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How to archive Thunderbird emails: Answered

archive thunderbird emails

A lot of users have been trying to find out the best way to archive thunderbird emails. This is because more email users are realizing the importance of email backup and recovery, every single day. The email backup and archiving process is not just limited to experts anymore. Almost 10 years ago when users had to hire an expert to manually archive thunderbird messages, it was difficult to imagine that we would be able to archive thunderbird emails by ourselves. However, through developments in email migration and management technology, we were able to create tools that would enable us to backup and archive our email files whenever we wished.

Why archive thunderbird emails? Here are the reasons

There are a lot of reasons why people gravitate towards the email backup and archiving process. The main reason is protection of their email data and data safety. If you are dealing with confidential email data or office email data, you cannot even imagine taking a risk with your data. We hear stories of cyber-crime every day where people are locked out of their email accounts or their servers. It is to ensure that your email data cannot be harmed or taken away from you. If you have a backup stored somewhere safe, you will not have to worry about data safety or data loss. This is why most users want to archive thunderbird emails or any other emails.

What are the available methods to backup thunderbird email folders?

We search for most of the solutions on the internet and email backup is no different. You don’t have to go any further. Just a single Google search will get you in a world where each tool claims to be the best. Free and online tools are all over the internet. You might be surprised how easy to find they are, but there are not that reliable. Free and online tools do not offer the kind of safety that you deserve. They promise a lot but do not have any reason to protect your email data. So if you are someone who does not want to lose their email database, you should get a professional solution that really works.

What are the benefits of professional tools and how to get them?

There are a lot of benefits of using professional tools to backup thunderbird emails. They are reliable and protect your email database at all costs. They are specifically designed to ensure that you are able to backup thunderbird emails on mac or windows whenever you want. The only issue with professional tools is that they can be complex to use and sometimes overpriced. This can be solved by finding a professional tool which is easy to use and also affordable. If you don’t want to waste more time in finding out the perfect solution, we will suggest you one that works.

The Mail backup X by InventPure as the best way to archive thunderbird emails

The Mail backup X by InventPure has been created to help all email users in the process of email backup and recovery. It is a certified tool which is easy to use and also very dependable. It has been created after taking into consideration, the requirements of email users from all over the world. It has been given some really unique features which make it stand out among the rest. The best thing about the Mail backup X tool is that it can be operated without any experience. You can be a first timer and the tool will still ensure that you get 100% accurate email backup results without fearing for data loss or file modification. It is loved by normal users and experts alike.

Here are some of the most unique benefits of the Mail backup X

  1. Works on both mac and windows
  2. Works at high speeds to save time
  3. No complex steps
  4. Clean and user friendly UI
  5. Step by step instructions to archive thunderbird
  6. Works with multiple email applications
  7. Inbuilt mail viewer
  8. Portable backups
  9. Customized backups
  10. PDF archiving and other exciting features

The Mail backup X has been especially created to be a one stop solution for all email users, regardless of the email application that you are using. It offers some of the most unique features that ensure safety, speed, ease of use and accuracy.

What makes the Mail backup X special?

There are a lot of features in the Mail backup X which make it the ideal solution to archive thunderbird email messages

  1. Works on both mac and windows

No need to worry about compatibility anymore. You can get the version for mac or windows and use it with multiple clients.

  • Works with multiple email apps

Backup and archive Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird, Gmail, Postbox etc. You are getting one single tool which will cover all these methods.

  • Inbuilt email converter

The tool comes embedded with an inbuilt email converter that allows you to convert email files from one format to another. You are getting the benefits of two tools by getting just one.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

Set up any USB drive with the tool and when you plug this device, the tool will store the latest backup in the device. This is how you get instant portable backups.

  • Preserves the folder hierarchy

The arrangement of folders of your email database won’t be disturbed. You don’t have to worry about missing any folders.

  • Customize your backups

The tool lets you set up scheduled backups or mirror backups according to your needs. You can choose the folders that you want to back up and ignore the ones that you don’t want.

  • Search option to find emails

Just enter specific search items in the inbuilt search box and the tool will bring these files for you. You don’t have to worry about missing any files any more.

  • Data compression that saves valuable space

The advanced data compression algorithm of the tool automatically compresses the email archive in 3X lesser space than usual. You don’t have to worry about wasting space anymore.

  • Archive in PDF format

The Mail backup X is one of those rare solutions that provide such benefits. You can now directly archive thunderbird emails in PDF format. PDF files are easy to share and can be protected with any password. This gives a whole new meaning to accessibility for email data.

Here are some questions asked by our users

  1. How does the PDF archiving feature prove to be useful?

PDF files are easy to manage and can be shared with anyone. They are also ideal for preserving the folder hierarchy of the database.

  • Why do people make portable backups?

People make portable backups for times when they cannot carry their computer with them. Most of the people travel for business and portable backups ensure that they have their data in their pocket and out of the cloud.

  • What is the usefulness of data compression with the Mail backup X?

Many email users ignore the process of email backup and archiving because they think that email backups occupy a lot of space and waste it. The Mail backup X compresses this archive in 3X lesser space.

  • What are the risks with online email backup tools?

You can suffer from data loss, data corruption and file modification. Free tools do not guarantee data safety so your files can even be stolen. This is why professional tools like the Mail backup X are recommended.

  • What if I lose my email data with this tool?

You are not going to lose your email data with this tool. The tool guarantees 100% data safety. However, if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can contact the support team.

  • How is the performance of the tool with large files?

The tool works flawlessly with large files. You don’t have to suffer lags and errors since all the old obstacles have been eliminated.

  • Which is the most unique feature of this tool?

The most unique feature of the Mail backup X is its ability to convert email files from all major file formats. You are investing in one tool and getting the benefits of two.

  • Which applications work with the mail backup X?

You can backup multiple apps with this tool like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Office 365 for mac, Outlook mac, Postbox and Apple mail etc.

  • What is the benefit of the search feature?

The search feature allows you to find any files that you think you might have missed. You are going to get 100% accuracy if you use this feature to confirm if all files are where you want them.

  1. How is the support experience with this tool?

The support team is available 24*7 to help you. They are highly trained friendly experts who are going to solve any issues that you might have.

User feedbacks about the Mail backup X

“When I started out looking for the best way to archive thunderbird emails, I thought that any tool can help me backup and archive Thunderbird emails. I was wrong. Until I found the Mail backup X, I did not even know that this process can be so easy and reliable. I tried the free demo of the tool and was convinced that it works. I can now backup thunderbird or any other email application right on my mac without worrying about data safety. You can even make portable backups and PDF backups whenever you want. Try its free demo to see it for real.”- Theresa Dylan

“I did not know how to archive thunderbird emails. I wanted a permanent solution which would not burn a hole in my pocket. The Mail backup X came into the picture when I went to a professional forum and asked some experts about the best solution to backup and archive thunderbird. I was convinced this tool would work for me and it did. Now I can backup any email application in just a few clicks and I don’t have to worry about data loss anymore. I carry portable USB backups and make PDF backups too. I would totally recommend it because it is so easy to use.”- Joe Hernandez

Ratings for the Mail backup X

The Mail backup X comes with 5 star ratings which prove that this is the most useful and loved tool out there which really works. All types of users have given these ratings.

Packages of the Mail backup X- for everyone

The Mail backup X- Individual

If you are a single user who wants to backup your email files on two computers, this is the version that you should choose

  • It works for single users
  • It works on two computers
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • It comes for both mac and windows
  • Get a top up and increase your mail profiles by getting 10 extra ones

Mail backup X- team edition

This is the most useful and affordable edition for teams of up to 30 users

  • Available for both mac and windows
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users
  • Get 10 extra mail profiles with a top up
  • Free maintenance for a year

What now? Go ahead and check it out for real

The free trial of the Mail backup X is now available for download. The free trial of the tool does not have any locked features and gives you access to the real deal. The demo works for a limited time and capacity but it is enough for you to explore all the features and the benefits. Once you are confident that it works for you, you can upgrade to the full version in a package of your choice.

To get the free trial of the tool, click here.