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Archive Outlook Windows 7 Email Database

archive outlook emails windows 10

Outlook Windows 7 is a widely used email application world over. It extends great services to the users by acting as a safe house for their email messages, contacts, notes, events, etc. However, becoming complacent with this arrangement surely lands the users in a predicament, sooner or later.

Outlook Windows 7 emails are prone to a lot many issues that necessitate the need to archive Outlook emails Windows 7 almost on an immediate basis. Isn’t it better to prepare beforehand to avoid such distressing situations? Well, at least the expert’s opinion inclines towards this notion. Let us have a look as to what factors lead to the need to take up the task toarchive emails Outlook 2007 Windows 7:

  • Safety of data: Without any doubt, every user wishes to keep their database safe and sound. This in itself is a substantial reason to consider archiving the data mails with immediate effect.
  • Storage issues: Like any other email client, Outlook Windows 7 too offers the users limited storage space. As such, when the users hit the upper limit, it becomes difficult to continue using the application without deleting the email files. In such scenarios, it becomes inescapable for the users to archive Outlook Windows 7.
  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion of mails has been a cause of trouble and worry for a lot many users. But with backed up files, such accidents do not become botheration as files can easily be restored.
  • Server complications: Server downtime and server maintenance issues make the files inaccessible for the users. This can again be avoided if the users have archived files saved on the systems for easy retrieval.
  • Extra caution: Some users prefer to build copies of important mailers to be extra sure. In such cases also, the users can satiate their need by taking up the task to archive Outlook emails Windows 7.

These signs cannot be neglected so easily. If you too have realized the need to take up this task then do not delay it any further.

Read through the next segment to learn how to archive Outlook emails in Windows 7.

Can a beginner learn ‘how to archive Outlook emails in Windows 7’?

Against the common thought that technical tasks such as to archive Outlook Windows 7 remain unachievable for beginners; there are some great tools that work hard to break this stereotype. One such tool is inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X.

Every expert deems it to be the best way to archive Outlook emails in Windows 7 due to its impeccable technology coupled with user-friendly process. Thus, every user, regardless of their technical know-how, gets to achieve 100% success in this task.

The next segment specifically discusses the powerful features that have been embedded onto this tool to capacitate it for the task in entirety.

Top 10 features of Mail Backup X that justify its supremacy in the market!

Mail Backup X is a tool that has been filled to the brim with features so unique that every user gets mesmerized once they get acquainted with this tool. To justify it being the best way to archive Outlook emails in Windows 7, here are its top 10 mind boggling features:

  1. Email backup, archive, and conversion: This tool is an amazing tool that supports multiple email functions namely email backup, archive, and conversion. It is fully equipped to handle the tasks with utmost efficiency and thus it is able to deliver the final results without any flaws. It works for email clients such as Outlook, Office 365, Apple mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.
  1. USB Auto sync: This feature has been included to make the task to archive Outlook Windows 7 to hard drive easier, quicker, and more precise for the users. The tool automatically synchronizes the data files onto the USB drive based on its previous interactions with such devices.  
  2. Backup options: The users get to make use of backup settings such as incremental backup, mirror backup, and distributed backup. Such choice gives the users the freedom to build backup profiles as per their preferences.
  3. Accurate final results: The final copies of the data files are all inclusive. This means that elements such as contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, images, etc. are accurately restored.
  4. Integrity of files: The tool also maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files. Thus, the users gain fully functional files at the end of the task.
  5. PDF archive function: For archival and printing purposes, this feature is especially helpful to the users. The users can save their archived files in the PDF format which are easier from usage point of view.
  6. Inbuilt Mail Viewer: As the name suggests, the tool has an inbuilt mail viewer which accommodates the users in accessing their data files from a single location. Thus, they are not required to switch between applications.
  7. Advanced search module: This feature is basically an advanced version of the general search options. In that, it allows the users to put in details such as attachment type(PDF, word, excel, etc. ), subject details, sender, ‘and’ or ‘or’ combination complex input, etc. 
  8. Integrated FTP client: This feature ensures that the data gets constantly updated onto a secure FTP server. It certainly enhances the security of the data files.
  9. Ultra-high compression algorithms: The users can save up to 3 times the space of their disks with this feature.

This precious piece of technology can be all yours with just a single click. So go right ahead and bring home your copy today!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How to archive Outlook emails in windows 7?

Just get the Mail backup X and follow the user interface. You will be guided from the installation till the end results. You don’t need to learn how to archive outlook emails anymore. You can do it naturally as a first time user.

  • I have a large database. How big will be my backup?

You don’t have to worry about the size of the backup because the backup is stored in a compressed space. The tool comes with an advanced compression algorithm which stores your archive in 3X lesser space.

  • I want to make sure that I have all the files where I want them. What if I have missed my most important file?

The tool comes with a search box that allows you to search for any email items that you think you might have missed. Just enter specific search items related to that file and the tool will bring them to you.

  • Is it safe to archive windows 7 outlook emails with this tool?

This is probably the most common reason why people choose the Mail backup X. You get 100% guarantee of data safety with this tool. No files will be left out from the backup.

  • How is the performance of this tool?

The Mail backup X has been created to handle large amounts of data. You don’t have to worry about lags or errors. The tool performs flawlessly at all times.

  • I want to share my windows 7 outlook emails with my colleague. Is this possible?

The tool gives you the chance to archive outlook emails in windows 7 right in PDF format. PDF files can be shared with anyone. They are compatible with most computers and can also be protected with a password.

  • I like to travel with my archives in portable form. What can I do?

You can use the Auto USB backup and sync feature of the tool to create portable backups. Just map the USB drive with the tool. When you plug this device, the tool will automatically sync the latest backup and store it in the USB drive.

  • Are there any bonus features of this tool?

Apart from being the best way to archive outlook emails in windows 7, this tool also works as an email converter. You don’t have to worry  about getting another tool to convert your email files.

  • Does this tool work on mac?

The Mail backup X is compatible with both mac and windows.

  1. What if the tool doesn’t work for me?

We have a 30 day refund policy if the tool fails to work for you.


The Mail backup X is one of the topmost tools to archive outlook windows 7. It has been given a 5 star rating by the top experts from around the globe. Its performance and results speak for itself.

Client Testimonials

“Whenever anyone asks me how to archive outlook emails in windows 7, I recommend the Mail backup X. This tool works on both mac and windows. It is easy to use and it gives 100% data safety assurance. But wait, there is more! It gives features like portable backups, PDF backups, data compression and search facility etc. What else can you want? Try this at least once.”- Ron Halder

“I was searching the best way to archive outlook emails in windows 7. That is when someone suggested me to the use the Mail backup X. I could not have been any more thankful! This tool works on mac and has been designed especially for simple users like me. I didn’t have to do anything since the tool guides you itself! 100% safety assurance makes it worth it after all. Great recommendation.”- Kylie Brown


Mail backup X- Personal Version

  • It works on two PCs
  • You can easily backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • This works with both mac and windows
  • 1 year free maintenance and updates (extend to one more year at economical cost)

Get an affordable top up pack and enjoy 10 extra mail profiles.

Mail backup X- Team edition

  • Available in packages for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Easily compatible with mac and windows
  • Free support and updates for 1 year (extend to 1 more year at an affordable price)

You can get 10 extra mail profiles that you can assign to any user. It is an affordable top up which allows you to do that.

What more to expect from the best tool to ‘archive emails Outlook 2007 Windows 7’!

If you still aren’t fully convinced with the product details, here are some more points to consider:

  • Absolutely delightful package prices: The tool offers different license keys to the users all of which have brilliant prices. These are widely suitable in terms of affordability. These also come with free maintenance updates for 1 year and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • User friendly: The process is extremely free-flowing and is displayed on a user-friendly interface which makes it possible even for the beginners to accomplish the task with utmost ease. 
  • OS Compatibility: This tool is compatible with Mac OS as well as Windows OS.
  • Safety: The tool is 100% safe for the task to archive Outlook Windows 7.  
  • 24*7 customer care: Users can expect friendly 24*7*365 customer care services.

Fully convinced now? So hurry up and get your copy of the tool today!

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