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Don’t let doubts cloud your judgment to ‘archive MS Windows 7 email’?

archive ms windows 8 emails

MS Windows 7 email (Outlook 7 email) is the default email application for Windows 7 users. This application extends its services to include features such as contacts, events, notes, journals, etc., of course in addition to the email messages. As such, this email client is used to serve as a safe storehouse for all the information, crucial or otherwise.

Now, the users often contest the need to archive MS Windows 7 emails however it is imperative to look for certain crucial indicators that help in identifying the need to do so. Here is a list of some common pointers that incline towards the requirement to archive MS Windows 7 emails:

  • Contents of email: More often than not, users have important mailers, documents, attachments, etc saved in the email files. These might relate to their profession, possessions, insurance, and the like. In such scenarios, it is all the more important for the users to consider this task for greater security of the confidential information.
  • Safety of data: It isn’t just about securing copies of the confidential data. If a user has concerns over the safety of data files in general then also this task becomes unavoidable.
  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion of emails can lead to unpleasant consequences. A backup can assure availability of files even if these get deleted from the application.
  • Server issues: Outlook users often come across server downtime/maintenance issues which can be a cause of worry, especially for users who make use of such emails for professional use.  
  • Storage complications: A full storage space can force the users to delete the email files on an unannounced notice.  To avoid this, it is vital to have a backup in place.

As can be witnessed, the reasons to consider the task to archive MS Windows 7 emails are logical and thereby every user must look into this task on an urgent basis.

Which tool to choose to ‘archive MS Windows 7 emails’ with least botheration?

Finding a tool that can fulfill the need to archive MS Windows 7 emails with precision and ease could be difficult but it isn’t impossible. A quick survey of the available options would reveal only a few products that are worth sending time and energy on.

One tool that is considered quite efficient for the task to archive MS Windows 7 messages is inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X. This tool is extremely popular amongst the beginners due to its simple yet efficient process.

To know more about this tool, read on through the next section.

10 powerful features that come with Mail Backup X- the best tool to ‘archive MS Windows emails’!

Mail Backup X is a tool that has been created with the intent to serve a large number of users, regardless of their expertise on the subject. As such, there is a perfect blend of advanced and assistive features to ensure that every user gets a rewarding experience with the use of this tool to archive MS Windows emails.

Here is a list of top 10 mind blowing features embedded onto it:

  1. All in one tool: It is interesting to note that this tool alone is capable of serving three very crucial services associated with email files; these are email backup, archive, and conversion. The tool has the skill set to serve each one of these with equal efficiency. The users can utilize this tool to perform such tasks for Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, etc.
  1. PDF archive function: This feature helps the users in archiving the files in PDF format which is extremely helpful in archive as well as printing purposes.
  2. Multiple backup settings: The tool offers various backup settings to help the users setup their preferred backup profile. For example, the users can make use of mirror backup settings to create backup at two different locations. Similarly, the incremental backup is helpful to ensure that mails get backed up as and when they arrive. Distributed backup settings are also available to the users.
  3. Inbuilt Mail Viewer: This feature is meant to help the users locate their archived emails from one location without having the need to switch between different applications.
  4. Lightning fast search module: This feature is an amazing inclusion as it helps the users in quickly locating their data files within a large database. The users can make use of smart search inputs such as subject details, sender name, attachment type, ‘and’/’or’ combination input, etc. 
  5. Integrated FTP client: This feature ensures that data gets regularly updated onto a secure FTP server. This simply adds on to the security of the data files
  6. Auto USB sync: With this feature in place, the users can setup automatic synchronization of data with external hard drives. Thus, the process to archive MS Windows 7 emails becomes even simpler.   
  7. Ultra-high compression algorithms: This tool has ultra-high compression algorithms which help the users in saving up to 3 times the storage space in the process to archive MS Windows 7 emails.
  8. Folder hierarchy: This tool fully maintains the folder hierarchy structure of the data files.  
  9. Accuracy: Most important factor is that this tool ensures that every bit of data is restored onto the final files. The replication is unquestionably impeccable.

It is nothing but the best choice to archive MS Windows 7 messages with absolute precision!

Discover greater perks of choosing Mail Backup X to ‘archive MS Windows emails’!

If you still have second thoughts about choosing Mail Backup X to archive MS Windows 7 contacts, events, messages, notes, etc., then here are a few more considerations for you:

  • Light on pocket: The tool is very nominally priced. It comes in many license keys all of which are designed to suit the pockets of relevant category of users.
  • Compatibility: This tool is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • Safety: For every user, safety takes top priority. The good news is that this tool is fully reliable in every possible aspect.  
  • User friendly: The tool comes with a simple interface which remains workable for all users from beginners to experts.  
  • 24*7 customer care services: The tool includes round the clock customer care services.

We are pretty sure that you are convinced about using this tool to archive MS Windows 7 emails.

Do not hesitate and go right ahead to own the best tool for the task today itself!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How to archive MS windows 7 emails with this tool?

No need to find out. You can just follow the instructions given by the user interface and the rest will be handled. It is easy to use and even first time users can get it right.

  • I am a first time user. Should I be worried?

The main purpose of the Mail backup X is to provide fast, safe and affordable MS windows 7 email archives to anyone regardless of their experience. You can go ahead and the tool will guide you.

  • How is the result consistency of the tool?

The Mail backup X works with the most powerful algorithms and has been designed by top experts. It delivers 100% consistent results regardless of the size of your database.

  • What are the chances of me losing my email files with this tool?

When you archive MS windows 7 messages, there are no chances of data loss. The tool comes with advanced safety features which ensure that there is no room for errors. Your data is 100% safe at all times.

  • What makes this tool lag or show errors?

The Mail backup X does not have any lagging issues. You can test it yourself. The tool has been created to archive large amounts of data which it does really well.

  • I want to print my MS windows 7 email archives. How can I do this?

The Mail backup X comes with an option to save your archive in PDF format. These PDF files can be shared and even printed. It is the best way to save the folder hierarchy of the database.

  • How does the tool fare in generating portable backups?

With the Auto USB backup and sync option, you can map a pen drive. When you plug in this device later, the tool will automatically sync and store the latest backup for you. Thus, you can now portable backups anytime.

  • Can this tool also convert email files?

Yes, fortunately, the Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt email converter which makes this tool a two in one solution. You are getting the benefit of two tools in one.

  • Which other tools can this email archive application back up?

Since the tool also works on mac, it can backup multiple applications. You get to backup yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Mac outlook, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  1. What if I am unable to backup and archive my MS windows 7 emails?

You can reach out to our support team. They are available to help you 24*7 if you get stuck anywhere.


The Mail backup X is one of the best rated email backup and recovery tools till date. It has a wonderful 5 star rating. Top experts recommend this tool for all users regardless of their experience.

Client Testimonials

“I had to archive my MS windows 7 contacts and I was scared of messing it up. I had never done it before and that is why I was cautious. I wanted a solution which was simple enough to be used by a beginner like me who had no experience. My colleague suggested that I try the Mail backup X by InventPure. To my surprise, the tool worked flawlessly for me. It is fast, easy to use and affordable”- Regina Andrews

“If you want to safely archive MS windows 7 messages without losing even a single file, I believe the Mail backup X by InventPure is the ideal solution for you. I was doubtful at first. However, when I tested the free trial myself, I realized the true potential of this tool. I was a first time user but I was able to get 100% results by myself. Try it once.”- Mike Dunning


Mail backup X- Personal Version

  • You can use it on two computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • Windows and mac compatible
  • Free maintenance and support for 1 year (extend to one more year at additional cost)

If you need more mail profiles, you can get 10 more profiles at an affordable price.

Mail backup X- Team edition

  • Available in packages for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles/user
  • Works with both mac and windows
  • Free maintenance and support for 1 year (you can extend it to one more year at an affordable cost)

If you need more mail profiles, you can get 10 additional profiles at an affordable price. You can assign these 10 mail profiles to different users. 

Now you can ‘archive MS Windows 7 emails’ for FREE!

Ever heard of a tool that goes on to offer free services for a task as complicated as archiving MS Windows 7 emails? Of course not! But with Mail Backup X the users get an opportunity to archive MS Windows 7 emails without paying anything.

The users can download the FREE demo trial version to test out all the amazing features contained on it. This gives them an opportunity to satiate themselves fully before investing their hard earned money into it.

If you too wish to archive MS Windows 7 emails then go right ahead and download your copy of the tool today!