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How to create mailbox backup automatically with the safest method (MacOS and Windows)

Do you want to find out the best way to create email mailbox backups without risking your emails? Do you want to find out how to create backup of email mailbox without following any complex steps? This is a very common thing and a very common scenario. If you are an inexperienced user who wants to create email backups whenever they want, you are going to need a reliable method that you can count on. It is not easy to find the right tool immediately due to the abundance of options available to backup emails. Let us take a look at the best way to create mailbox backup for all email users.

Mail backup X by InventPure allows you to create backup of your mailboxes automatically

  • Set up automatic incremental backups for your mailboxes to save time and effort
  • Create mailbox backup and link them to cloud services
  • Create portable mailbox backups with auto USB backup feature
  • Archive email backup to PDF format
  • Create mailbox backup regardless of your operating system
  • Backup your email mailboxes anywhere you want (hard drive, local drive, cloud backup)
  • Compress your backups in 3X lesser space with advanced compression feature
  • Search box allows you to find any email items in your mailbox archives
  • Customize your backups according to your requirements
  • Step by step process to create mailbox backup
  • Backup multiple email services with single platform
  • Inbuilt email conversion/export archive feature
  • Restore email backups to live mailbox easily
  • Remote backup with team version

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Why create email mailbox backups? Do you need it?

We are working with data every minute of our working time. Most of our communication is done with email too. This makes emails one of the most important asset that we have. There is a lot of crucial information in emails which we need to keep safe if we need to keep our business running. There are new rules that require companies to keep backups of their data for a particular period of time. So, there are now legal requirements to create mailbox backups as well. It won’t be wrong to say that if you are dealing with a large number of emails with any important data in them, you need to ensure its safety and well being. This is why you need to create safe and reliable backups which can be accessed and restored any time you want. This is why we need a solid email backup and archiving solution that we can trust.

Mail backup X by InventPure to create mailbox backups

All of us need some sort of certainty in life. This factor increases many times fold when something important to use comes to the picture. Here we are talking about valuable email data that means a lot to us. This is why we need a certified and reliable way to create mailbox backups that we can count on.

Mail backup X does exactly that by providing the best features and performance with the minimum effort from the user. It is a fairly automatic tool which works on both Mac and windows. It has been tried and tested by more than 40,000 users from all across the world. It is due to its brilliant and unique features that most users find it to be the most useful and comprehensive method to create mailbox backups for multiple email services, on both windows and mac. It is loaded with a set of highly unique and powerful features that enable it to  do a lot of extra things that give you complete control over your email backup and recovery process.

How to create mailbox backup automatically – step by step method

  • The first thing you need to do is download and install Mail backup X tool
  • Once the tool is installed successfully, you have to launch the tool
  • Once the tool is launched, you will see the option to create a new backup profile. Click on it.
  • The tool will now ask you to select the email service that you want to backup. Click on the service.
  • The tool will ask you to login with your credentials so that it can fetch your email mailbox data
  • You will now find all your email files and folders in front of you in an organized manner. The tool now lets you select or deselect the folders that you want to backup or leave behind. You can also ignore all empty folders at once. This selective email backup process is useful for users who want to backup just a few files once in a while. Once you have selected the files, click on continue.
  • This will bring you to the most important window in the process. In this window, you will be able to do the following.
  • Set up the frequency of the backups (we recommend using the automatic settings)
  • You can set up an encryption key to access the backup and to launch the tool
  • You can set up automatic USB snapshot backups in a way that whenever you plug in the set USB device, the tool automatically stores the latest snapshot copy of the local backup in it
  • You can specify the location where you want your mailbox backup data to be saved. The tool allows you to even create multiple copies of the same backup in different locations. You can even create distributed backups and scheduled backups according to your need.

Once you have specified all the requirements and modified the settings according to your requirement, you can click on save. This will start the backup process. Your mailbox will be created and your backup will start immediately. You will be able to track the progress of the backup on the live dashboard. You will be able to easily access, view and download the detailed log report of the whole process once the process is finished.


This was the automatic process to create mailbox backup and to ensure that your backup is fully secured in a safe location. The fact that you can modify the backup according to your choice really enhances the overall quality and experience for the user. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just follow simple steps and everyone can backup all email mailboxes successfully. If you want to test how this tool works, you are suggested to get the free demo version.

Client Testimonials

“I run a small business. I liked Mail backup X and found it cost effective. I sent my query to their team about how can I backup to Cloud and how will it impact the cost of backup when data increases. Their response was quite quick. They helped me to backup on Cloud which is so simple that I should have been able to do it on my own. The data compression algorithm is quite a space saver. Overall delighted with their customer support and glad I bought this tool.” – Ralph Gray

Frequently asked questions – commonly asked

Q. Why a standalone backup solution is not enough? I see so much emphasis being put on a combined solution.

A backup is not enough in itself unless there is a plan in place to restore it to the system when original files cannot be accessed. Having two different solutions can give rise to its own set of problems including increased downtime. Today, the focus is to have combined solutions which can actually provide data continuity. With Mail Backup X, one gets a complete answer for data recovery as part of any disaster plan. It backs up to different locations in different ways and can easily restore IMAP mail data. You can specify to your team the point of time to which data needs to be restored.

Q. Mail restore and backup solution is an effective weapon to deal with ransomware. How do you justify this statement so many experts keep repeating?

  1. The thing with ransomware is that the modern ones can even attack Cloud based services. Once they encrypt your data, it is important to determine how long can you manage without data. Apart from harming a company’s reputation, there are financial losses both due to business disruption as well as for recovering data. Some data may be lost permanently. Now if you have a solid backup and recovery solution, you can backup all files and store them on an external medium as well. If the tool is Mail backup X, then you can take your strategy a step further by backing up your critical files on an off-site location and delete them from mailbox as well as from Cloud. It has been seen that ransomware manage to break through even the most advanced security.

Q. What is the meaning of mirror backup in this tool?

A. Mirror backups are a definitive way to safeguard your email data against data loss or accidental file deletion. We know that accidents can happen anytime. This feature allows you to create multiple copies of a backup in different locations. This is to ensure that in case one backup location gets compromised, you have a copy of that backup in a different location. Mirror backups are created to simultaneously create copies of ongoing backups in different locations. You don’t have to manually do anything in this. Everything is automatic.

Free trial for all users

The free demo of Mail backup X is now available for all users. Interested users are suggested to try the free live demo version which offers all the features of the tool. None of the features of the tool are locked. You can use the free demo version of the tool for 15 days. You can upgrade to the full version of the tool any time from there.

The full version of the tool is available in several packages

The single user version of the tool is meant for single users. You can install this version on two computers. It is compatible with both mac and windows OS. It offers you to backup up to 5 mail profiles.

The team version of this tool is available for 5, 10, 15, 20 or more users. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user with this version. This version gives you the facility of remote backups as the team admin.

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