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Archive mail Outlook 2016 with an excellent archiving and backup solution

archiving your Outlook 2016 emails

You must have come here to know more about how to archive mail Outlook 2016.

Archive all emails from Outlook 2016

It is recommended that you archive all of your emails. Why? Because if you want to preserve everything, then it would be the best option to archive all of your emails stored on your Outlook 2016 email account. Remember that you should regularly archive your emails so that no email is left out. It is also ideal that you set up automatic archiving to facilitate easy archiving without you having to monitor it regularly.

Some reasons why you should archive all your emails:

  • You will have a copy of all your Outlook 2016 emails with you at all times.
  • You can have a backup copy of all the intellectual property with you too which is essential.
  • It would be easier to refer to any of your Outlook 206 emails even when the Internet is down or not working.
  • You can delete the emails from the server which you have archived and kept with you for freeing space on the server.
  • Archiving all your emails will help you with proper record management which will come in handy when compliance checks are done.

Next, let us discuss how you can effectively archive all of your Outlook 2016 emails.

Which course of action can I take to archive Outlook 2016 emails?

We know you are not short of options when it comes to selecting the archiving software for archiving your Outlook 2016 emails. Type ‘archive Outlook 2016′ and you will get several million results right away! Let us summarize the options that you will eventually be left with:

  • Free software or freeware
  • Manual archiving
  • Paid archiving tool

Which option should you choose? It depends on:

  • Your requirements such as the results that you are seeking.
  • The number of emails that you want to archive.
  • The frequency of archiving your emails.
  • How much you are willing to spend on the archiving software.

Remember that emails in your mailbox will only increase as time goes by. Hence, you should be clear about what kind of a solution that you are looking for. It would help you to know exactly what you want. However, if you have seriously started to think about archiving them the paid tool would be the best option. This is because it would:

  • Ensure the security of your emails.
  • Is much more trustworthy and reliable.
  • Give you developer support when you require.
  • Give you better results compared to free software and freeware.

When you are out looking for a paid tool, you will find that there are many out there. We will let you in on an exceptionally amazing archiving software that will help you to archive and back up your emails in the most efficient way possible. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot! Isn’t that great? You get a great deal all in all!

Software tool for archiving Outlook 2016 mailbox

Mail Backup X by InventPure is the software tool that you should consider when it comes to archiving Outlook 2016 emails. It supports all elements of the Outlook which help it to archive your emails efficiently and in the way that you want your email archives to be. However, it also helps with a continual backup of your Outlook 2016 emails.

Here is what you need to know about this archiving utility:

  • Data integrity is ensured with every archive: Every time you archive with Mail Backup X, you can be sure that all your email data will be saved. That is because no data loss has the scope of occurring ever. Hence, data is retained in its original non-corrupted form.
  • Time-saving due to its speed of archiving: You save hours while archiving with this tool because it works at a stunningly fast speed! Get an average archiving software, and you will have to wait for hours for results that are not too impressive. Use the Mail Backup X and check out how fast it archives! You will be blown away by its speed!
  • Compresses every email: It can compress every single email that is archived. This helps to make the transfer faster and moving the archives very quickly. Moreover, it contributes to saving storage space on your Mac or any other device where you are storing archives.
  • Gives you a choice of backups: You can choose to have mirror backups and distributed backups. Either way, your emails will be safely stored in several different locations. You can edit the locations as and when you want to.
  • View emails in one place: You can view all of the archived emails in a single location. This helps for easy access and viewing of all the emails that has been archived. Moreover, you don’t have to switch back and forth to different email services to view old emails. You can view them all in one single place.
  • Helps you get the email through search option: You can search through the archived emails as well. Just like in an email service. You can search using keywords, attachment types, within a time frame, sender and much more. You can even create your very own queries to search!

Backing up Outlook 2016 benefits in the long run

When you backup and archive your Outlook 2016 emails, it is going to be beneficial for you in the long term as well. Email archiving is one of the most important tasks that you should think about especially when you need the emails for preservation and retention purposes. Reflect on this. What if:

  • Your Internet connection is down due to some reason.
  • You cannot get access to your emails because of email server issues.
  • A litigation case has been opened against you or your company.
  • You accidentally deleted emails from your mailbox which were important and necessary.
  • Your email account has been hacked, and some important emails have been deleted.
  • You are having storage issues on your email server due to storage limit on the email server.

After reading all this, you know that you are perfectly safe when you archive your emails. Whether you want to archive on your Mac or wherever else that seems comfortable, your emails will be safe. That is because all these problems mentioned earlier won’t affect you as much anymore. So start archiving this minute! Stop lazing around!

What better way to start than with the best software ever created in the history of email archiving software? You can even try the trial version of the Mail Backup X on your Mac right now for a trial period of 15 days!