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PST archive solution - How to archive emails efficiently

pst archive software

One of the big problems with emails is the quantity and the desire to keep everything! Outlook offers tools to efficiently archive your mailbox. Here is a tutorial to avoid saturating your mailbox and maybe you will not even have to ask your favorite computer specialist anymore :). You will be able to pst archive outlook 2011. Practice not?

Why PST archive your emails with Outlook?

In most companies, you have a more or less large quota on your mailbox . On average it is 2GO (I have already seen cases where it was 500 MB). So if you receive a large quantity of emails per day, you will have to archive your emails to avoid reaching this quota!

Outlook offers powerful archiving functionality to lighten your mailbox.

It is even much more efficient than its competitor Thunderbird.

Manual method to archive emails with Outlook

Open Outlook

  • 1 – Go to the File menu:
  • 2 – Choose your email account then go to tools.
  • For 2016 choose cleaning elements
  • For 2010/2013 choose Archive
  • 3 – A window opens and asks you to define a place to store the archive and a date.
  • You must define a date for which we archive the previous elements as well as the place where the archive will be stored.
  • OK to start archiving, you will see a message appear at the bottom of your mailbox.
  •  For more efficiency remember to select the mailbox (highest item in the folder list). So you will archive the elements for the whole box and not for a particular folder. [/ Box]
  • The process regenerates the tree structure of your mailbox to easily find your messages.
  • Your archive can be viewed directly in your Mailbox under the name Archives (you can rename the name).

All are classified so you will find sent messages, deleted messages, and the rest of your emails from your inbox as well as its subfolders.

What you need to know about Outlook archiving

PST file size

The archive file in PST format must not be colossal in size! Microsoft indicates a limit of 50 GB except that in practice if your archive is corrupted you will use lead shots to repair it.

Ideally, 5GB is the max so you have to take a look from time to time to your PST file.

Depending on the number of emails received, it may be wise to make an archive per month? per year ? per quarter?

Accumulation of archives

The more files there are to add to your Microsoft Outlook, the more resources it will take up. Similarly, the larger it is, the more it will draw on the hard drive or the network.

It may not be necessary to “mount” the oldest archives.

Saving the PST

Be careful generally we store the PST on the local hard drive of the PC remember to make a backup on an external disk/server.

Other methods to pst archive outlook 2016   


The above method is the most reliable in my opinion:

  • You can use your email
  • You have a clear tree structure of your archive
  • You have defined a precise date for archiving

Other methods include:

  • Automatic archiving, it is possible to automate archiving but be careful because we do not really know what is done day to day but it allows us to no longer worry about archiving. 
  • Create a PST file then drag and drop or move the emails from his mailbox to the archive.

Outlook and Microsoft pst archive office 365   

With the popularity of Microsoft 365 and its online Exchange solution, archiving your email is different. You already have mailboxes with large storage quotas (50 GB minimum) but also an archive box. Archiving is therefore done automatically according to the settings defined by your administrators.

By default all emails are archived after 1 year, the principle is the same as for classic automatic archiving.

However, your archive is accessible from webmail and the Microsoft Outlook client.

It is also possible to backup your email and its archive using the Mail Backup X  tool. It is obvious that the need to archive Outlook 365 emails is increasing since everyone is now more aware of the security of their email database. It makes sense to archive Outlook 365, as a proper local backup to your hard drive can be useful in many situations. Often, users have to remove mailboxes to ease the load on their server application. In such cases, it is useful to have an Outlook Mac archiving tool that can archive these files for later use. If you want to speed up the execution of your Outlook 365 with only the files you need, you can back up the old mailboxes and free up space.


The first thing you will find when you start looking for tools to archive Outlook 365 mac is online tools. Many users think it is wise to archive Outlook 365 online, but later they realize that these methods are not safe or reliable for processing a large database. Both online and free tools do not have the essential features needed to securely archive Outlook 365 without the risk of data loss. So if you want to archive Outlook 365 mac without losing your data or, you need to try more secure methods specially designed to protect your database. Professional tools are best suited for archiving Outlook 365 emails and now let’s see why.

Why choose professional outlook Mac archiving tools?

These tools are created to ensure the security of your Mac Outlook 365 data during the backup process. Although the manual method was used for a short time, it had its setbacks. With professional third-party tools, you don’t have to learn how to archive in Office 365 because the process is made quite automatic where you can just follow the steps indicated and you will get the results you need. There are several professional tools from which you can choose, but it is suggested that if you are a first user, you need to think differently. New users have no prior experience, so they need an easy-to-use and also affordable professional solution.

Top questions from user comments- Answered

  1. What if I lose my email files while I archive PST files with this tool?

You are not going to lose your files with this PST archive solution. The tool is 100% safe to operate and can be used without fear. However, if you have any issue, you can reach out to our support team. They are going to solve your issue.

  • How to archive PST emails to share them?

You can use the PDF archiving feature to save PST archives in PDF format. These PDF files can be protected with a password and shared with anyone you want.

  • Can the Mail backup X archive PST outlook 2013 by itself?

The process of email backup and archiving is pretty self explanatory with the Mail backup X. You have to just follow the simple instructions given by the user interface of the tool. The tool is fairly automatic and gives you everything you need.

  • Where can I find a tutorial to use this PST archive software?

You are not going to need a tutorial to learn how to archive PST if you are using the Mail backup X. The tool will guide you from the installation till the end results.

  • What are the chances of losing my email data while I archive Outlook PST 2016?

There are no chances of losing your email data while you archive Outlook PST 2016 since the tool comes with 100% data safety. If you follow the instructions as given by the user interface, you are not going to lose even a single email file ever.

Client testimonials for the Mail backup X (Recent users)

“I was moving companies and so I needed to take a backup of my work computer. I needed each and every file so losing any was not an option. I asked everyone on the internet and I got one answer. I decided to try the Mail backup X on public opinion and they were right. I was able to backup my entire outlook windows PST database without losing emails. The best part was that the tool stored the archive in 3X lesser space. I was also able to store the archives in the form of PDF files. I would really like to suggest this tool to people like me.”- Herman Butler

“The Mail backup X is surprising with its ability to backup multiple applications like Outlook mac, Outlook windows, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP services. I got it as a solution to backup any mail application I might need to back up any time. This tool never fails to amaze me. It has so many added benefits like search feature, data compression and PDF archiving that it is worth every penny.”- Joseph Diaz

System Specifications

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Packages for all- Mail backup X

Personal edition

The personal edition of the Mail backup X is meant for single users. It works on two computers and can back up 5 mail profiles. You can also get 10 more mail profiles with an added top up. It comes in both mac and windows versions. You don’t have to worry about support since the tool offers free support and updates for a year.

Team edition

The team edition of the tool works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users in different packages. You can backup 5 mail profiles per user. You can also get 10 more profiles with an added top up. You can also get the tool for both mac and windows in different versions. You get free support and updates for a year.

Free trial to find out the rest

The Free demo of the Mail backup X is now available for download. Once you are sure that the trial has everything that you need, you can upgrade to the full version in the package of your choice. The full versions are designed according to the usage and budgets. To download the free demo right now, you can click here.