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How to backup full outlook emails

how to backup full outlook emails

Today we want to show you how to backup full outlook emails so that we always have our email and contacts safe. This guide was created using Microsoft Outlook 2010 but is also very similar to other versions.

Why backup Outlook?

There can be many reasons why it is necessary and recommended to make outlook mailbox full backup, first of all, the security one. In fact, due to a breakdown, a loss (if we talk about notebooks), or theft, we can find ourselves at any moment without our mail and the contacts accumulated over the years. It is therefore extremely important to perform scheduled backups so that all our data is always safe.

In addition, the procedure we are going to perform is very useful even if we need to change the PC or more simply if we have to format it, that is, delete all the contents of our hard disk.

How is data organized by Microsoft Outlook?

For each account that we add to our Outlook installation, a .pst or .ost file is automatically created which contains all our emails, contacts, calendar, and activities.

Backup of Outlook data by copy and paste recommended method

As mentioned in the previous point, Microsoft Outlook stores all the account information in a single file, just copy these files and save them to make our backup.

In order to simply reach these files, we should click on the top left on File, then on Account Settings, and then again on Account Settings.

  • Once the Account Settings window is open, we have to click on the Data files tab and here we will find all our accounts with the relative paths to the archive files. To open the file path just select the desired account and click on the Open file path button.
  • Once we have opened the path of the file related to the account we want to save, we do a simple Copy and Paste in the destination folder. By default Outlook puts all accounts in the usual folder, so with one shot we could backup every account we have set up.

Outlook backup with export option, an alternative method to outlook 2010 full backup

Another way to save our e-mail and all related data saved in the Outlook account is to use the export function. Also in this case we have to go to the File menu and select Open and export later on Import/export.

In this way, we will start the Outlook account import/export wizard, which includes the steps below.

  • Select the operation to perform: we must choose which operation we want to perform, in our case, we must select on Export to a file and press Next.
  • Create a file of type: select Data file of type Outlook.
  • We select the folder from which to export the data: here we have to choose which folder of our accounts we want to export. If we want to save the entire account we have to select the general name of the account, make sure that Include subfolders is also selected and proceed to the next step.
  • Save the exported file with name: here we have to choose the path in which to save our file, choose from the options below how to proceed if there should be duplicate elements, and click Finish.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the operation to complete. Unfortunately, this method involves exporting only one account at a time, so we should repeat the operation for each email address we want to save.

Backup of Outlook account configurations

Until now we have dealt with how to save emails, address books, and account activities. Unfortunately, the pst and ost files do not contain the account configuration, the one we set when inserting the new mail account, so we have to save it separately.

To do this we have to open the registry, so I ask you to be very careful not to change anything.

First, we open Run by pressing the Windows Key + R on the keyboard and writing Regedit in the appropriate Open field and pressing Enter. Once the registry has been opened, we have to look for the following path from the folders on the left.

Now we can select the Profiles folder , click on File → Export and save where we want our configuration file with the .reg extension .

Outlook account recovery

Now that we have backed up and secured my data, how do we recover it in case of need? Let’s imagine a typical scenario: we buy a new PC and we have to reconfigure Outlook in the new one. We must therefore first install our mail program, then we must run the log file to import the configurations of the various accounts. For security reasons, the email password is not saved in the log file, so we have to re-enter it manually when asked.

Once the account settings have been restored, we can move on to restoring the mail, address book, and our activities.

The procedure differs depending on how the backup was performed. In case we have done the simple copy and paste, we have to copy our pst or est to a folder inside our PC, for example in Documents \ Mail, go to Account Settings, as done previously, following this path: File → Account settings → Account settings → Data files and click on Add … at this point just search for the file that we previously saved in Documents and click on OK.

If instead, we exported our mail with the wizard, we must reopen the import/export wizard following this path: File → Open and export → Import / export. Once the import procedure has started, we must select Import data from other programs or files, select Outlook data file (pst) , select the file previously saved in the backup folder and finally, choose in which folder the file should be imported.

Useful tips for outlook 2016 full backup

In the end, I feel the need to indicate some useful advice on how to make outlook 2019 full backup.

First of all we must consider that if we want to secure our files, for greater security, we must save our backups to another storage device, different from the PC we use, perhaps in an external hard disk, in a NAS, in a memory USB or on a CD / DVD.

We also need to keep the backups constantly updated, so I strongly advise you to make periodic backups, perhaps automatic so that we don’t have to take care of anything.

To perform automatic backups we can use these excellent outlook full backup software, the Mail Backup X .

I hope this guide has been helpful, but if you have any uncertainty, write in the comments that will help you solve your problems.

Most commonly asked queries about the Mail backup X

Q.1. How to backup full Outlook emails without any experience?

If you do not have any experience, the best thing to do would be to get a professional tool which is also easy to use. The Mail backup X would be the best choice since it offers a step by step backup process for all types of users.

Q.2. What if I use a free outlook backup tool for full outlook backup?

If you use a free outlook backup tool to backup your outlook mac email database, you could lose your email files. These tools cannot guarantee the safety of your email database, so you should avoid such tools.

Q.3. Can the Mail backup X backup full Outlook mailbox in an external portable drive?

Yes, the Mail backup X can absolutely backup full outlook mailbox in an external USB drive. You can use the Auto USB backup and sync feature to ensure that you are able to store the latest archive in the USB drive. Just plug in the device and the tool will store the latest backup in the USB.

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The Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt email converter which allows you to convert email files from one format to another. You just need to use this feature to convert your email files. This is the most unique feature that you will not find anywhere else.

Q.5. What is the rating of Mail backup X tool?

The Mail backup X has been given 5 star ratings by all types of users and experts, owing to its top notch performance.

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Software specification

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Operating system

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