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How do I restore mac outlook 2019 from Time Machine?

How do I restore outlook 2019  from Time Machine?

How to make a backup of Mac Outlook 2019 you must use the Time Machine application. This allows you to make a backup of your equipment on a regular and automated basis. If you don’t mind having an external unit always connected to your device, this tool will save you time and work. To activate it, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Time Machine and make sure it’s on

You can find the Time Machine app in System Preferences, found in your Dock. On the left side of the Time Machine window, there is a large switch to enable or disable it. Must be on.

Step 2: Select your unit

Under Select disk, choose the drive to back up. If you followed the formatting steps in the first section, you should have no problems, although you may need to enter a password if the drive is encrypted.

Step 3: Check the options

Under the Options button, you can choose which volumes of data you want to back up, which is useful if you don’t want to save all the data on your macOS. If everything seems appropriate, then you are ready to move on.

Time Machine will automatically start backing up your data and allow you to recover data from the last 24 hours if something goes wrong, as well as daily information and files in the last month and weekly since Time Machine started working.

Manually store data on an external drive

A third step of how to make a successful Mac backup is for those who want to backup specific files. It is a more suitable solution if you only want to save data related to your work, family photos, audiovisual material, among others.

Step 1: open your search engine

You can open a Finder window at any time from the Dock. Check the left side of your Finder if your external hard drive is connected. Normally, if your unit is connected and correctly formatted you will see its name. If not, head to Preferences and select Sidebar, where you can choose to customize what appears on the side of the Finder. Verify that your unit is configured to appear there.

Step 2: Create the folders you need

The files you want to back up may already be in the proper folders, well organized, in which case you can skip this step. But if their files are scattered, you can select the folder icon in the Finder and create new folders to correctly sort your data.

Step 3: move the folders to your external drive

Drag and drop the folders you want to save to the external drive located in the sidebar. They will automatically be copied to that hard drive. If you are looking for a particular file to keep and cannot find it, use the Search function at the top right of the Finder screen.

Method 2:  How to restore outlook 2019 emails on Mac without Using Time Machine

If you are looking for an automatic way to backup outlook email on Mac, then you can opt for a third-party tool. There have been many tools that can back up Outlook mac, but most professional tools have a problem that is difficult to use and very expensive. That’s by InventPure has designed the first professional tool that is easy to use and also affordable for everyone.

Mail Backup X is the latest certified tool that can archive mail from Outlook mac without any risk. The tool has been designed after much research on what Mac users need. Mac users needed an easy-to-use tool they could trust and this tool does exactly that. The tool works directly on Mac and allows you to back up your Outlook Mac Mail file without the need for experience. The tool comes with a unique and easy-to-use interface that guides the user through every step from installation to the final result. This is why most Mac outlook users want this tool, as it gives you 100% results regardless of their experience. You no longer have to be a professional to get a 100% secure Outlook email backup.

Here’s how you can know how to restore outlook 2019 from time machine

Step 1: Launch the application and configure a new backup profile

This is the initial stage of backup your Outlook mac Mail archive. After you open and start the application, you must configure a new backup profile. This step takes you to the part where you can set up an automatic backup from multiple clients.

Step 2: Add new backup

Now, in the next window, you will see the”backup settings”. You will click on the “Add new backup” option that will take you to the next window where you will choose the email client that you will back up.

Step 3: Choose Your Outlook app

This is the step in which you will select the mail client you want to archive. You must choose the Microsoft Outlook option and then click Next to continue.

Step 4: read the database

This is an important step where the tool traverses the computer and recovers the archived OLM file. You can see progress as the tool traverses each folder.

Step 5: Choose the storage location and click done

The tool will now prompt you to choose the storage location for the imported file. Once you have chosen the correct location, you can click Done. You can also choose a backup schedule for automatic backup and synchronization.

Backup confirmation screen

You are now on the confirmation screen of your backup. You can view the confirmation and final report along with the location of the saved files. You will also see how many mail items are backed up.

Download it for free

The free trial version of this tool works for a limited time, but gives you access to all the necessary functions. The free trial version works for a limited time, but allows you to use all the features you want to understand how it works. Once you are sure that the tool works well for you, you can easily upgrade to its full version that comes in multiple affordable packages. The full version also gives you free support and free lifetime updates.