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How to backup GMX.net emails with professional and easy method

To backup GMX.net mail is one of the things which email users find to be complex. It is not necessary for you to be confused about this anymore. Here, you are going to find the best GMX.net backup solution which will give you perfect results whenever you want.

Why backup GMX.net email?

You need to backup your emails regularly because it has a lot of great benefits. People and companies who regularly backup and restore their emails have better data management which translates to success.

Here are the top benefits of GMX.net backup

  • Regular email backups protect you from dangers like hacking and other online threats
  • Your email data is protected against viruses
  • You can guard your data against accidental deletion
  • GMX mail gives you only two GBs of storage space which is not enough to store a large number of emails and attachments
  • You can backup your emails against dangers like ransomware
  • If you store the backups offline and make multiple copies, you don’t have to worry about accidental damage
  • Stress free email experience

How to backup GMX.net emails manually?

There is no direct way to backup GMX emails manually.

However, if you want to try a free method to backup GMX.net emails, you can try enabling your IMAP/POP settings and configure your GMX email account with the outlook application. You can also use other email applications and use your GMX.net mail account in mac mail and thunderbird etc. This used to be a common practice but there are certain limitations to this method.

Drawbacks of the manual GMX.net mail backup method

There are several limitations to this free backup method. There are a lot of steps involved which depend upon the email application that you are using. You have to follow these steps carefully because a mistake can cause you to lose your email data.

Best alternative to the manual method – Automatic GMX mail backup

How to backup GMX.net automatically with professional solution?

Mail backup X by InventPure is the most well designed and powerful solution for email backup and recovery. This tool is special since it is completely platform independent (works on mac and windows) and truly compatible with both mac and windows operating system. This tool is loaded with cutting edge features which give you the results that you deserve.

All you have to do is follow what the tool asks you to do and you will be able to become your own boss when it comes to any form of email management. There is nothing impossible if you have this advanced solution by your side.

This tool is special in many ways – here are its brilliant features

  • Automatic incremental backups

You don’t have to worry about setting up email backups again and again. You can set up a one-time incremental backup so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything out.

  • Installs on both mac and windows

The fact that this tool works on both mac and windows makes it the right fit for all types of email users regardless of operating system. Platform independence is a great thing for email users.

  • Backup and restore multiple email services

This tool is not limited to just IMAP backups. You can also backup and restore all major email services which are popular across the world. You can backup and restore Apple mail, Outlook mac/windows, Office 365, Gmail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Yahoo mail and other IMAP based services too. This gives you a complete solution for backing up all email services under a single interface.

  • Step by step process to backup emails

You get a user-friendly wizard-based user interface that guides you through the process of email backup and recovery without asking you to worry about any complex features.

  • Restore email backup to live mailbox

You can also easily restore your email backup to your live mailbox without any problems. This makes it the most effective email backup and recovery tool.

  • Search box that lets you find your desired email items

You can use the advanced search box feature to find any email items you want from your email archive. This also acts like a second layer of security for all users who wish to sometime confirm the existence of few files.

  • Archive GMX.net emails as PDF format

You get the facility to directly archive your GMX.net emails in the form of PDF files so that you can carry them anywhere without worrying about the internet or compatible applications.

  • Customize your backups like you want

The best thing about working with this email backup and recovery solution is that you don’t have to think about getting the same results every time. You can modify your backups any time you want in the advanced settings window.

  • Set up mirror backups or fragmented backups

You are free to set up different types of backups so that you can get specific results according to your requirement.

  • Smart backup and resume feature

This is one of the most useful and unique features of this email backup and recovery software. You don’t have to worry about all your backup progress going to waste. This feature enables the tool to automatically sense when the network connection breaks and pause the process. When the connection is re-established, the tool automatically starts the process again. This saves a tremendous amount of effort for users.

  • Store email backup to cloud service

You get to set up your cloud service from a variety of services. This is useful for those users who want to access their email backups instantly without any worries about location. You just need the internet and you can have access to your emails.

  • Choose from different versions

The tool is available in different versions based according to different budgets. You can choose your preferred version.

The single user version of the tool can be installed on two computers. You get to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can also upgrade this version with an easily affordable top up which gives you 10 more mail profiles.

You can also get the team version of the tool which is offered in packages for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles per user with this version. You also get a top up which gives you 10 more mail profiles. The team version admin can use the tool remotely.

Here is how you can backup GMX.net emails automatically

  • Download and install the tool and go ahead for the backup process
  • Go ahead and choose the option of setting up a new backup profile
  • Click on “Setup a new backup now”
  • You will find yourself on the next window where you can see different email services which are being offered for backup and recovery
  • Here, you have to go ahead and choose Email server option
  • Then you will be taken to another window where you can see more email services. Click on IMAP server
  • Now, the tool might ask you to login with your GMX.net email credentials
  • Once you have logged in with your credentials, click on login
  • Now you are at a crucial point in the process where you are able to choose what you want to be backed up
  • You will be able to clearly see all the files and folders contained within your mailbox so that you can enjoy the benefit of selective email backup. You can select or ignore the folders you want according to your preference.
  • After you are done selecting your preferred folders, you can click on continue.
  • This will bring you to the advanced settings window where you can modify the backup settings according to your own preference.
  • The tool gives you the choice to select your own backup frequency
  • You can name your backup profile like you want
  • You get to map a USB drive to make sure you can get instant portable backups
  • You can encrypt your GMX.net backup to restrict any unwanted access
  • You can choose where you want to store this GMX.net backup
  • You get to configure your cloud storage so that you can directly store your GMX.net backup directly to the cloud
  • Once you have modified all the settings according to your wish, click on save

Your GMX.net backup will start immediately and your backup files will be stored where you want them to be.

Once your backup is finished, you will be able to download the detailed log report of the backup.

This was the automatic process of GMX.net backup. You just have to follow a few quick simple steps to get your preferred results.

Client Testimonials – What our clients say

“When it came to handling emails, I didn’t know anything other than sending and receiving emails. I wanted a stress-free solution to backup and restore my emails so I went for Mail backup X tool. With this tool, I was able to take total control over multiple email services.”- David Creed

“Email backup and recovery can be complicated for many. I was one of those users who didn’t know how to do anything related to emails. Mail backup X by InventPure is the perfect combination of features which make it possible for all users to backup, restore, archive and convert all email services regardless of experience. I will certainly recommend this to all.”- Marcie Crow

Some frequently asked questions

  1. How does the auto USB backup and sync feature work?

This feature can be found in the advanced settings window. You are given the chance to set up a USB drive which can be used as the destination for the backup. You just have to plug in the mapped USB device and the tool automatically stores the latest snapshot copy of the backup.

  • What makes Mail backup X backup tool the best solution out there?

The fact that this tool is easy to use, automatic and loaded with advanced and unique features makes it the ideal tool for most. This tool is available in different versions based according to the number of users and the amount of data that has to be backed up. This tool works flawlessly as an email backup, recovery, conversion and archiving solution. You can also archive emails directly as PDF files. You are also given the chance to personalize your emails however you want.

  • Can I backup Gmail emails with this tool?

Yes, you can certainly backup Gmail and other email services with this tool. The tool offers and easy to use interface which guides you through the process of email backup and recovery. The tool offers you to backup and restore Gmail, Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook and other IMAP based email services.

What’s next? Get the free trial right now!

The free demo version of Mail backup X tool has been developed to give you email backup and recovery services for free. Once you are able to get the free trial, you will be able to understand how the features of the tool work. The free trial works for 15 days and it gives you complete authority to test all the features in a limited capacity. To download the free demo version of the tool, go to –