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archive mailbox Mac emails

A lot can happen when you have the right information regarding how to archive mailbox on Mac. That is because only then you can aptly move forward in the right direction, finding the right tool that suits your needs. You must be thinking, why is it so necessary to archive my full mailbox when I might not even have a requirement of these emails in the future? Let us tell you why.

Need for full mailbox archiving in Mac

The primary requirement of archiving your entire mailbox can be of a lot of value to you especially if you work in an organization. Moreover, if emails are a large part of your business or organization, then you cannot run away from archiving your emails on a regular basis. Let us list a few of the reasons why archiving is necessary:

  • Historical data preservation: Archiving allows for excellent email data protection especially of your historical data. Every business must have a lot of historical data on their servers. It can be efficiently stored away from the servers with the help of email archiving.
  • Storage space saving: As we all are aware, there is limited storage space given to any email server. This storage capacity may seem like a lot in the beginning, but then before we know it, space gets fully occupied. Once it is full, new emails cannot come in. Thus, by archiving your emails, you will be able to keep your storage on the server free by deleting those that have been archived in your Mac.
  • Security of emails: Hacking of email accounts has increased substantially in the past few years. What if your email account gets hacked and all the emails are deleted? You will be in soup! Hence, your emails will be safe when they are on your Mac with you. Moreover, even if they do get deleted, there is always a copy of them with you which is stored safely in the location of your choice.
  • Quick access to emails: When you are in charge of keeping something, it is evident that you will be able to access it quickly since you are the one who had stored it in the first place. Thus, you will get the emails you need quickly. Another point to note is that quick access means that in litigation cases or other compliance cases, you will be able to get the emails quickly.

Archiving tool to backup and archive mailbox on Mac

There are two ways in which you can perform archiving: manually and automatically. Although manually is the cheapest since you don’t have to spend anything for it, it comes with its set of shortcomings such as below:

  • You have to have some know-how about email archiving. It is a strict no for beginners since they will get confused if they try.
  • You have to have time to set it all up first. That in itself is quite time-consuming and takes a long time. The settings have to be correctly set otherwise the whole effort goes to waste.
  • Manual archiving takes hours and hours to archive your emails. That is because it is a rather inefficient and slow process.
  • The results are not satisfactory as compared to email archiving tools that you can find nowadays.
  • Manual email archiving is inflexible, not giving you much liberty to let the archiving take place according to your choice.

Ideal tool for archiving emails on Mac

Are you thinking what the ideal tool to perform archiving of your emails on Mac is? There are many automatic archiving tools out there that can help you to archive your emails pretty well. Let us guide you to find the archiving software that will assist you with complete archiving of your mailbox. The following are some key points that you need to take into consideration when choosing an archiving tool:

  • It should be efficient, and it should be able to handle archiving of large mailboxes with several GBs of emails.
  • It should have excellent capabilities of indexing records and the ability to search through the archived emails.
  • It should provide apt security for your emails so that only the authorized individuals can access them.
  • There should be flexibility in the software and the way it works.
  • The email archives should be easy to manage by the authorized individuals.
  • It should allow you to choose the location where you want to save your email archives.
  • It should support all languages so that it can archive properly.

Do you want to know the software tool that is packed with all of these incredible features and much more?

The only archiving tool for flawless archiving of your mailbox in Mac

Mail Backup X by InventPure is the answer to your prayers! It is the best archiving tool that you can ever use. With constant updates, this archiving software ensures that it stays ahead with the times and the constant amelioration is done on a regular basis. Here is more about this archiving tool:

  • Support for all emails services: It supports all of the major email services including Gmail, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, etc. It also supports IMAP and POP services.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all versions of Mac and thanks to the constant updates it is always compatible with the latest Mac OS that has been launched.
  • Compression: There is compression applied to every single email that is archived. Hence, every email is automatically in a compressed version which helps to save a lot of space. Moreover, it becomes easier to transfer files.
  • Search module: It has an efficient search module that helps you find the emails that you need. You can search according to keywords, subjects, email attachment types, emails within a particular time frame and also with the help of self-created queries!
  • Choice of everything: You get to choose everything from the kind of backup to the schedule of the backup. You can decide to have mirror backups or distributed backups as well. You can set the type of backup that you want such as automatic, manual and recurring.

We have great news for you. You can try the trial version of Mail Backup X right now on your Mac.