microsoft outlook 2011 backup?

InventPure’s Mail Backup X is a third-party certified Microsoft outlook backup 2011 tool that works on Mac and gives you full control over your email files during and after the backup process. This Outlook backup tool was created to ensure that all Outlook Mac users can back up Outlook Mac along with a number of useful email applications other than Outlook. It is a highly professional tool that works directly on Mac and gives you the security you need while backing up your database. The tool offers you simple steps to back up your Outlook Mac database so you don’t have to really wonder “how to back up my Outlook emails?”This tool has the ability to back up your Outlook Mac along with other email applications with the assurance that no data will be lost. The tool is easy to use and also very affordable in its full version. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best benefits of this tool that make it an ideal choice for all types of Mac users who want a quick backup whenever they want. If you want to try the free trial version of the tool right now, you should get it right here.

The full version is also very affordable and comes with free support and updates. The full version comes in several packages that are created for all kinds of needs and budgets of users.

Time for answers: Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I ensure that I do not lose any files while I backup and restore microsoft outlook 2011?

If you want to ensure complete data safety while backing up MS outlook emails, you are going to need a certified tool that gives data safety assurance. Choose the Mail backup X for the best results.

  • I am a bit paranoid about my data safety. Can I make two copies of my microsoft outlook 2011 backup?

Yes, with the Mail backup X tool you can set up duplicate backups which means you can create an additional copy of your backup. This will give you a sense of security since you can store the duplicate backup in another hard drive.

  • Can I use the same version on both mac and windows?

Since both the operating systems are totally different from each other, it is not possible to use a tool designed to operate on one OS in another. There are two versions of the tool. One is for Mac and other is for windows.

  • What’s the difference between Mail backup X and other certified tools?

The Main difference between the Mail backup X and other tools is that the Mail backup X strikes the right balance between ease of use, safety and affordability. Many times, professional tools can be difficult to use and expensive.

  • What is the method of making portable backups with this tool?

You can choose the Auto-USB backup and sync feature to make portable backups. Just set up a USB device with this tool once. Whenever you plug in this device, the tool will store the latest backup in the tool. 

Mail backup X- Client Testimonials

“I had to just set up a USB drive once. After that whenever I plugged in the device, the Mail backup X detected the USB drive and stored the latest backup in it. This is the magic of instant USB backups that the Mail backup X has. I also make PDF archives from time to time whenever I have to share my email data archives. I would suggest you to get the free trial and check out these features.”- Selina michelle

“I had a large database and I wanted to get rid of all the folders that had been lying empty over time. The Mail backup X gives an option to automatically exclude all empty folders from the backup. My new database is now clean and free. Additionally, I converted my outlook mac emails to Outlook windows and now have a backup of PDF files too. What can be better?”- Lily Mcsmith

System specifications to run the Mail backup X

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Ratings that prove it is the best tool to backup microsoft outlook 2011

The Mail backup X has been given 5 star ratings by experts who have tested the tool thoroughly to its full extent. Even normal users have rated the Mail backup X 5 stars due to its ease of use and accuracy in results.  

There are different packages of the Mail backup X

Here are the versions that are offered for you

Personal edition for single users

  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • Works on two computers
  • Get a top up to increase mail backup capacity by 10 more profiles
  • Available for both mac and windows in different versions
  • Get free maintenance and support for a year

Team edition for multiple users

  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works on multiple computers
  • Get packages for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users
  • Get a top up to get access to 10 more mail profiles
  • Get it either for mac or windows according to preference
  • Free support and updates for a year

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