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Archive outlook mac database

Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows are one of the most prominent email services used by businesses/enterprise worldwide. The ease of usage and sophisticated design are what makes them super convenient for any employee to use and navigate through. Do you use any version of Outlook? Then it is high time you archive Outlook especially if:

  • You have exchanged vital documents via email.
  • You have important emails that you do not wish to lose.
  • You have saved all your email contacts that you cannot lose.
  • The storage limit on your mailbox is running out.
  • Not only for this but you should archive for several reasons which will be discussed shortly.

What do you gain when you archive Outlook?

Archiving your Outlook emails is one of the best practices that you can inculcate in your life. Here are some of the reasons why each one of you should archive emails:

Continuous preservation: You can preserve all of your emails in a place that is not your email server. Hence, you will have a complete copy of your emails elsewhere too for future references if the need ever arises.

Continuity: When your emails are entirely on the email server, you need an Internet connection to access your emails. It is not the case at all with email archives since you will always have all the emails at your disposal when you need them.

Safety reasons: Accidental deletions are common, and it happens to the best of us. It is easy to mistakenly delete one or more emails and then regret it later when you are unable to find the email. When you archive your emails on a regular basis, you won’t have that problem.

Compliance and litigation needs: It is recommended that you archive your emails as part of conformity. Every organization must keep a copy of all kind of communication that is taking place between them and the other party such as their clients. If the need arises, the organization can back up their case with evidence in the form of email communication.

Storage space utilization: You can utilize the space on your email server with the help of archiving. After you have archived all the emails, you can delete the emails from your mailbox that won’t be needed anytime soon. Hence, you will be clearing space from your email server.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of archiving your Outlook emails or the entire mailbox.

Archive any Outlook version with this archiving tool 

Regardless of which version of Outlook you use, you can archive all your emails with the Mail Backup X by InventPure. This archiving software comes embedded with the best algorithms you can ever imagine to archive your Outlook emails flawlessly. Read the following, and you will soon realize why the Mail Backup X is the ultimate archiving tool that you should get this instant:

  • Mail Backup X undeniably has the fastest archiving speed which has been unsurpassed by its competitors. Regardless of the operating system version, it works just as fast on your Mac.
  • It comes with an in-built compressor that compresses every single email archive while it is being saved. It helps to decrease the storage space taken by every email archive.
  • You can archive emails from other email services apart from Outlook too. You can then view all of these email archives in a single place and then search through these archives easily too.
  • It is compatible with the latest OS of Mac, and frequent updates allow the software to be relevant in the future too which is a major plus.
  • You can archive your emails in the following ways: manually, automatically and use the recurring method of archiving.
  • Anyone can use Mail Backup X, thanks to its GUI; it becomes easier for anyone to understand and use this archiving software.
  • You can store emails in a PDF format if you want for easy storage and sharing.
  • You can backup your Outlook emails using the mirror backups and distributed backups.
  • You can quickly change the settings anytime you want without difficulty.

Where should I archive Outlook mailbox?

This is an important aspect to consider because you should store your archives in a place where:

  • You can quickly retrieve your email archives quickly.
  • You can save the email archives when you want.
  • The storage device has the guarantee to be usable in the future.
  • You can access your email archives on the device when needed for reference.
  • The amount of storage space is massive because more and more data will need to be saved.
  • You can move the email archives to another storage device if the need arises.

There are many storage devices that you can consider when you are saving your email archives. If you are keeping only your Outlook emails, then you can store them on your Mac for the time being. However, if you want to save the email archives of the whole organization, then you can keep the archives on a scalable and robust storage device.

Mail Backup X lets you keep your email archives in as many locations as you deem necessary. You can save on any external storage device that can be plugged into the USB port! You can keep on FTP server too whose client is provided to you when you purchase the software. You can sync with an external device as well so that any new email archives on your Mac can be automatically copied to the device.

Advantages of software tool to archive Outlook

There are many reasons why you should use Mail Backup X. Here are some of the added benefits of using this archiving tool:

  • It provides you with frequent updates that you will be informed about as soon as they are released.
  • You will be eligible for 24/7 customer support through email whenever you want.  
  • It comes with several features such as the ability to convert between email formats.
  • You can try the trial version of the software for free.

Why don’t you start the trial version now? You can use it for 15 days after which you can choose to purchase the software. Get started right away and use this software to archive every Outlook email!