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How to backup Proton Mail with automatic solution – Here is the answer!

ProtonMail is a widely used and end to end encrypted email service which is used across the world. It is also unfortunate that this data is not completely secure from external or manual errors. For this purpose, knowledge of email backup and recovery is essential. Not everyone knows how to backup proton mail emails. This is why we have brought the best information, resources and solution available to backup ProtonMail.

Why is email backup and recovery important for all?

Cyber threats are rising with each passing day. Hacking attacks have become more common than ever before. People are losing their emails due to ransomware attacks every now and then. Server downtime has affected billions of users of giants like Google and Microsoft too. This is where email backups come in handy.

If you wish to improve the way you handle your data and want to give it better security, getting an email backup is the best option for you.  You need to find a secure, easy to use and affordable solution for email backup and recovery so that the risk of data loss and file modification is completely eliminated. There are several options for email backup and recovery but you don’t need to settle for anything less than the very best.

There is a fascinating and automatic solution for ProtonMail backup and recovery right here for you. But first let’s find out how the manual method works and fares.

The manual method of ProtonMail backup requires you to configure your ProtonMail email account with Outlook application. Once that is done, you can use the Outlook application to export the required folders from your email mailbox.

ProtonMail also offers an email import and export wizard which can be used to backup proton mail. You are required to login with your ProtonMail email ID and password and login. Then you just have to click on the export option. The tool gives you the option to export your ProtonMail backup in MBOX and EML formats. This tool then lets you choose where you want to export the ProtonMail backup.

This method works but is very limited. It offers a basic backup and is not for advanced users or sophisticated needs. It lacks the flexibility which professional third party tools offer today. It is also not entirely safe.

This is the reason why any serious user should only consider getting Mail backup X by InventPure as the solution for ProtonMail backup.

Why is Mail backup X the best ProtonMail backup solution?

Mail backup X is the best tool to backup and restore ProtonMail because it lets even the most regular email users take control over their email management needs. If you wish to backup, restore, archive and export ProtonMail emails or any emails, you should certainly try this tool. You get the most unique and powerful features which let you do more than any available options out there.

Here are the greatest benefits of working with Mail backup X tool

Automatic incremental ProtonMail backups

This is probably the best thing that has ever happened in the email backup and archiving field. This is incredibly useful for those users who don’t know how to backup and restore their emails themselves. With the incremental backup setting, the tool lets you create a full backup once and then backs up each email as it arrives automatically in the place of your choosing. This feature allows you to sit back and relax while the tool works for you.

Restore ProtonMail backup to live mailbox

There are a lot of tools that can help you in backing up emails but not enough tools which can help you both backup and restore your emails. This certified ProtonMail backup tool allows you to both backup and restore different email services with a single interface. This is what makes it unique, useful and incredibly powerful.

Set up your own backup profile

You don’t have to stay in an ambiguous position while you backup your ProtonMail emails. You can easily create and fully configure your own email profile so that you can get customized results of your choosing. You can name your own backup and also select the location where you want to store this backup.

Inbuilt email converter

You can use the inbuilt email converter to export any email files you want from one format to another. The inbuilt email conversion feature has enabled email users to use this tool both as an email backup tool and an email converter. You can easily backup, restore, archive and export different email services with a single interface. This is the magic of this tool.

Archive ProtonMail as PDF files

You are given the chance to directly archive your ProtonMail emails in the form of PDF files. These PDF files are portable and can be easily shared with anyone. PDF files can be used to preserve the folder hierarchy of the database while also being independent from the internet. You can also print these PDF files. If you want to share these files securely, you can protect them with a strong password.

Set up different types of backups

The tool is not limited to just regular email backups. You can set up different types of backups like incremental backups, full backups, selective backups, mirror backups, fragmented backups and distributed backups. You can set these backups according to your own needs and convenience.

Smart backup and resume feature

You can use this feature as an extremely useful extension of the backup process. It happens many times that the user loses internet connection while the backup is still in progress. This often causes data loss or the user has to start the process all over again. The smart backup and resume feature gives you the chance to enjoy uninterrupted backups so that you don’t have to worry about losing the internet connection. When the connection is lost, the tool automatically holds the progress of the backup. When the connection is regained, the tool automatically resumes the process.

This is what our satisfied customers say about our services

“I have always wanted to be in control of my own email data. I hated trying out and testing new tools every single time in needed to do something with my emails. All I wanted was a single solution to backup and restore my email files like I always wanted. Mail backup X by InventPure is the ultimate solution which works to make the process of email backup and recovery simple and affordable for all.”- Devon Lucas

“What if you were told that you can backup and restore all popular email services with a single email backup tool? This is what Mail backup X by InventPure brings to the table. You get a certified tool which you can trust with your confidential data. All you have to do is follow the user interface. You can use this tool to backup, restore, archive and export different emails without any issues. I would certainly recommend this tool.” – Bran Crater

Here are the packages that you can choose from

The tool offers different packages that you can choose from. Primarily, the tool comes in the single user version and the team version. The single user version of the tool allows you to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can also get 10 more mail profiles with an affordable top up pack for just 20$. It works on both windows and mac OS.

You can also get the team version of this ProtonMail backup tool. The tool offers the team version in different packages which are meant for a team ranging from 5 to 30 users or more. The best thing about the team version is that the admin of the team version can use the tool remotely. You get the same option to get 10 more mail profiles with a single top up package. It works on both mac and windows operating system.

These are the system specifications of the tool

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

macOS X (10.13 and above)

Ready for macOS Monterey & Mac M1

Windows 8 and above

Get the free demo of the tool – This is what you get for free

Yes! This ProtonMail backup tool can be tested for free! You get the free trial to ensure that you know everything about this tool without any confusion. The demo version of the tool allows you to test how each feature of the tool works in real time with real data. If you feel satisfied with how the free demo works, you can easily upgrade to the full version in the package that you want. All the features of the tool are unlocked for use. The free trial works for 15 days.

To download the free demo of the this ProtonMail backup tool, click here –