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Mail Backup X - Best Outlook suite backup software : How to backup Outlook office suite

If you want to know how to backup Office suite or Microsoft 365, you are at the right place. If you are someone who wants a comprehensive solution to backup and restore outlook suite, you should read this till the end.

Emails are the most important part of outlook suite and you should know that there is a solid solution to manage them. There are several options out there but one among them outshines all the others.

Mail backup X – Best Outlook backup suite

Mail backup X is the ideal software for all types of email management. It is especially designed to work for outlook suite so that you can manage your Outlook emails effectively without having to worry about the results. This tool is not just limited to outlook. You can easily use this tool to manage all major email services like Outlook, Gmail, Apple mail, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Yahoo mail and other IMAP based email services.

This tool is packed with a set of the most powerful features which make you the absolute boss.

Here is what you can do with Mail backup X Outlook suite backup software

This tool is loaded with the greatest benefits which give its users an upper edge

Automatically scan your database

This tool allows you to save your time and effort in such a way that you are able to maximize your productivity. You are getting a chance to get all your files automatically with a single click.

Preserve original folder hierarchy

This tool lets you enjoy uninterrupted backups where you can retain the original folder hierarchy. The whole point of email backup and recovery is to preserve the original folder structure and keeping all the email items secure.

Split PST files

You can split large PST files automatically into smaller PST files. This can be done automatically with the help of the PST file splitter option. You can specify the size of the exported PST files according to your preference.

Auto USB backup and sync

You can get instant portable USB backups anytime you want with this tool. You can set up your preferred USB drive and use it as the destination for instant portable backups. Whenever you plug in this device, the tool instantly detects this and stores the latest snapshot copy of the latest local backup in it.

Smart backup and resume

You can use the smart backup and resume feature to increase your productivity. With this feature, this tool allows you to automatically detect when the internet connectivity is lost. If this happens while the backup is taking place, the tool temporarily stops the backup and holds the progress. The tool automatically resumes the progress when the connection is restored.

Archive emails in PDF format

The tool lets you automatically create PDF archives which are great for sharing and data preservation. PDF files are perfect for archiving. You can also create a PDF backup which is great to preserve the folder structure of your mailboxes. If you want, you can share these PDF files after protecting them with a password.

Inbuilt search box

The inbuilt search box embedded within this tool lets you find any email items you want in just a few clicks. You can enter specific details related to the items you want to find. The tool will bring these files to you instantly after going through your database.

Filter item feature

You can use the filter item feature to choose only those files that you wish to be backed up or migrated. The filter item window shows all the files within your chosen mailbox so that you can select single or multiple items according to your goals.

Email recovery and archiving

This tool is more than just an email converter and backup solution. You can use this outlook suite backup software as a permanent solution for email recovery and archiving. You don’t have to buy multiple tools to get things done with this software.

Inbuilt email converter

Mail backup X tool comes embedded with an inbuilt email export feature which lets you convert emails from one format to another. This tool is designed to convert emails to and from different email formats. This makes it a two in one solution that you can use for complete email management.

These are the greatest benefits of working with Mail backup X Outlook suite backup and recovery software. If you are serious about getting all these benefits, you should not waste any time and test the free demo version of this tool.

Yes! You can try this outlook suite backup software for free

The free demo version of this tool is built to give you access to all the features of this tool. The free demo version works for 15 days and lets you enjoy all the benefits of this tool for a limited time. Once you are certain that the free trial is worth your time and effort, you can upgrade to the full version anytime. The full version is offered in different packages.

These are the available packages

Single user version

The single user version of this tool is designed to be the ideal email management solution for individual users. This version can be used to manage up to 5 mail profiles. If you are someone who needs more fire power, you can get a $20 top up which will give 10 more mail profiles to you.

Team version

The team version of this tool is meant to be a permanent solution for most teams, small or large. The team version is offered for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. The team version lets you manage 5 mail profiles per user. As the admin of the team version, you can remotely use the tool to manage other mail profiles. If you want more backup capacity, you can get a $20 top up and get 10 more mail profiles.

Here are the top most frequently asked questions

  • Which Outlook suite backup solution can I trust?

You can trust only professional Outlook suite backup tools today. This is because you cannot take any risks today. Cyber threats are only rising and you need to keep your email data secure. Mail backup X is the most secure Outlook suite backup software which offers a comprehensive set of solutions for all users who want to manage their emails in an effective manner.

  • What types of data can you preserve with Mail backup X?

You can preserve all types of email data with Mail backup X Outlook suite backup software. You don’t have to worry about missing any type of data. It lets you be confident with the email management process.

  • Which Outlook suite backup software works best for large mailboxes?

Mail backup X is the best software which works flawlessly to backup and restore large mailboxes. You don’t have to worry about the size of your mailboxes while managing your mailboxes because the tool is designed with powerful algorithms. This tool is known to perform well even with the largest files.

  • How to get selective Outlook suite backups?

You can easily enjoy selective email backup and recovery with the help of the filter item window. On the filter item window, the tool directly shows you all email folders from your Outlook email mailbox. You can choose the ones that you want to export on this selective backup window. This is how you get selective Outlook suite backups.

  • What can this tool do apart from email backup and recovery?

This tool is not just an email backup and recovery software. It is the complete solution for email management. You can use this tool to convert and also archive any emails you want. This makes it the most comprehensive solution for email management. You are getting the benefit of several tools in one interface.

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