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How to backup iCloud account in simple steps with best iCloud email backup tool

Are you looking for an iCloud mail backup software? Here is an automatic iCloud mail backup software that works!

  • Save iCloud backup in desired location (online/cloud or offline/local device/hard drive)
  • Set up automatic incremental backups for quick and easy iCloud backups
  • Filter the items you want with selective filter item option before you backup
  • Smart backup and resume feature for uninterrupted email backups
  • Search box allows you to find email items within iCloud archive
  • Archive iCloud account mailboxes directly to PDF format
  • Export iCloud emails to different email services
  • Preserve complete folder hierarchy of email mailboxes
  • Inbuilt email viewer to view emails from different email services
  • Auto USB backup and sync feature
  • Customize your iCloud backup
  • Free trial for all users

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Here is how you can backup iCloud account with Mail backup X

Easy step by step process – Here is the detailed method to setup iCloud account in Mail backup X 

Before we backup from an iCloud account in Mail backup X app, it is necessary to set up an App specific password. Additionally, in order to create an app-specific password, you should ensure that your iCloud email ID is enabled for two factor authentication.

If you don’t know how to create an app specific password, click on the link given below.

  1. Once you are all set with this, click on the Apple ID account login option which is shown in the image below. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to login to your iCloud account.
  • You will see that your account page is now open. Click on the Generate passwords
  • You will be asked to enter the name of the service for which you want to create the app-specific password. Since we are creating this to use Mail backup X, we will name the field as “Mail backup X”
  • You will be asked to enter your app store password to authenticate the process to proceed further. Click on continue.
  • Your app specific password will be created automatically. In order to use and secure it, you have to right click on it and copy it so that you can store it anywhere you want.
  • Now, you can launch Mail backup X. You have to click on “Add new backup” and click on “IMAP server”
iCloud email backup
  • Now you can simply enter your iCloud account details and proceed further by clicking on Login.
backup iCloud email
  • The tool will not accept your default iCloud password when you enter it and might show you an error. This is when you have to copy/paste the app specific password which we generated in the steps given above. We will proceed further by clicking on “Login”
iCloud Email Backup Software

The tool will now swiftly scan through your iCloud account and will show all the account folders in a list format so that you can choose the folders that you want to backup.

Once you have chosen all the required folders that you wish to backup from your iCloud account, you can click on Continue.

iCloud mail Backup Software
  1. Now you are at the advanced settings page. You can do the following on this window.
  2. Select the location where you want to store your email backup. You can also encrypt the backup so that it can be only accessed with this newly set encryption key.
  3. You can also choose to setup the frequency of the backups (It is suggested to go for the recommended automatic settings)
  4. You can set up automatic USB snapshot backups to setup automatic instant portable backups whenever you plug in your set up USB device.

Once you have set up the backup settings according to your requirement, click on “Save”

Your iCloud backup will get started and you will be able to view its progress under the activities section on the dashboard.

iCloud Mail Backup Tool

These were the steps to setup a backup for an iCloud account in Mail backup X application.

The whole process is automated and you are guided through the process by a wizard based interface.

You can download the detailed log report of the backup process at the end of the backup.

This was the complete process to backup iCloud account without the manual method which can be risky.

What are the risks associated with using free methods to backup iCloud emails?

  • Free methods can upload your iCloud email information to unknown servers
  • You do not get any data safety assurance with free or below average tools
  • Free methods are not able to handle large amounts of data and often crash while backing up such data
  • Free tools are not able to provide you personalized backup and recovery
  • Free methods are more likely to be embedded with malware or spyware
  • Your data can be hacked or stolen if you choose the wrong method to backup iCloud
  • There have been instances of user data being held ransom after uploading the data to web based tools

Mail backup X by InventPure

Mail backup X is a professional utility that works flawlessly to backup and restore different email services. It is a comprehensive solution developed exclusively to ensure that all email users are able to backup and restore multiple email services without worrying about the process. This tool has been developed specifically for first time users who don’t know much about email backup and recovery process. The tool is packed with a bunch of powerful features

Now that you know the best way to backup iCloud account successfully, take a look at the alternative manual method that many users experiment with.

How to back up your iCloud emails manually – On mac

If your iCloud mailbox has come to an unmanageable size, you can move your emails to your computer local drive. This can also be done if your iCloud storage is getting filled and you are left with no other options. A lot of users resort to using the manual method because they don’t know how to use third party tools to backup or transfer iCloud emails. Here you are going to find out how to backup iCloud emails and save them on your mac computer.

  1. Go to iCloud.com on your mac computer
  2. You will be asked to enter your credentials to login to your iCloud account
  3. Once you have successfully signed into your iCloud account, click on the Mail icon.
  4. After clicking on Mail, select “mailbox” and choose “New mailbox”
  5. A new dialogue box will open, select “On my mac” from the pop up which asks for the location. You will be asked to select/enter a name for your new mailbox. Click on OK.
  6. To proceed further, choose your iCloud inbox. Then you have to select the messages that you want to backup/move. Mac also allows you to drag and drop the messages to the new mailbox. This is how your iCloud email backup is created.

If you are someone who likes to fortify every process, you can create a mirror backup or a copy of your backup from your iCloud.

  1. If you have multiple mailboxes, select the iCloud mailbox you want
  2. Now select the Mailbox and choose “Export mailbox”
  3. You can now select the location where you want to store the MBOX archive file. Click on save and you are done.

Limitations of manual iCloud backup

It is true that you can backup iCloud data to your computer manually. However, the manual method comes with its own set of drawbacks. Let us take a look at some of the drawbacks of using manual method to create iCloud backups.

  • There is no assurance of data safety or file security while using the manual method
  • There are chances that the folder hierarchy of your mailboxes might not get preserved
  • Users have reported that their data properties got corrupted after using the manual methods

It is up to you if you want to backup iCloud mail data manually. Your decision should be totally based on your needs.

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