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Everything you need to know regarding how to archive Outlook Mac 2016

How to archive Outlook Mac 2016

Today we are going to discuss how to archive Outlook Mac 2016 in the best way possible. We will go through the different types of archiving methods and the ultimate tool that meets all your requirements (and more) to archive your emails flawlessly at record time. For you to get the ideal archiving tool, you need all the information regarding archiving and the issues surrounding it.

The best decision can be taken when you have considered everything related to archiving. Let’s get started! Before we start anything, let us define the term archiving concerning emails. Email archiving is the method through which we can preserve all the email data safely for recordkeeping and compliance purposes. All the email archives are stored on an external data storage device which can be retrieved later when the need arises. There are two main types of archiving; manual and automatic archiving.

Manual or automatic archiving of Outlook 2016?

The manual method of archiving Outlook 2016 mailbox emails requires you to do everything related to archiving. Don’t misunderstand this because you don’t have to sit and archive each email yourself with manual archiving! You will have to go to the email service and set all the rules so that your emails are archived according to how you want.

Manual archiving sounds easy peasy when you hear about it but is quite complicated for the following reasons:

  • Beginners and novice users cannot get their way around this because it’s hard to understand.
  • It requires a lot of patience because setting it all up takes quite some time.
  • The intricate details when you are setting the rules, and everything else can be quite confusing especially for a first time archiver.
  • The time to archive your Outlook 2016 is a lot, and many people don’t have hours to spare for manual archiving.
  • If you make even a small mistake when you are setting the rules or something else, then you will get results that are not like the ones you want. Hence, more time waste and energy waste.
  • It is recommended for only the professionals or experts who have at least some form of knowledge regarding archiving of emails.

Thus, for these reasons, it is safe to say that you should go for automated archiving tools and methods. All the software tools that are available to archive Outlook 2016 emails are automatic in nature wherein you just have to select the desired options for archiving your emails and then the archiving software does the job for you! The automatic archiving method is much easier for everyone to understand.

Paid or free tools for Outlook 2016 archiving?

Once you have decided to get an archiving tool for archiving Outlook 2016 emails, the next question is whether you should archive using free or paid tools. To be honest, it depends on your requirements and the kind of archiving tool that you are looking for. Let us summarize the good and the bad of each option as that would clear it up further for you.

Paid tool pros:

  • It is trustworthy and reliable.
  • It can contact customer support.
  • There are chances that it will work in future.
  • It is more likely to give you the results you want.
  • It can archive quickly.
  • It can handle archiving of thousands of emails.

Paid tool cons:

  • You have to invest in it.
  • You might have to give training to your IT staff.
  • You might need to pay extra for renewal.

Free tool pros:

  • There is no cost attached to them hence no spending at all.
  • There are hundreds of tools available.
  • They are easy to get and install.

Free tool cons:

  • They might damage your Mac system.
  • They can bring in malware into your system.
  • There might be compatibility issues.
  • It might not be easy for beginners to understand how to utilize.
  • It might malfunction and cause more problems.

As you can see, the verdict is clear; the paid archiving tool is much better for you to archive your Outlook 2016 emails quickly and with results that you would want. Let us have a look at the essential features that any archiving tool should possess for it to be good and worth your time.

Ideal software tool to archive your Outlook 2016 emails anywhere

If you want an idea of the archiving software tool that you should choose, then remember that the archiving software should ideally possess the following characteristics:

  • The software should have the ability to archive your Outlook 2016 impeccably without any data loss.
  • It should have the capacity to recognize and support different languages since the text of the emails can be in any language.
  • It should be able to store the records properly and should be able to manage them so that retrieval can be done efficiently and quickly.
  • It should be able to perform archiving of your emails in less amount of time.
  • There should be some form of security attached to it so that your email archives are safe.

Archiving and backup software for Outlook 2016

Mail Backup X by InventPure gives you the features discussed above and much more. This archiving and backup tool is developed to give everyone the opportunity to archive their emails because each one of you is awesome! Here are some of the fantastic features of Mail Backup X:

  • It is the fastest archiving technology every developed till date since it can archive emails in minutes.
  • It can preserve all your emails and the email content. It supports all languages and ensures that there is no data loss.
  • It gives you options regarding the type of backups that you want such as automatic, manual and recurring.
  • You can select the type of backups as well such as a mirror and distributed backups. The incremental backup is the by default backup.
  • Every email archive is encrypted automatically while it is being saved. There is another security aspect which is that every email archive is stored in a read-only format.

This is only the tip of the iceberg our dear friend. There is so much left for you to discover about this sophisticated archiving tool! Try the Mail Backup X on your Mac to check out the software and how it works for yourself! Nothing is better than a first-hand experience! Try it!