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Mail Backup X OLM to MBOX Converter - Convert OLM to MBOX with Step by step Guide

Best OLM to MBOX converter for Mac: Convert OLM to MBOX on Mac

Do you want to convert OLM to MBOX with the best results?

Are you a first-time user who wants to transfer OLM to MBOX without putting their email data at risk? There are a lot of email users who want to do this but don’t have access to the right OLM to MBOX converters especially for mac.

Today is your lucky day. You are going to find the best OLM to MBOX converter for mac and windows.

How do users convert OLM to MBOX?

A lot of email users find the need to migrate OLM to MBOX for various reasons. Some users want to move from Mac outlook to Gmail or Thunderbird for work reasons. Since mac outlook’s OLM format is not compatible with MBOX compatible clients, you need to convert OLM to MBOX.

Some users try to do this manually but it is not recommended to do so for security reasons and more. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the manual method. If you want to avoid all this, it is recommended that you only go with professional methods. Many users also try to export OLM to MBOX with the help of free OLM to MBOX converters but that is never such a good idea. Free OLM to MBOX converter tools cannot ensure that your emails will be secure. Only certified software designed by experts can give you the assurance required to work with personal or professional data.

This is the best OLM to MBOX converter

Mail backup X is the best software to convert OLM files to MBOX format. You don’t have to be an expert in order to migrate OLM to MBOX with this tool. It works on both Mac and Windows and is incredibly easy to work with. You can do anything you want with your email data with this email management solution. It works with all major email services across the world.

You can use it to convert, backup, restore and archive any emails you want on both Mac and windows. The tool comes embedded with a user-friendly interface which guides you from the first step of the process till the last. You just have to follow simple steps and the tool will handle the rest.

Why choose this OLM to MBOX converter when there are so many?

The best thing about this tool is that it runs on both mac and windows. Apart from that, it is easy to use and comes embedded with the most innovative and powerful features. Top experts have spent years in perfecting this tool. All the risks of data loss and file modification have been eliminated. You don’t have to worry about having to set up the process again and again.

This is the only tool which offers you so many benefits under a single interface.

You should check out these features to find out more

  • Automatic step by step process
  • Convert all emails you want from one format to another
  • Supports all major email services
  • Works on both mac and windows operating system
  • Choose source and destination format
  • Choose each email on filter item window
  • Choose end destination folder for converted file
  • Automatically load all outlook identities and profiles
  • Advanced Inbuilt mail viewer
  • Preserve original folder hierarchy of mailboxes
  • Offers single user and team version
  • Team version offers remote usage rights to admin
  • Dedicated email backup and recovery software
  • Archive emails directly as PDF files
  • Smart backup and resume feature
  • Free trial for all users

These features are unique and give so much power to you as a user that you don’t have to even think about getting another tool for email management. This tool gives you everything at a single place.

Step by step process to convert OLM to MBOX format

You can start by downloading and installing the tool

You have to launch the tool by double clicking on the folder icon

You will be at the first window. You can see that there is a direct option to “convert” emails. You have to click on it.

OLM to MBOX Converter

The OLM to MBOX export process will be initiated. These are the first steps of the process.

Here you can see that there are different options that you can choose as the source format for the transfer process. You have to select Microsoft Outlook as the source format.

convert OLM to MBOX

Now, the tool asks you to choose your desired Outlook profiles from which you want to convert your emails. You can also manually browse your preferred identity folders or choose preferred OLM or PST files. Once you have chosen the source folder, you will be automatically taken to the next Window.

transfer OLM to MBOX

Now, you are at the next window where you can see the contents of your chosen folder. You can see that there are OLM files in your chosen folder. You have to choose the OLM file that you wish to be exported to MBOX format. After you choose the file, click on open to go to the next step.

migrate OLM to MBOX

This is the filter item window where you get to choose the email items or folders that you want to be exported from your mailbox. This is the selective backup feature which enables a lot of users to convert only what they want. Once you have chosen your preferred folders and items, click on continue.

OLM to MBOX Converter free

This is the step where you are required to choose the target or destination format for your OLM to MBOX transfer. Here, you have to choose MBOX files as the destination.

free OLM to MBOX Converter

Now, you have to choose the destination folder where you want your converted MBOX files to be stored. Choose the folder and click on open. You can also create a new folder if you want.


The OLM to MBOX transfer process will start automatically. You can watch as the files are converted. You can even see the details of the files getting converted right before you.

Once the OLM to MBOX migration is over, you can see a detailed log report of the process.

OLM to MBOX conversion

Once you have verified that all the chosen files are stored in the right location, you can click on done.

All results are 100% accurate. You can now use the emails from Mac outlook in MBOX compatible email services by importing the resultant MBOX file in your desired client.

This was the step-by-step process of OLM to MBOX transfer with Mail backup X. As you can see, the process is automatic and you don’t have to struggle to get things done your way.

If you are interested, you should certainly try the free demo – https://www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to convert OLM to MBOX for any user?

Yes, if you are able to find the right tool, it is completely possible for anyone to convert OLM to MBOX format. If you are a first-time user, it is recommended to use Mail backup X software. This tool is designed to work on both mac and windows and gives step by step instructions to all email users regardless of their experience. It is easy to work with and you can convert your files any time you want without having to think about the complexity of the process.

  • Are all my emails converted during OLM to MBOX transfer?

Yes, if you are working with the right tool, you will be able to convert all email folders, items and related elements from OLM to MBOX format. There is nothing impossible for you if you are working with a certified software like Mail backup X. It is the best way for you to ensure that complete email transfer is achieved. This is also ensured with the help of the filter item window where you can choose each email folder or item that you wish to be exported from one format to another.

  • Are free OLM to MBOX converter tools worth it?

Free OLM to MBOX converter tools are not worth your time or money. They can negatively affect your data and cause different problems like file modification. Free tools are often embedded with malware or spyware which can ruin your whole experience and give you a lot of personal and professional trouble. The best thing to do is to get a certified tool and not get involved with free methods since they are not reliable.

  • Can I convert OLM to MBOX for free?

Yes, you can absolutely convert OLM files to MBOX format for free with the free demo version of Mail backup X tool. You don’t have to worry about the future of your emails or your mailbox data once you test this tool because it is the perfect solution for you. You can use the free trial for 15 days and it even gives you access to all features. You can get the free demo right here –