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Backup email on Drive with modern solution for MacOS and windows

The world is changing and along with it, the methods of data management. There are a lot of tools that offer to backup emails. However, here we will discuss how to backup different email services to cloud services like Google drive and more. Backing up emails to drive holds a clear advantage in terms of email backup and recovery. Cloud backups are easier to restore and much quicker to work with. The only requirement for this is that you should have ample cloud storage space. Let us find out how to backup email on Drive.

If you are able to find the right solution. You will be able to do the following.

  • Backup Gmail email on Drive
  • Backup Outlook email on drive
  • Backup Office 365 email on drive
  • Backup Apple/mac email on drive
  • Backup Yahoo email on drive
  • Backup Thunderbird emails on drive and more

Mail backup X is the best way to backup emails to multiple storage services including cloud storage

  • Automatic incremental backups for zero effort from the user’s side
  • Backup emails directly to cloud services
  • Backup to Google drive, OneDrive and DropBox
  • Restore mailbox backup from drive to live mailbox
  • Step by step back up and archiving process
  • Preserves complete folder hierarchy of your mailboxes
  • Works with large mailboxes without any performance issues
  • Partial backups and full backups
  • Convert email archives from one format to another
  • Backup/restore multiple email service data to cloud
  • Compress email backup to save 3X in storage
  • Store email backups in hard drive, local drive or cloud
  • Customize your email backups according to your preference
  • Full version available in different packages
  • Remote usage rights to team version admin

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To find out more about this tool, keep reading further.

Why backup emails on Drive or why use cloud storage for email backups?

Cloud storage is a blessing for those who like to have instant any time access to their important email data. They are not tied down to physical means of storage. If you have ample cloud storage space where you can store your email backups, it is the best scenario for portability and accessibility. Furthermore, you are not responsible for handling your data. You are immune to physical accidents and data loss due to device loss. Everything stays safe on the cloud and your only concern remains how to protect your cloud data.

What makes Mail backup X the best tool to backup emails on Drive?

There are a lot of things which make this professional tool the absolute best way to backup emails to cloud based services. There is a lot of research involved into creating this solution in complete accordance with the needs of modern email users who are well versed with online storage. The developers of this email backup and archiving method have ensured that all email users are given a choice to create email backups and store them wherever they find it safe. Since cloud-based services like google drive are popular, they are also included with Mail backup X as the storage destination.

Note: Just because your emails are stored on the cloud. It doesn’t mean that they are backed up on the cloud. This is the most common thing that companies and users miss out on. If your data is stored on the cloud, it doesn’t mean that it is immune from hacking or ransomware. Your data will be at risk until it is backed up with a dedicated solution like Mail backup X.

Mail backup X – InventPure brings the best way to backup emails for all

Mail backup X is a certified solution which works expressly to ensure that you can backup emails on drive or to your local hard disk without risking any email data. This method has been carefully crafted after a lot of research about what users need in the common email management scenario. The developers have invested a lot of time into eliminating all the frequent issues faced by email users while they backup emails from various applications. Since this tool is a comprehensive solution, it can help you backup emails from multiple email services on both Mac and windows operating systems.

The features embedded in this tool are designed to increase security and improve overall data retention. You also get many unique features which are designed to increase the flexibility and control over the email backup process. Previously, users were unable to control their email backup and archiving process to a great extent. This is another reason why they avoided the process previously. However, all that is a thing of the past. You can now enjoy uninterrupted email backups whenever you want.

How to backup emails on Drive with Mail backup X

Here, we are going to take the example of Google drive and explain to you how to backup Gmail to Google drive

  • Download and install Mail backup X tool
  • Launch the tool
  • Click on Setup a new backup
  • You will come to a new window where you will find different email services that you can backup with Mail backup X tool
  • Click on Email server. This will open a new window. Click on Google mail.
  • The tool will now ask for permission to access your google account through IMAP. You will be asked to login into your Google account.
  • Click on sign in. This will bring you to a new sign in window which is Google authenticated. You have to sign into this account.
  • The tool will ask for access to your emails so that it can fetch all your mailboxes. Please allow access to continue.
  • After this, the tool will ask you whether you want to backup your emails from this moment or since the beginning. You are suggested to choose “since the beginning”
  • The tool will now scan your Google account and fetch all emails and bring them to you in an organized format. Select the folders that you wish to backup. This is the filter item facility which allows you to choose exclusively what you want to backup. Once you have selected all the folders you want, click on continue.
  • Now you will come to the advanced settings window where the option to backup email on drive is shown. You will find multiple other settings here which are as follows.
  • Setting the frequency of the backups (here you are suggested to use the recommended settings. You can also select manual or recurring based on particular intervals)
  • You can encrypt your backup by setting it up with a safe password. This will prevent any unwanted access to your email profiles
  • You can set up a USB drive to use it as the destination for your portable snapshot backups. You can instantly copy your local backups to this mapped USB that you can set up here
  • You can backup Gmail to Google drive by clicking on choose a space. You will find the option to choose a cloud service as the destination for the email backup. You will be asked to sign into your cloud account to provide access to it.
  • Once you have set up the backup profile, click on save.

This is all that you need to do in order to backup Gmail on Google drive. The process is similar to backup Outlook emails on drive or to backup Yahoo email or apple email on drive. Just follow the steps given ahead of you and you will be able to make the backup according to your preference. This is the future of email backup and recovery.

Cloud backups are better for email recovery/ restoration

If you compare data recovery timings for hard drive recovery and cloud-based recovery, cloud-based recovery is always faster. It is easy and more convenient for users to restore email backups from cloud services because it can be done from anywhere. You can log into your cloud account and access your backup from any device. This backup data can be backed up to any device you want.

Client Testimonials

“I use Windows and I was interested in regular backup. We all know how few modern products are available for Windows these days. But Mail backup X has been a change with its modern features and incremental backup option. I no longer need to wake up during night to backup my files. It has really helped me breathe easy as I try to build my small business. There is one less thing I am worried about it now.”

-Matte Paine

“I was always scared of backing up emails on drive because I thought I would not be able to recover them. To my surprise, it turned out to be the easiest type of email recovery. Now, if I want, I can restore any emails whenever I want. All I need is Mail backup X. Now I enjoy cloud backups and I don’t have to think about losing any USB drive or hard drive.”- John Crenshaw

Frequently asked questions – Latest questions

Q1. I read that this tool can also carry out distributed backups. Can you explain how it differs from other backups?

  1. Distributed backup means that the data being backed up is divided in chunks and stored across various locations selected by the user. It is great from the view point of security. It is also amazing from storage aspect as when one location site is full, the other one comes into use. When a user selects restore, backups from all these locations will have to be restored to get a complete backup.

Q2. This tool allows me to set up a password. Can someone reset it if they somehow access my backup? Can your team reset it?

  1. For security purpose we provide both data encryption and password security which is for the user to select. User must remember the password. This is because to strengthen security, we have ensured that even our team cannot reset your password. Rest assured, even if data falls in wrong hands, password cannot be reset by them. One must know the password to gain access. Don’t share your password with others unless you intend them to access backup.

A free trial for all – Get it now

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