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How to backup and restore Thunderbird Mailbox

restore thunderbird mailbox

Thunderbird email is still a frequently used email application which its users like for its features and easy management. By default it would be using IMAP unless you choose POP. Like any other such email client, it becomes necessary to back the files and folders from this email client if you want to have data to restore. Some users may need a little detailed explanation of the meaning of the phrase “restore Thunderbird mailbox.”

What does it mean to backup and restore thunderbird Mailbox?

If one starts with the literal meaning then it would mean to return or take something back to its original condition or to a condition back at a specific point of time. This is something most of you must have done for your phones or computers. This is done all the time for anything important. Your device or the server has files from different email clients. Due to any number of reasons, you may lose those files or may make some modifications to them. But there may be instances when you would need those files like the way they were originally or would need the entire database if you have lost it inadvertently.

Restoring emails is the right way to go

If you were wise enough to have a backup, you will be able to restore it back to your device. You can also restore it on a new device. You can now see that how restoration is actually dependent on a good backup strategy for emails. If you backup well, then you can restore the entire database or the file you have backed up. If you haven’t, then you will not be able to restore your email client.

How do we restore thunderbird mailbox emails?

The different methods you can use to restore your mailbox depend upon many factors including where the deleted files are available, whether or not you made a backup, etc. Now, if you accidentally deleted a file and it is still there in your mailbox bin, you can use the drag and drop method to restore it to your inbox or another folder you have created. If the mails are gone and not in either bin or spam folder, you can check the exchange server.

Most organizations use these servers only and data is usually stored in a folder before getting deleted. But it may not be as easy to restore Thunderbird mailbox emails as it looks from these drag and drop options. Consider these scenarios like the one where you may have connectivity issues and can’t access the server, the emails are permanently deleted, file corruption has occurred, or there has been a hacking attempt. In all these mentioned scenarios, you would actually need a backup from where you can restore these emails.

Full offline backups often save the day to restore your thunderbird mailbox

You may have done a full backup at one point in time from where you may be able to access certain emails but not the ones that were received after the point of full backup. For this you would need a strategy for regular and incremental backup.

What are the options to backup and restore thunderbird mailbox?

As an expert, I suggest that for any professional or even personal data, stay away from manual backup as it is neither practical nor failproof. Apart from manual backup, one may go for cloud storage. For this, you can only depend on the premium services from trusted vendors and that costs a lot. With growing data, you need to buy more space. Also, it is not foolproof as we have seen with recent hacking attempts on one of the major such service provider. How many people can anyway afford the best?

How to backup and restore thunderbird mailbox to get results

The most reliable and cost effective method is to use a professional software for backing up as well as restoring email data from any IMAP client. I have not even given a passing reference to online free tools as these frivolous methods do not deserve a mention when talking about legitimate strategies for backup and restore.

Best way to restore thunderbird email

The best way as I mentioned is with professional software to backup as well as restore mail data on your original device or on another device. Multiple factors make this a fool proof as well as fail proof strategy for any user for data preservation. One, these tools are tested and designed to be safe and efficient. Two, these lead to efficient management of time and do not require a user’s hardwork. Three, there is an agency which takes responsibility of the tool and can be approached. Four, unlike the risk of hacking with cloud storage, these tools can’t be hacked. But your device may be due to some reason and for this, the best tools let you backup data externally as well. So, in this scenario too, you are well covered. The two factors here, external backup and approachable agency is something which is possible only with the best tool even in professional segment. This is Mail backup X software only which comes with all these features.

The Mail backup X- Restore Thunderbird mailbox in a few clicks

This is the most astounding and efficient third party tool which effortlessly backs up and restores data from IMAP clients on Mac as well as some versions of Windows OS. InventPure, which is a leading software solution provider, is the name behind this stellar product. Installing it and then using it to backup is a speedy process which involves few short steps that are easily manageable by even a novice. The package is received online along with a unique key after which you can do this speedy and efficient backup. You can choose a location or multiple locations on your device to backup data after setting a backup profile and selecting the email clients you want to backup. You can even go with auto USB sync for external backup and we recommend that you do maintain an external backup for better data preservation. This is the most proficient as well as the most amiable tool you can get your hands on.

These are the features which make it the ideal method to restore thunderbird emails

  • Both a backup and restore tool fit for amateurs and experienced users
  • Reliability, efficiency, easy access, and affordability define this third party software
  • Allows you to access data even offline with a comprehensive backup
  • Allows you to restore Thunderbird mailbox with few clicks and absolute ease from device based or external backup
  • Not just a tool to restore data but an all in one email conversion software as well and yet the most economical.

What are the advantages of using the Mail backup X?

  • Affordable tool which comes with multiple features not offered by any other like backup, restore, as well as email format conversion
  • A customer support team which is on standby 24*7 to assist users with anything related to the tool
  • A view box and a easy search options to scan the database for easy file selection and viewing experience
  • Long term safe use with unique key and free updates and maintenance for a year
  • Two kind of packages, individual and team, available with the team package also having options for number of users you want the tool for
  • Top up packages which allow you to add more profiles are also a unique offering from the company for this tool
  • A compression algorithm which will be another reason for you to fall in love with this tool

You asked us questions and we answered

  1. Why is the Mail backup X popular?

The Mail backup X is popular because it is easy to use, affordable and highly reliable. Anyone can use this tool and get great results.

  • Is the Mail backup X recommended to backup other apps?

Yes, the Mail backup X can backup a variety of other email applications over both mac and windows OS. You can backup almost all major email applications with this tool.

  • How is the performance of the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X performs flawlessly with any amount of data. It performs well regardless of your experience.

  • How does the tool deal with non English content?

The Mail backup X is one of those special tools that can read and recognize all Unicode content. You do not have to worry about non-English content anymore.

  • Are the nested messages preserved?

Yes, your nested messages are preserved since the tool is able to preserve the complete folder hierarchy of the email database.

  • What are the chances of data loss with the Mail backup X?

There are no chances of data loss with the Mail backup X. You need to follow the simple instructions given by the tool and you will get 100% accurate results.

  • When can I start using this tool?

You can start using the tool anytime you want. You can install the tool in just a few clicks and start using it immediately.

  • How to get the Mail backup X for free?

The tool offers a free trial version to all users who want to test the performance of the tool. Get it today.

  • What if the tool does not work?

You can contact the support team if you find it difficult to operate the tool, they will guide you till you get the successful end result.

  1. How can I trust this tool?

The tool has been given 5 star ratings by experts who have tested this tool. You can also read the reviews of clients who use this on an everyday basis.

Here are some words from those who have used the tool

“There are many tools out there and I have used quite a few to restore Thunderbird mailbox data. But those were not as efficient as Mail backup X as they couldn’t backup properly in the first place. I also love that I get to opt for scheduled and incremental backup with this tool. It keeps me worry free. Commendable job done by everyone for the development of this software.”- Peter Snitsky

“It was my first third party software experience. I have just started my career and my work is not really technical. But I do need to backup data. It is a good thing that my company uses this tool. Once I started using it, my fears just flew out of the window. It was the easiest experience I must say. I am now so vocal about why people shouldn’t be using manual methods for such tasks if they are really looking for efficiency. If someone is reading this, please try this tool.”- Mark Snider

The Mail backup X- User ratings

The Mail backup X has been given a 5 star rating across multiple platforms. These ratings paired with positive reviews prove that the Mail backup X works for all types of users.

System Specifications needed to use the Mail backup X

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

The Mail backup X – Packages

Single user edition

  1. Works on mac and windows
  2. Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  3. Get 10 more mail profiles with a top up
  4. Works on two computers
  5. Free maintenance for a year

Team Edition

  1. Works on both mac and windows
  2. Works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  3. Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  4. Works on multiple computers
  5. Get 10 more mail profiles with an affordable top up
  6. Free maintenance for a year

What next? Get the Mail backup X for free!

You read about the features and advantages of this software. You also read what our clients feel and what has been their experience with this software. But nothing comes close to one’s own experience. For this reason, experience the best way to restore Thunderbird mailbox with this software. You don’t even have to spend a dime to just experience how this tool works for you. Simply download our demo version and use it for the specified period to see how good it is. Post demo, immediately go for full version choosing a package you like, paying an affordable price, and keep your backup updated.

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