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7 precious tips to help you get better at the task of Outlook archive 2011

outlook archive 2011 emails

There is no doubt that the task of Outlook archive 2011 is quite arduous and requires extreme precision to yield results up to the satisfaction of the users. Any deviation in this journey can lead to loss of crucial data files which certainly would not be acceptable under any circumstances. In order to ensure that the journey of Outlook archive 2011 goes uninterruptedly, the users must take it up with the help of inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X.

This article basically aims at enlightening the users on 3 different levels with regards to the process of Outlook archive 2011 emails.:

  1. Pointing out 7 significant ways in which this tool makes the overall journey of Outlook archive 2011 emails much more refined and rewarding for the users.
  2. A tutorial to help the users have smooth journey in building Outlook archive 2011 emails.
  3. A surprise for the prospective users

7 ways in which Mail Backup X helps you get better at the task of Outlook 2011 archive folder!

  1. With this single tool in hand, the users can backup, archive, and convert their emails. This is possible for all the major email services like Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  2. The users have multiple backup options to choose from. With the use of incremental backup setting, the mails get backed up as and when they arrive. Using distributed and mirror backup settings, the users are able to backup the data files at different locations; thus adding to the safety of the data files.
  3. This tool has an inbuilt mail viewer. With this options, without switching between different email clients, the users get to access all their archived mails at one place.
  4. There is an advanced search module which is an extremely desired feature by all the users. By putting in inputs such as subject, combination words, etc, the users speedily locate the files within the large databases.
  5. This tool also helps the users in saving enormous space as it uses ultra-high compression algorithm to save about 3 times of the storage on the drives.
  6. This tool simplifies the complex process of Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive by Auto USB sync feature. All the users have to do is activate this feature and the job gets done automatically by this smart tool.
  7. Last but not the least is the reasonable pricing structure of this tool which beats all its counterparts in the market. There are 3 license keys that the users can choose from:
  8. Mail Backup X: This key can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 systems.
  9. Mail Backup X for Small Business: This key can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 20 systems and it also protects up to 20 users.
  10. Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This key can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 100 systems and it also protects up to 100 users.
  11. Top up: This is an add-on purchase that gives the users access to 10 more profiles as a top up.

All of these come with free 1 year maintenance updates. These are reasonably priced and thus do not hurt the pocket of the users. As a matter of the fact, the users find the prices quite genuine when they weight the brilliant set of features being offered by this tool.

These are some major factors that give an edge to this tool over the others for the purpose of Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive. You too can benefit if you act pro-actively. Take home a copy of the tool today to begin a magnificent mail archiving journey of eternal nature.

A path that is so clear that you would never get stuck on ‘how to archive emails in Outlook 2011’!

Mail Backup X is the best way to archive Outlook 2011 as this tool is the perfect combination of simple layout and advanced technology. The users, even the beginners, find it pretty simple to cover the entire journey on their own. In case of any doubts, however, they have the option to look back at the 24*7 customer care services. The agents happily come forward to clarify all the queries of the users.

Let us set foot on the journey with clear instructions pertaining to the question on how to archive emails in Outlook 2011:

  1. To begin with, the users must download and install the tool on their system. This can be done by following the simple instructions in the installation wizard which are:
  2. Double click on the downloaded Mail Backup X file and initiate the setup wizard.
  3. Click on continue to proceed.
  4. Choose a location. The installer would take a nano moment to check disk space. Click on continue.
  5. Click on install. The user would be prompted to enter the system password. Enter the details to continue with the installation process.
  6. After the installation gets completed, the installation wizard can be closed.
  7. Now launch the tool on the system to begin the journey of Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive.
  • The journey begins with this step. Choose ‘Setup a new backup profile’ from the options being displayed on the interface of the tool.
outlook archive 2011
  • Choose Microsoft Outlook mac 2011 from these options.
outlook archive 2011 emails
  • A list of files and folders would get displayed on the screen. This is an opportunity for the users to select or deselect the folders to finalize the list of items for Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive.
outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive
  • On arrival at this stage, the advanced settings come into play. The users should setup the frequency of the mail backup. They can also setup mirror locations for creating multiple copies of backups. They must also activate auto USB sync for easing down the process of Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive.
how to archive emails in outlook 2011
  • Now the backup profile is fully active. The users can comfortably execute the task of Outlook archive 2011 emails.
best way to outlook archive 2011

It is pretty simple to succeed at this task as the tool is lucid with its instructions. There is no use of technically complex jargons to confuse the users and therefore every user experiences marvelous results with this tool.

Do not forget to click on the link below to grab a copy of the tool.

The wait for the surprise is over!

If you have been waiting for the ‘happy surprise’ then your wait is over. We bring to you a way to test out all the major features of this tool without spending a penny from your pocket.

The users can download the FREE demo version of the tool to deeply analyze each and every aspect of the task of Outlook archive 2011 emails without any hesitation. The demo version is available for absolute testing by the users.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the way to buy this tool?

This tool is incredibly easy to install since it takes only seconds. Select the package and click on install, it’s that much easy.

2. Is this tool user-friendly?

The user-friendly interface of this tool is incredibly easy to use and you will definitely be feeling comfortable while using this tool.

3. How am I able to clear my queries?

Our support team are available for each user to clear their queries 24*7 even in holidays.

4. What will happen if I encounter any risky situation?

There won’t be any kind of risks while using, this tool is 100% safe to use.

5. What will happen if I got a large database?

It doesn’t matter if your database is large or not, this tool will be able to be help you at any circumstances.

6. I’ve got zero experience in backup field, Can I use this tool?

Experience doesn’t matter, anyone can use this tool at ease.

7. What’s the best way to share my archives by this tool?

The simplest way is to convert your archives into PDF format then your files are ready to share.

8. Is this tool compatible with both mac and windows?

Yes! It’s designed for both mac and windows and you’ll be ready to use this tool for various email clients too.

9. Can this tool really be used as a converter apart from a backup tool?

Yes! You’ll be ready to use this tool as a converter once you installed and this tool allows you to convert email items to and from different formats.

10. What about the likelihood of errors in this tool?

There will be no errors or lags or any kind of malfunction in this tool, since it runs on advanced algorithms your experience with us will be really smooth.


The Mail Backup X has 5 star ratings that’s given by critics and experts, if you want to buy this tool you must make your choice after seeing our ratings and reviews.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been using this tool for just about a year and a half. And not even once I felt any discomfort while using it and I’m recommending this to everyone.” – Charles

“I always wanted a straightforward way to archive windows 10 emails then I came to know about this convenient tool through my friend. I’m saving lots of my time by using this tool now and I’m recommending this.”- Kristian


The Mail backup X is offering you two various packages

For single users – Professional version is often recommended
– A user can backup up to five mail profiles within the professional version
– Allowed to be installed in two computers at a time
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows
– Maintenance updates (free) for 1 year

For a company – Mail backup X Team edition is often recommended
– Team edition is obtainable for five, 10, 20 and 30 users in this team edition
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows
– Top ups are available to extend the quantity of mail profiles
– Support and maintenance (free) for 1 year

Simply click on the link below to get a free copy of this tool to build Outlook archive 2011 emails like professionals.