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Outlook: Create backup - this is How to Backup Email Form Outlook Mac

backup email from outlook mac

Once your computer is irreparably damaged, your Outlook files may also be lost. Therefore, You should create a backup of your Outlook files on an external storage medium at regular intervals. To do this, use the PST format because it will simultaneously save all emails in your Outlook account in a single file. In our tips, we show you how to create backup email from outlook 2010.

Create backup email from outlook Mac – how it works

Follow our step-by-step guide or take a look at the quick guide.

Step 1:

Open Outlook and click on the ” File ” tab at the top left.

2nd step:

In the window that opens, select ” Open and Export ” on the left-hand side and then click on ” Import / Export “.

3rd step:

The import/export wizard opens. Select the ” Export to file from ” option and click ” Next> “.

4th step:

Now you will be asked in which file format you want to save the backup. Ideally, select ” Outlook data file (.pst) “, because this file format is the easiest way to import the backup back into Outlook.

5th step:

Now you can choose which of your Outlook folders should be saved. Check ” Include subfolders ” so that all files in the selected folder are saved. Confirm with ” Next> “.

6th step:

In the following window, you now have to determine a storage location for the backup. Ideally, you should select an external storage medium such as an external hard drive or a USB stick. So your Outlook backup is still available even if your computer is irreparably damaged. If you regularly create a backup in the same location, you should also set the option in front of ” Replace duplicates with exported elements ” under Options. This means that no file is saved twice, which means that your backup takes up less storage capacity. With a click on ” Finish,” the backup is created.

Quick start Guide

  1. Click File > Open And Export > Import / Export .
  2. Select the file format ” Outlook data file (.pst) “.
  3. In this step, you select the Outlook folders to be saved. Place a checkmark in front of ” Include subfolders “.
  4. Determine the storage location (external storage medium) of the backup and set the point at ” Replace duplicates with exported elements “. Finally, confirm with ” Done 

Best Way to backup email from outlook 2007 with 100% Security and Without Losing Data

It is common to feel confused by an Outlook backup as there are many options available. A new user who does not know how to back up Outlook will have difficulty choosing a single tool to back up Outlook data. If you want to know how to back up Outlook emails but feel confused, you are right where you should be. You should have tried to figure out how to backup email from outlook mac through various websites that offer online backups, but you should know all aspects of Outlook backup first. You should know the risks and benefits of each method that is available on the market. There are many Outlook backup tools that offer Outlook data backup but are not reliable for dealing with sensitive or classified Outlook data.


If you want to know how to backup email from outlook 2019 your perspective securely, you’ll need a secure and affordable solution that you can trust. You can find many quick fixes or online tools that ask you to upload your data to the Internet. These backup tools may be risky and dangerous. If it is confidential or official data that contains important information, it is recommended to stay away from unsupported online methods.

The tool you choose for Outlook backup should be reliable and fully professional. This is when professional or third-party Outlook backup tools enter the image. They are specifically created to ensure that you can back up Outlook emails without affecting the integrity or uniqueness of the Outlook mail database.


The ideal tool for you would be an Outlook backup tool that works on Mac and ensures the security of your email database. Fortunately, there is a particular solution you can use now. It is a professional tool trusted by experts from all over the world. It is called The X Mail Backup and was created by InventPure. It is a certified solution to back up Outlook emails. You can also back up Outlook contacts and other related data without any risk of data loss or file modification. It has been created after years of research on the needs of Outlook mac users so that everything they need can be met and provided without fail. It is true that there are many options that offer to teach you how to backup email from outlook 2013, however, this tool offers you data security and accuracy of the results. So, if you are a Mac Outlook user who wants to back up Outlook mail along with other email formats, this is the ideal Outlook backup tool for you.

Why should I choose this Outlook backup tool?

It is a unique and powerful tool that has been created to ensure the peace of Mind Of The Mail Backup X was designed to specifically protect your email database against dangers such as data loss or file modification. The software works at high speeds and guarantees that you get the fastest email backup results from various email clients without risk. It supports multiple email applications and can import data without switching between applications. It is loaded with brilliant features that ensure the best performance and results without the need for prior experience.

Frequently asked Questions (Answered)

  1. When can I start using this Outlook backup tool?

You can start using the Mail Backup X immediately after installing it. You don’t need any previous experience or additional skills to use this tool effectively. This is the best thing about using the Mail backup X.

  • How do I make sure that the version I choose is right for me?

You can check the details given along each version for what it can offer. There are different packages specifically designed according to the needs of different users.

  • What makes the Mail backup X ideal for beginners?

The Mail backup X is ideal for all types of users including beginners because it works without asking the user to take any complex steps. The tool offers step by step instructions till you get the end results.

  • I got this tool. How to use it effectively?

You can just double click on the tool icon and launch it. The tool will thereafter guide you through the process in simple steps. You do not need to take any complex steps to get your results.

  • What are the benefits of using the free trial?

Using the free trial allows you to test the performance and results of the tool without worrying about the money. Once you have tested the tool, you can decide if you want to get the full version.


“I wanted to backup emails from outlook mac but had no experience of email backup and recovery. I did not want to lose my email files so I got the Mail backup X since a friend suggested it to me. It worked wonders for me and I have never felt the fear of data loss since then. I can now backup my outlook mac emails in PDF files instantly.”- Ellie Pilkington

“When anyone asks me how I am able to get my email backup instantly in a USB drive, I tell them it is not me. It is the Mail backup X which has enabled me to make instant portable USB backups without worrying about anything. The Mail backup comes in both mac and windows versions so everyone can use it.”- Rachel Merrin

Software specifications

You don’t need a highly specialized computer to use the Mail backup X by InventPure

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Packages for everyone- The Mail backup X

The Mail backup X has been designed to work for all types of users who need a solution to backup their email files. This is why different packages have been created to help all types of users.

Mail backup X- Personal edition

The personal edition of the Mail backup X comes in both mac and windows versions.

  • It can be installed on two computers
  • It works for single users
  • It can backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • You can get 10 more mail profiles with an added top up
  • Free maintenance for a year

Mail backup X- Team edition

  • It can be installed in multiple computers
  • It is available in different packages for up to 30 users
  • You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Get the top up pack to gain access to 10 more mail profiles
  • Get free support and maintenance for a year

Get the free trial today.

The free trial of the Mail backup X allows you to test the performance and results of the tool. Just go ahead and make sure you are satisfied with the results. The free trial is loaded with all the features which are necessary to understand the working of the tool. Once you are sure that it works for you, go ahead and choose the full version of your choice.

If you want to test the free trial of the tool right now, click here.