Mail Backup X for Mac

Your One Stop Exclusive Mail Backup & Archiving Tool for Mac. Automatically Backup Mails from Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo & other Mail Services supporting IMAP and POP service directly on your Mac. It’ll not only let you backup your Mails, you can archive & store emails in PDF file format or print copies of the emails.  

The Mail Backup X is the long awaited solution to have the ability to backup Mails from both Online Service Providers and  Email Clients for Mac users worldwide who feel responsible enough to back up their Macs. 

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Backup & Restore Mails from Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox as and when they arrive.

Mail Backup X comes with support for Incremental Backup’s and Backup's emails as they arrive in your mail client. Advanced features to set up Mirror Backup & Distributed Backup is also supported.  


PST Viewer for Mac, Mbox Viewer for Mac, OLM Viewer for Mac, RGE Viewer for Mac


 Import Stored Emails: supports all mail archive files  from major mail clients

In addition, to setting up Mail Backups, you may also import Mail Archive files exported from various mail clients like mbox archive (Apple Mail), .pst archive (Outlook Windows), .olm archive (Outlook Mac 2011 Archive), rge files ( Thunderbird, Postbox), eml files etc. 



Professional Mail Viewer, OLM File Viewer , PST File Viewer for Mac, RGE Viewer for Mac, Mbox Viewer for Mac



Inbuilt Mail Viewer: view imported emails from any major mail clients

Mail Backup X comes backed with a professional grade inbuilt Mail Viewer. So you can have a look at all your archived emails, without the need to switch between multiple mail clients. 



Lightning Fast Mail Search

 Lightning Fast Advanced Search Module 

Mail Backup X adds the much-awaited functionality by Mac users to search emails from a particular person, subject, with a specific word during a specific time frame or in the entire database. You can also search only for emails with attachments with specific file types or do a complex query with AND and OR operators; as that helps you perform more complex search operations for eg: Looking up emails with attachments that has two different kinds of file types as attachments and much more.


Mail Archiver - Mail to PDF Archive



Archive Mails & Organise in PDF retaining the folder structure

Archive all your Mails as PDF files retaining the folder structure. Creates a future-proof, accessible, searchable, archive of all your emails and accounts. Helps you preserve and protect inbound and outbound mail messages from your personal or business mail accounts specifically suited for Archival and Printing purpose.


Mail Compressed to Save Disk Space

Mail Backup X uses Ultra High compression algorithm to save up to 3X storage space and encrypts data for security

We use a special Ultra-high compression algorithm specially designed to secure and safeguard you mail data. Mail Backup X compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space and transmission times for your backed up Mail profiles. We also support repair recovery record, so in a case of any Hardware corruption, you do not end up loosing all your mail data. It also helps to save time on uploading and retrieving data from Network servers or FTP. 

All in one Mail converter tool


All in One Mail Conversion Tool 

Mail Backup X is not just a Mail Backup Solution but also has inbuilt advanced mail conversion engine used in  professional mail conversion tools. It imparts you the freedom to move from different mail clients to mail client of your choice. Conversion to and from all major mail file formats like ( .mbox, .rge, .olm, .pst, .eml ) supported by all popular Mail clients like Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo etc  



Auto USB Sync Mail Back Up for Mac

Auto USB Backup Sync 

Have you ever been hassled by making a copy of your data on USB Portable Drives and remembering which folder you backed up data to? We know how stressful and time taking process it is, that is why Mail Backup X has a built-in Auto USB Backup Sync feature, where you just set it up once and map a USB drive to copy a backup. In subsequent attempts, Mail Backup X is smart enough to detect and notice when the drive is plugged in and where to copy data on that drive. 



Integrated FTP Mail Backup Archiver for Mac


Integrated FTP Client 

With integrated FTP Client, You may set up primary or mirror mail backups for added safety to be uploaded to a network server. This feature comes in real handy for any firms  IT-techs as it's comforting to know that all your users data is also being uploaded to a secure FTP server time to time and you are in control whenever a restore is required. 



No other App makes Mail Backup as easy and effortless. So, why wait? Download Mail Backup X Free Trial  and experience for yourself!