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backup IMAP emails mac

 With growing email communication in the world, the need to safeguard and backup IMAP emails is increasing. Users want to backup their IMAP emails to ensure that their data stays safe and uncorrupted. There are a lot of tools that offer to backup IMAP emails on mac and you will find them easily on the internet. However, if you wish to backup IMAP mail with absolute safety, the story is different. There are several online tools that take the claim to backup mac IMAP emails but they mostly bring safety threats with them. Online IMAP mail backup tools are not equipped with the necessary safety features which are required to backup an IMAP mailbox effectively. The only safe alternative is the use of professional mac IMAP backup software. We will get in to that later in this article.

 Why do users backup their mac IMAP emails?

Users backup their IMAP mails in order to keep a safe copy in their hard drives. Since it is suggested to backup IMAP mails before converting the database to a different format, mac users back up their database before email conversion too. So the users who are looking for email conversion also use email backup services to first take a backup and then go ahead with the email conversion process. This ensures that their important email items are kept preserved and out of harm. IMAP mac mail backup is the ideal solution to safeguard your email database for a long time.

How do users backup IMAP account on mac?

There are manual methods and then there are automatic methods. Manual methods were used before third party tools were invented. They used to be time consuming and very unpredictable. One had to hire a software expert to manually backup IMAP accounts. Sometimes this took a long time and proved to be quite expensive. Wasting time and money is surely something that not most of us enjoy. And that is the reason why modern tools were created. They were created with the hope that IMAP emails will be backed up at high speeds and without the fear of data loss. So if you are someone who wants to safely backup IMAP emails on mac, you are at the right spot. Now let us find out everything else that we need to move forward.

What do you need to backup IMAP mail with safety?

For safe IMAP mac mail backup, you need to use professional third party tools which are created to simplify the whole conversion process. Certified tools are also meant to safeguard the previously unpredictable IMAP mac backup process. Users were worried about the safety of their email files and that is why safer tools were created. They were meant to make sure that none of your files are lost or modified. However, professional tools need to be chosen carefully since they can be pretty complex to use for some. They are also quite expensive in many cases. So the ideal tool would be one which is safe, easy to use and also affordable. Such a tool is rare to find because these days there are too many tools that claim to do the same task. Therefore, take an expert suggestion and give it an honest chance.

Which is the best tool to backup IMAP mailbox with total accuracy?

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a professional solution created by experts so that all types of mail users can back up and archive their email database whenever they want. It was created to ensure that even first time mac users are able to backup and archive IMAP email accounts whenever they wish. The tool works right on mac and gives the users complete assurance of no data loss or file modification. You don’t have to be an experienced user to back up IMAP accounts anymore. You just need to follow the easy user interface and the tool will automatically guide you to get the results that you deserve. The tool has been created after a long time of research about the email backup needs of modern email users. So whatever you can think of, this tool can already provide. It is loaded with a set of highly unique and user friendly features which make it the best choice to backup IMAP email mailbox at all times. You also get an assurance of 100% data safety regardless of your experience.

Here are the key features that you should look at

Auto USB backup and sync

The tool can be used to map and set up a USB drive so that you can back up your IMAP account directly to the USB. All you need to do is set up the USB as the backup destination and the tool will auto detect after the USB is plugged in. This is great to create portable IMAP backup. Now you can get IMAP mail backups on the go whenever you want.

Backup and archive to PDF format

This feature is one of the greatest benefits of using this mac IMAP backup tool. It can backup and archive to PDF format. You can share these PDF files after protecting them with a password. PDF files are also a great way to preserve the folder hierarchy of the IMAP mail database. You can also print the archive and store a hard copy.

All in one email conversion tool

This tool also works as an email converter for the users who want to convert their emails from one format to another. This feature is highly unique and useful in an email backup tool.

Inbuilt search engine

The tool comes with an inbuilt email viewer so that you can find specific emails in the archive. You just need to enter specific search items in the database and the tool will scan the entire archive to bring you your desired emails. This feature is brilliant to ensure that you don’t lose any email files during or after backup.

Inbuilt mail viewer

The inbuilt email viewer allows you to view email items from multiple email applications. This gives you control over data from multiple email applications and ensures that you don’t miss out on anything. Viewing emails beforehand is a form of extra security so that you are able to verify the effectiveness of the tool.

Works with multiple applications

You can now backup IMAP emails from multiple email applications. You can back up and archive from Gmail, Apple mail, Office 365 for mac, Outlook mac, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This gives you absolute confidence about the process of mail backup and recovery. You can backup any mac application that you wish.

Advanced data compression engine

You can now save 3X space in your hard drive with this tool. The tool comes with an advanced ultra-compression engine that compresses your email database into a smaller size. So if you are worried about creating a backup that takes up humongous amount of space, this is the ideal choice. So ultimately with this tool, you are going to save up on a lot of space for more data storage.

Try the tool for free

Interested users are advised to get a free trial of this tool to see how it works. Once you are sure that you have tested the tool and understand that how it works, you can upgrade. The full version is highly economical and comes with free support and free lifetime updates. It comes in several package options which are designed according to the needs of different users at different budgets.

To download the free trial of the tool, click here.