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Know the exact way for how to archive emails in outlook office 365

how to archive mails in outlook office 365

Archiving emails is an organized process of moving emails from inbox and saving it in an accessible location. It is ensured that the emails are safely saved and could be accessed at any point of time in future. The main idea behind archiving emails is to store such emails at a place which the users no longer need instant access to. Such emails are stored in some other location to minimize the load on the application on which they were previously saved.

When archiving emails is such an important task, users should know the exact way to do it. This task can be done successfully only through a certified tool. As a certified tool is safe and easy to use. Being free from glitch and errors, such tools ensure to archive emails smoothly and precisely. Such tools are rare but you are lucky, as today we will unveil the best of them. This tool has been the leader since its inception and has been used by experts across the world.

Here is the tool which archive email in outlook 365 without any fail

Mail backup X by InventPure is the best email archiving tool. The reason why we say so is it provides complete protection to your data base against all possible threats. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool which provides you step by step instruction throughout the process. Thus you don’t have to worry even if you are a beginner; with the help of this tool you would be able to archive emails easily and precisely.

What are the benefits of this of using Mail Backup X?

  1. It is available for both mac and windows
  2. Does not require prior experience to be used
  3. You are able to archive and backup emails without any lag and error
  4. Provides you an inbuilt mail converter
  5. It provides 100% assurance of data safety
  6. It provides 100% precise results
  7. Preserves folder hierarchy
  8. Provides Unicode content support
  9. Processes the assigned tasks at  a lightning fast speed
  10. Provides 24*7 customer support

     Now let us look at the multiple features of this tool

  1. User friendly tool

The user friendly interface of this tool offers minimal steps which ensure that you don’t have to put much effort into archiving your email client. It provides you step by step instructions in each and every process you perform. Moreover this tool offers 24*7 customer support and provides you all around solution for mail archiving, mail backup and conversion related problems.

  • Backup emails from multiple formats

No need to waste so much of time, effort and money for backing up emails of multiple formats through different tools. Through this tool you can easily backup emails from multiple formats like Thunderbird, office 365 mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Postbox, Mac mail and Outlook mac etc.

  •  Inbuilt email converter

This tool has an advanced inbuilt mail converter which lets you convert to and from all major mail file formats like .mbox, .rge, .olm, .pst and .eml etc. This is one of the major features which the users can utilize. You are getting an email converter embedded within an email backup tool.

  • Save storage space with the data compression feature

No need to worry about storage space when you have this tool in hand. The advanced data compression algorithm this tool compresses your data to an extent that it could easily fit in less space. Through this feature you can save up to 3X the storage space.

  • Copy email backup automatically 

This tool has an Auto USB sync feature which provides you automatic copy of your email backup. All you have to do is just set up this feature and enable it once to copy your email backup. This tool is smart enough to detect when the drives are plugged in, the tool automatically stores the latest backup on USB drives.

  • Archives emails at ease

With the help of this tool, archiving emails will become an effortless process for you. Moreover this tool enables you to manage and archive emails of multiple clients that you are handling.

  • Preview and convert archived emails 

This tool provides you preview feature through which you can get assured that none of your emails are left unarchived. Moreover, this tool lets you convert your archived data in the PDF format and view it in the offline as well as in the online mode. You can easily share these PDF files after protecting them with a password. This makes the email backup process highly convenient and personalized.

  • Performs every process at a lightning fast speed

Through this tool, you would be able to backup, archive and convert emails at a lightning fast speed. This tool processes the assigned commands at such a high speed that it also seems like the task has been done magically. This tool ensures to maintain precision throughout each and each process.

  • Search for desired data within seconds

The lightning fast search engine of this tool provides you the desired information instantly. All you have to do is write the name of file, folder or attachment you need in the search engine. Press enter and you will get the desired output instantly. This feature proves to be a valuable asset especially when you dealing with large data base or you are facing time constraint.

  1. Ensures to keep data base safe

This tool provides 100% guarantee to safety and security of your data base. It protects your data against all sorts of risks like data theft, data misuse, data corruption, malwares and spyware etc. Thus, with the help of this tool you can backup, archive and convert emails without any worry.

We answer the most commonly asked questions about the process

  1. What happens to my non-English files with the Mail backup X?

Non-English or Unicode files are kept safe with the Mail backup X.

  • What if I don’t want to include empty folders in my backup?

You can ignore the empty folders with a single click. You can also de-select the folders that you don’t want to back up.

  • What if I want to set up a simultaneous duplicate backup?

You can very conveniently set up a mirror backup where a copy of your backup is stored in a different location. This doubles the security for your email database and eliminates any chance of data loss.

  • How is this tool better than the manual method?

This tool is better than the manual method because it offers an assurance of data safety and is highly user friendly. You can do a lot more than just email backup because it is loaded with advanced features.

  • Can I trust the Mail backup X with my personal data?

Yes, you can totally trust the Mail backup X with your personal data since it offers a data safety assurance. Additionally, it is an offline tool which does not cause any harm to your precious email files.

  • How many mail profiles can be backed up by single users?

In the single user edition, you can backup up to 5 mail profiles.

  • What is the top up package?

The top up package is given to increase the number of mail profiles that you can back up. With this affordable top up, you get 10 extra mail profiles. In the team edition, you can assign these profiles to any user you want.

  • If the tool does not work for me, do I get a refund?

It has never happened that the Mail backup X did not work for anyone. However, as part of a policy, you are eligible for a 30 day refund if the tool fails to work for you.

  • What if I am not able to understand how to use this tool?

You can contact the support team. They are available 24*7 and they are going to guide you through each step. However, you are unlikely to need any support since the tool is self-explanatory.

  1. Can I really convert emails with the Mail backup X?

Yes, you can convert email files with the inbuilt email converter embedded within the Mail backup X. This is the only tool that houses an email converter within an email backup and recovery tool. You are getting the benefit of two tools in one.

Here are the ratings to prove its worth

The Mail backup X a 5 star rated tool that has been rated by experts from all around the world. It has proven its worth and also won the award for the best solution to archive email in outlook office 365.

You need these system specifications to run the Mail backup X

The Mail backup X is a really light tool which does not need heavy duty specifications

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here is what our satisfied clients say

“I wanted to learn how to archive mails in outlook office 365 but I did not have the time or motivation to do so. That is why I decided to find a tool where I would not have to Archive email in outlook office 365 manually. I went for the Mail backup X because it was the only 5 star rated tool which was easy to use even for me. The tool has a smooth interface with easy instructions for all users. I can now archive emails in outlook 365 whenever I want. It never fails to give the results that I want.”- Frank Goodman

 “I wanted to archive emails in Outlook office 365 but I had never done it before. I could not take any chances since I had to deal with company data. That is when my colleague suggested that they use the Mail backup X whenever they need to get 100% safe and accurate email backups. I got its free trial and fell in love with it. It still works like magic every time. I can now create PDF backups instantly. I never thought I would call myself an expert in email management. It has made my life easy.”- Joseph Clinton

Mail backup X- Packages

The Mail backup X offers custom created packages for all types of users according to their backup needs

Here are the packages that the tool offers for two main types of users

The Mail Backup X for single users

The single user version works for a single user and can be used on two computers. It is available on both mac and windows. It can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can also increase this capacity by getting 10 more mail profiles as a part of a top up package. You get free support and maintenance for a year.

The Mail backup X for team

The team edition of the tool works for multiple users. It is available for both mac and windows in different versions. You can get it for 5 to 30 users in different packages. You can also get 10 more profiles with an affordable top up. You get free maintenance for a year.

What is stopping you from getting the free trial?

You should get the free trial of the Mail backup X right now. The free trial has been created to ensure that you understand how the tool works and performs. If the results of the tool are in line with your needs, you can upgrade to the package of your choice. Packages can be customized according to your requirements. The free trial is a boon for those who want to test the tool without risking their money. Do not wait any longer, get the tool right now by clicking here