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Manual and Automatic ways to make outlook backup

make outlook backup folder

Unfortunately, it is not possible to backup emails from the Outlook or Hotmail website, you will necessarily have to install or configure Outlook on your PC with Windows or any other email clients compatible with Outlook to manage backups from this service.

Backing up your mail is very simple with Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

First of all you have to find out where the program stores the files on the hard disk, once this is done you can simply copy the existing messages on a USB stick or on an external memory or, again, on another PC or on a home network.

To access messages from your new computer, you simply have to store them in the same location on your hard drive.

For Outlook Express or Windows Mail select “Tools” -> “Options”. Choose the “Advanced Settings” tab, then click on the “Maintenance” button. A click on the “Archive folder” button shows you the location where the program saves e-mail messages. Windows Mail, for example, typically uses C: \ Users \ Your Name \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Mail .

This operation is very similar also with Windows Live Mail : select File, Mail, Advanced, Maintenance and “Archive folder”. In any case, you just have to copy the folder to make a backup copy. In case you need to restore mail from this backup, all you have to do is copy the files to their original location.

Outlook is slightly different in that it stores information in .pst format. All versions of the software use this extension, but the location where they save messages is different. Open Outlook and right-click on your email account in the left pane, then select “Data File Properties”. Click on “Advanced” to display the file name. For messages you only need the .pst file, but

copying the entire folder you can also backup the settings and preferences. To restore from the backup, simply copy it to the same location on the new computer.

If you use Outlook to download your emails from the service of the same name, you can make outlook backup.

Open the program on your PC with Windows and go to the menu  File> Open and export> Import/export.

At this point you need to select  Export to a file , click Next , select  Outlook data files (pst) , click Next again and select the e-mail account to be backed up; now choose a path and a name for the backup file of your e-mail and finally click OK to start the backup procedure.

A PST file contains all of your emails. Here’s how you can make outlook backup 2013:

Step 1:

Click the ” File ” menu in Outlook.

2nd step:

Click on the ” Open and Export ” menu item and then on the ” Import / Export ” button ” .

3rd step:

In the new window, select the entry ” Export to file ” in the list and click on the ” Next ” button.

4th step:

Now select the entry ” Outlook data file (.pst) ” from the list and confirm with ” Next “.

5th step:

Now select your Outlook folder that you want to make outlook backpup 2019. Check the box below “Include subfolders ” so that all emails and data from the selected folder are backed up. We recommend selecting your email address from the list at the top so that the entire account is secured. Click on ” Next “.

6th step:

In this window, you click on the “Browse” button at the top to specify the location of the PST backup file. We recommend using an external hard drive or a USB stick. If you regularly make backups to the same location, you can select the option ” Replace duplicates with exported items “. This overwrites older backup files. Finally, click on the ” Finish ” button.

7th step:

Optionally, you can also set a password for your PST file. You will need this password later if you want to restore your emails from the PST file. Otherwise, just click on ” OK “.

Other methods to make outlook backup folder online

How to create or make outlook backpup 2010 is one of the Most Frequently Asked Questions of Mac Outlook users. Because many Mac users want to keep their emails preserved in a backup where it cannot be corrupted due to technical errors. However, backing up Outlook data files has not been easy. Fortunately, here you will discover  how to make outlook email backup without risk and how to get the best results.

If you want to know how to create a backup of your Outlook data files, this is the best place to get the right solution. If you have the right solution, you may not even need to learn how to back up Outlook emails. There are many online solutions that can offer you to back up Outlook emails. However, if your question is how to back up my Outlook emails securely, then the solution will be different. Free online backup tools are not equipped with the security features needed to ensure the security you deserve. That is why it is always suggested to use professional tools to back up your Mac Outlook database.

How to make backup outlook 2016 emails securely?

The most reliable way to recover Outlook data files is with the help of third party professional tools. There are many online and free options that offer to back up Outlook email files, but they are not safe or reliable. Therefore, if you are a Mac Outlook user who wants to back up your Outlook email files safely, you should never look for manual methods or free tools. Professional tools are specially created to ensure the security of your email files during the email backup process. Having a tool that damages your data during the Outlook mail backup process makes no sense. We are backing up the data to keep it safe, so any practices that damage the data while protecting it are contradictory. Therefore, you should only use a certified solution that can ensure the security of your email data during the Outlook data backup process.

What is the best solution to make back up Outlook 2010 emails?

InventPure’s Mail Backup X is a third-party certified tool that works on Mac and gives you full control over your email files during and after the backup process. This Outlook backup tool was created to ensure that all Outlook Mac users can back up Outlook Mac along with a number of useful email applications other than Outlook. It is a highly professional tool that works directly on Mac and gives you the security you need while backing up your database. The tool offers you simple steps to back up your Outlook Mac database so you don’t have to really wonder “how to back up my Outlook emails?”This tool has the ability to back up your Outlook Mac along with other email applications with the assurance that no data will be lost. The tool is easy to use and also very affordable in its full version. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best benefits of this tool that make it an ideal choice for all types of Mac users who want a quick backup whenever they want. If you want to try the free trial version of the tool right now, you should get it right here.

The full version is also very affordable and comes with free support and updates. The full version comes in several packages that are created for all kinds of needs and budgets of users.

Here is what users have been asking us frequently

Q.1. How to make Outlook email backup absolutely safe?

If you want to make your outlook email backup absolutely safe, you are going to need a professional tool which can give you assurance of 100% data safety. Such a tool is the Mail backup X.

Q.2. Can I make outlook backup folder in a USB device?

Yes, you can make outlook backup in USB device with the Mail backup X by InventPure. It has an auto-USB backup and sync option that allows you to set up a USB for automatic archiving of backup when you plug it in.

Q.3. Do I need to learn how to make outlook 2016 backup with a tool?

If you get the Mail backup X tool, you will not need to learn how to make outlook 2016 or any backup. This tool comes with a user friendly interface and guides you to get 100% safe results without any effort.

Q.4. How can I save some space while I make outlook backup?

If you use the Mail backup X, you will be able to save 3X space while storing your outlook backup. This is because the Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt data compression algorithm which compresses the database in 3X lesser space.

Q.5. What are chances of data loss with free tools?

The chances of data loss with free tools are really high since they are not loaded with any safety features. If you want data safety, you are going to need professional tools like the Mail backup X which are designed specially to safeguard data.

Words of appreciation by recent users

“I found the Mail backup X to be the best way to make outlook backup because of its easy features. It gave me the option of portable backups and scheduled backups. I was able to customize my backups like I wanted and it has helped in getting specific results without any data loss. I would suggest all interested users to try this tool once.”- Adrian Blake

“I was surprised to see that this tool is available for both mac and windows. I have a small office where 10 people work. We have a lot of orders so I needed a tool to backup and archive my emails on a regular basis. Since the Mail backup X comes with the option to set automatic backups, I don’t have to think about it anymore. I love this tool and will continue using it for many years.”- Matt Swindon

Software specification

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Ratings for the Mail backup X

The Mail backup X enjoys 5 star ratings from all users and experts.

Mail backup X packages

Personal Edition

  • Works for a single user
  • Works on two computers
  • You can set it up on two PCs
  • You can get it in two versions (Windows and Mac)
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • Top up for 10 extra mail profiles
  • Free support and maintenance

Team edition

  • Works for multiple users on multiple computers
  • You can backup 5 mail profiles per user
  • You can get a top up pack to increase 10 mail profiles
  • Get it for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users
  • Get it either for windows or for mac
  • Free support and maintenance

Overall, it can be said that the Mail backup X has turned out to be the safest, fastest and most convenient solution for email users to make outlook backup. What’s next?

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The free demo of the Mail backup X is now available for download. If you are a doubtful user, it would be the best for you to get the free demo and see how it works for you. As soon as you feel confident about the results of the tool, you can upgrade it to the full version at an affordable price in the package of your choice. You can customize these packages according to your need.

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