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How to archive all emails in Outlook 365

how to archive email outlook 365

If you are trying to find the best way to archive email outlook 365, you are at the right place. There are a lot of users who are trying to find out how to archive all emails in Outlook 365. Looking at the question, you might think that it is a big deal or a difficult process. However, with the right method, you would never think twice about it. In this article we are going to learn how to archive email Outlook 365 with accurate and reliable results.

Before we go down to the solution, let us find out more about the available options so that you are better informed to make the right choice.

How to archive Office 365 mails with safety

There are two ways to archive outlook 365 emails. The old method is the manual method which has been used since a long time. In this method you have to use the e-discovery option given within the tool. While this method works, it is not very flexible. Moreover, you might need some experience to do it correctly if you are backing up a larger email database. So if you are a first time user who doesn’t know how to archive emails in outlook 365, you should avoid this and go for a better automatic method.

A better solution- Use a professional third party tool

Third party tools are created especially to simplify the process of email data backup and archiving. These tools are designed to eliminate the risks of data loss and file modification which has been lurking since a long time. The main goal of such tools is to ensure that all email users are able to archive their email database without risking their database. Let us look at how to choose the ideal professional tool from the available options.

How to choose the best professional tool?

It can be a task to find the best third party tools since all tools are made with specific features to cater to a certain type of users. This is why you might feel confused about the right choice. However, the best types of professional tools are the ones which are both easy to use and affordable. There are a few options that you can choose from. Let us not waste any more time and get to the point.

If you are short on time and do not want to spend more time looking for the ideal solution, you can go ahead and get the Mail backup X by InventPure.

The Mail backup X by InventPure

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a certified solution that works on both mac and windows. It has been created as the perfect solution for all email users who have been trying to find a way to backup and archive their emails without putting in much effort or taking any risks. The best thing about this solution is its ease of use and accessibility. Anyone can use it and get 100% safe results. Let us check it out in detail.

What are some noteworthy features of the Mail backup X?

Here are some of the best features of the Mail backup X

  1. Wizard based user interface

The Mail backup X offers a wizard bases interface which brings you step by step instructions. You are given instructions from the installation till the end results. There is no need for any previous experience due to this interface.

  • Data safety assurance

You get 100% guarantee of no data loss or file modification with this tool. All your files are safe and will not be harmed. You can trust the tool with your confidential or classified email data. If you are a professional with no room for data loss, you can load your data.

  • Back up multiple email applications

Backing up multiple email applications is easy with this tool. You can backup Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Apple mail, Office 365 for mac, Gmail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This provides you limitless possibility of operating with email data.

  • Preserve data integrity

None of your email files are lost or corrupted with the Mail backup X. Its accuracy is one of the reasons why people love this tool. You get to protect the data hierarchy of your email files. You can preserve Unicode files with the tool. The uniqueness of the database is kept preserved.

  • Search engine

You can find your desired email items whenever you need. Just enter the search items in the search box and the tool will scan the archive to find the items that you want. This also ensures that you don’t lose any email files.

  • Data compression

You can now save 3 times more space in your hard drive while backing up your files with the Mail backup X. This means you can save 3 times more data in the same amount of space. So if you are someone who has a large database, you will find this useful.

  • Portable USB backups

Set up a USB drive with the Auto-USB backup and sync option and the tool will automatically store the latest backup in the USB drive as soon as you plug it in. You can get instant portable USB backups without any effort.

  • PDF archives

The tool directly archives outlook 365 emails in the form of PDF files. PDF files are compatible across multiple platforms and can be shared with anyone. You can also protect these files with a password. PDF files preserve your folder hierarchy.

  • Customize backups

You can get customized backups to suit your needs. You can set up scheduled backups and mirror backups. You can also ignore all empty folders with a single click. The tool allows you to select the folders that you want to back up and leave the rest.

  1. Inbuilt email converter

The tool comes with an inbuilt email converter that can convert email files from one format to another. You don’t have to get a second tool to convert email files. This will save you a lot of money and effort. This is one of those perks that users dream of but don’t even expect.

Frequently asked questions by curious users

  1. How is the user interface of the Mail backup X?

The user interface of the tool is very clean and interactive. It is user friendly to a great extent. Even a child with no experience of using software can follow the simple instructions and get the email backup results.

  • Is the support team available all the time?

The Mail backup X provides constant support to all its users. You can reach out to the friendly support team and they will solve any issues that you might have. However, it is unlikely that you might need any support since the tool is self-explanatory. You can reach out any time.

  • What are the issues that I can face with the Mail backup X?

There are no issues that you can face with the Mail backup X. The tool has been created after a lot of researches about the needs of email users so all the issues have already been eliminated.

  • Can I buy this tool as a single user?

Yes, you can get the Mail backup X in a single user version. The single user edition is the most economical for single users. You can use the single version in two computers. It offers to back up maximum of 5 mail profiles per user.

  • How does the Mail backup X handle large databases?

The Mail backup X can easily handle large databases without an issue. The tool does not have any performance issues and works really fast without any lags or errors. If you have a large database, you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • How does the Mail backup X allow data sharing of email archives?

The Mail backup X allows you to archive email files in the form of PDF files. PDF files are the best method to share any organized data. They are great for preserving the folder hierarchy of the database. You can set a password on the PDF files and share them with anyone.

  • I don’t know how to archive outlook 365 emails. Can I use this tool?

If you don’t know how to archive outlook 365 mails, you should certainly get this tool. It has been especially created with easy to use features so that even first time users can backup and archive their email data like experts. So this tool is considered ideal for all types of users, beginners or advanced.

  • Can windows users backup and archive their outlook application?

Yes, the tool works on both mac and windows. It comes in separate versions for both mac and windows. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues anymore. You can choose the windows version or the mac version.

  • What is one feature that no one expected in the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X comes with a groundbreaking feature which cannot be found in email backup tools. It comes with an inbuilt email viewer that enables all users to migrate their email files from one format to another. You don’t have to spend money in purchasing a different tool.

  1. What if the tool corrupts my data or loses my files?

The tool will never corrupt your files because it is not designed to make mistakes. You can just follow the simple instructions given by the user interface and the tool will guide you to get 100% safe results. However, if you are not satisfied and the tool does not do what it promised, you are eligible for a 30 day refund.

Client Testimonials- Words from those who have tried the tool

“I was searching for a method which could teach me how to archive email outlook 365 but I had no solution in mind. A friend recommended the Mail backup X by InventPure. I got the free trial of the tool and found it to be immensely useful. It works at high speed and ensures that no one has to worry about the safety of their email data. You can even convert your email files with it. I got 100% results with it. I would recommend it.”- Christopher Prior

“I did not know how to archive all emails in outlook 365 by myself so I started looking for a solution that can help me. I checked out many free and online tools but ended up with nothing but disappointment. I found the Mail backup X on a forum and I read the reviews. Motivated by the positive response, I got the free trial of the tool. I was surprised to see that this tool works on both mac and windows. It guarantees data safety and is truly easy to work with. It offers so many features that you would not even expect. Get the free trial and see for yourself.”- Richard Steele

Ratings from those who matter (Common Users and Experts)

The Mail backup X enjoys 5 star ratings from users and experts alike. It is one of the top rated tools for the process of email backup and recovery.

Here are the versions of the Mail backup X

For Personal Use

  • The personal edition works for a single user on two computers
  • It is available on both MacOS and windows
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • You can increase the mail profiles by getting a top up
  • You get free maintenance for a year

For A Team

  • The team edition works for multiple users
  • You can get this tool for up to 30 users
  • Get it for your operating system (mac or windows)
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • With an affordable top up, you can get 10 more mail profiles
  • Free maintenance for a year

Free trial

The free demo of the Mail backup X is totally worth it. You get access to all the features and benefits for a limited time. Feel free to upgrade to the full version of the tool in the package of your choice.

To download the free trial of the Mail backup X, click here.