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How to backup mac emails? Here are three ways you can do it

email backup mac mail

“In this article, you find a email backup Mac solution that can backup MacOS emails instantly with 100% results”

Mail backup X – Automatically email backup Mac with advanced mac email backup app

  • Backup and archive mac emails with easy step by step process
  • Set up portable email backup Mac mail
  • Schedule your email backup mac solution process
  • Automatic incremental email backups on mac and windows
  • Inbuilt compression feature which saved 3X space
  • Choose backup storage location and store data in local device or cloud
  • Inbuilt email conversion feature to convert email files to and from different formats
  • Backup, archive and restore multiple email services
  • Search box to find email items during email backup mac
  • Double layer encryption for your mac mailbox backup
  • Free support and regular updates

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What is email backup Mac solution and why is it necessary?

Email management comprises of a larger chunk of data management work in companies. It is crucial to manage and protect your email data because it has all types of client intel and company information. Email backup and recovery is an inseparable part of this which enables you to protect your confidential organization’s data. Here we are going to find out how to backup mac emails and that too with the best way to backup mac emails.

The professional significance of email backups and how the work is done

Statutory obligations require companies to ensure the active protection of their data. These obligations need to be fulfilled to comply with different policies. These are done with the help of different types of data protection processes. The most common and logical thing is to backup the email mailboxes with the help of professional mac email backup software. Lots of companies and professionals use this to ensure that they are always complying with data protection policies which require them to keep a historical record of transactions and other communication.

Let us now find out the best way to email backup Mac along with the generally used methods

A great question would be, what are the generally available methods to email backup mac emails?

The first is the manual or the old method which uses the default export option built into mac mail.

Step 1: Open your Apple mail application

Step 2: Select the Mailbox that you wish to backup

Step 3: After you have chosen your mailbox, click on “Export Mailbox”

Step 4: Choose your storage location according to your preference. In this location, your mac email backup will be stored. The backup process should start at this moment.

Note: This is the manual method for mac email backup so it is not completely secure or fail proof. It has been noticed that many email users have lost or misplaced important email items with this process. There is another limitation of this process. You can only backup one mailbox at a time. If you want to backup contacts, the process is different. Therefore, this method is very limited in backup capacity and is also not 100% reliable or accurate.

Email Backup Mac solution with Time machine

Time machine is considered to be one of the most useful backup services available for mac users. It is very easy to use and it has been designed to backup all types of data on your mac system. Let us find out how to do it.

Launch the time machine application. After launching the app, you will see a pop-up menu. Click on “Backup now” and the backup process will begin. This sounds very simple and is very simple too. But many times, the reality is much different than what it looks on the surface. This method has its own drawbacks. You will observe that the backup process is very slow with time machine. This is because time machine is designed to backup all types of data. Emails are not at the top priority for time machine since it backups up photos and other data too. There is another issue that users have faced while using time machine. They were unable to fully restore their time machine backup and also lost some items. There is no doubt that is a quick and easy way to make data backups. If you are a normal email user who doesn’t have any confidential or critically important data to lose, you can use this feature. However, if you are someone who needs quick and accurate backups, this might not be the best choice for you.

How to email backup Mac with professional solution that works- Mail backup X

This is a method which has been tried and tested by thousands of users from all around the world. This email backup tool is certified to work on both mac and windows. It offers all email users to easily backup, restore and recover mac emails in just a few clicks without affecting the uniqueness of the database. This method is designed by experts to ensure that there is no room for errors

You need to download and install Mail backup X before you can start using it.

Once you have installed the tool, launch the application.

Step 1: You will find yourself on the main window. You will see the option “setup a new backup”. If you want, you can also find this option by going to the left panel and click on “My backup profiles”. Doing this will also lead you to the “setup a new profile” option.

Step 2: After the previous step, you will be brought to the next window where you are shown different email services to choose from. You can click on the email service that you want to backup and the tool will then load the files from that email service. In this case, we are going to choose Apple mail. Click on Apple mail.

Step 3: After clicking on the previous option, you will be brought to a window where the tool has brought all the contents of your chosen mailbox after scanning them. This is where you can choose the folders or items that you want to backup. You can also de select the folders that you don’t want to choose. With a single click you can also leave behind all empty folders. After you are done selecting the folders, click continue.

Step 4: After clicking on continue, you will be brought to a page where you can personalize the backup and choose the settings that you want to enhance or customize the process.

  • Here you are allowed to select the frequency of the backups according to your preference. It is suggested to use the automatic mode so that the tool can automatically keep backing up your latest emails as they arrive.
  • You are given the choice to set up a USB which can be used as a destination drive for storing automatic snapshot backups of your mailboxes. This is done instantly and automatically just when you plug in this USB drive.
  • This window also lets you add extra security to your backup data by offering you an encryption feature. You can protect your email backup data with a password or an encryption key which prohibits unauthorized access to your mailbox data.
  • This window offers you to choose the storage location where you want your email backup data to be stored. You can choose a local drive or a cloud based service of your choice. Currently, the tool supports Google drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

After making all the changes that you want, hit the save button.

Your conversion process has started and you can check its status on the live dashboard. Just go under the activities section and the tool will show you how far ahead you are in the process. After the process is over, you can check the log report generated by Mail backup X.

This was the process of backing up mac emails with Mail backup. You might have realized that all you have to do is a few clicks and the tool literally guides you through the process.

Smart benefits of using this email backup Mac tool

  • Works on both mac and windows
  • Set up PDF archives
  • Search box allows you to find email items in archive
  • Schedule backups according to preference
  • Set up duplicate or mirror backups in different locations
  • User friendly wizard based interface
  • Smart backup and resume feature for poor connectivity
  • Restore emails back to live mailbox
  • Retains the integrity of your mac mailboxes

Client testimonials

“I wanted to backup mac OS emails and wanted an email backup Mac app made specially for macOS. I went with Mail backup X since it works for both mac and windows. It is certified and does not cause data loss. The instructions are simple and everything is explained clearly. It can backup mac mail and other email services too.” – Greg white

“If you are searching for tools to email backup Mac OS mailboxes, you need to try Mail backup X. It is certified and very easy to use. You don’t have to do anything complex. Getting this tool will give you the chance to backup, archive, convert and restore emails easily. Its pretty simple and I enjoy using it whenever I need it.”- Simon Harris  

Can everyone use this tool with a normal computer?

Yes, Mail backup X tool has been developed to ensure that it readily works with all computers with basic specifications. These are the specifications required to run Mail backup X.

System requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- Mac OS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

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