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Now convert EML to MBOX in easy steps: Automatic solution

If you want to import EML files to MBOX format, you are at the right place. To convert EML to MBOX, you are going to need a specialized EML to MBOX converter tool.

Here you are going to find out how to get this done in the easiest way possible.

How do users export EML to MBOX format?

Most email users don’t know how to export EML to MBOX and end up choosing the wrong methods as the solution. There are many methods that you can choose from. However, not all available methods should be trusted because different users have different needs.

Some email users choose the manual method for email conversion while others try to find third party solutions. If you are someone who wishes to convert your emails but have no experience, it is not recommended to use manual methods because there are chances of data loss and file modification.

How to export EML to MBOX with 100% accurate results?

If you want to export EML files to MBOX format with 100% accuracy, you are going to need a professional third-party solution which is also affordable and practical for you.

You are going to find several options out there when you look online but you need to be sure that you are working with a solution which you can trust. The ideal solution for you would be to find a certified tool which is easy to use and also affordable.

Mail backup X – best tool to convert EML to MBOX

Mail backup X is the most professional and easy to use software for all email users. This tool runs on both mac and windows and can be used by even first-time users. The best thing about this tool is that it works almost automatically and you don’t have to constantly be on the watch. Each step happens with your permission. You can use this software to backup, restore, archive and also export any emails you want.

Here is how to export EML files to MBOX format

Step by step guide – Convert EML to MBOX files automatically

You can start the email conversion process easily by downloading and installing the tool. Now that the tool has been installed, you have to launch it.

Once the tool has been launched, you will see the main dashboard of the tool. Here you have to click on the convert option which you can see on the left side panel. Click on convert.

EML to mbox

This will bring  you to the next window where the tool shows you all the email services which can be backed up with it. Here you will see different email services and email formats.

Choose EML files from the available options.

export EML to mbox

The tool will now scan your computer for any EML files. You will see the EML folders which are available for conversion. Once you have chosen your preferred EML file, click on open.

import EML to mbox

Now you will be brought to the filter item window where you are given the choice to select only those folders that you want to convert. You can also choose emails between a certain date range. Once you have selected the folders you want to export, click on continue.

convert EML to mbox

Now, the tool asks you to select the target format. You have to choose the destination format for the conversion. Here, we are trying to export EML files to MBOX format so you have to click on MBOX files.

free EML to mbox converter

Now you will be asked to choose where you want your converted MBOX files to be stored. Once you are sure about the location, browse to that folder. You can create a new folder if you want or choose an existing one. Once this is done, click on open.

EML to mbox conversion

This will finally initiate the final step of EML to MBOX export. You can track the progress of the process on a live window. Once the process is finished, you will be taken to the next window which is the detailed log report window.

On this window, you will be given complete details of the conversion process.

Here you can see the total number of EML items that have been converted from EML to MBOX format along with the storage location. Once you are satisfied with the whole process and the results, click on done.

EML to mbox converter for Mac

This was the step-by-step process to convert EML files to MBOX. As you can see, the process is incredibly simple and anyone can follow these easy steps to migrate to or from any email format or service.

Here are the benefits of using Mail backup X to export EML to MBOX

  1. Automatically scans for required email files
  2. Preserve complete folder hierarchy of database
  3. Step by step process with wizard-based interface
  4. Choose what you want to export with filter item feature
  5. Export to and from all major email formats
  6. Comprehensive solution for email management
  7. Backup and restore any emails you want
  8. Multiple packages for all types of users

Most frequently asked questions

  • Why export EML to MBOX?

There are a lot of reasons to export EML to MBOX. However, most email users do so because they want to switch from one format to another because they find one format to be better suited for their needs. Most email services use MBOX format and this is one of the major reasons why EML to MBOX conversion is common. If you want to export EML files to MBOX format too, you should try Mail backup X software.

  • What is the best way to export EML files to MBOX format?

The best way to export EML files to MBOX is with the help of certified third-party tools. There are several tools which offer to export your emails so you should make sure that you work with the right one. Mail backup X is a tried and tested solution which works on both mac and windows operating system. There are several reasons why this tool is perfect for email management. More than 40,000+ users approve of this tool globally. You should check out its free demo version to get started.

  • Can we import EML to MBOX in bulk?

Yes, you can easily import EML to MBOX in bulk if you have a tool which is powerful enough. If you don’t know how to convert EML to MBOX files in bulk, you should not take any risks and go for Mail backup X software. This certified software lets you export any emails you want even if they are in large mailboxes. You can stay assured that you will not lose any email files during or after the process. The tool works with powerful algorithms so everything works smoothly.

  • Can this tool restore MBOX emails?

Yes, this tool can easily restore your MBOX email backups to a live mailbox of your choice. This is a unique offering by this software which makes it ideal for all types of email management. You can use it as a solution for email migration, backup, recovery and archiving too. It runs on both mac and windows so it is basically a solution for everyone.

  • Is Mail backup X a free EML to MBOX converter?

Mail backup X offers a free trial for all users. The free demo of the tool runs well for 15 days and gives you a chance to use all features. You can test the tool with all the features and come to a decision. You can then upgrade to the full and paid version of the tool. The full version is offered in many packages which are affordable by all types of users. You can choose the package you want and enjoy complete freedom to manage your emails.

Try Mail backup X tool for free

Get the free trial of this tool to find out how it works in real time. You don’t have to think about spending even a penny until you are satisfied. The free demo of the tool works for 15 days and lets you work with all features. You can choose the version which fits your budget and enjoy the freedom which comes with email migration.

To get the free demo of the tool, click here – https://www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/