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How to restore Mac emails with the best Mac restore email tool - Mail Backup X

restore Mac email

A lot of users these days can be found trying to find ways to safely and easily backup and restore mac emails. Traditional methods do exist but they are not a sure shot way to get the results that professional users might need. Here we are going to find the best way to restore mac emails.

Mail backup X by InventPure to restore Mac email addresses

Best tool to backup and restore mac emails automatically
  • Automatically backup and restore Mac mail emails
  • Compatible with both macOS and Windows
  • Step by step process with wizard-based interface
  • Automatically scans email folders
  • Choose the items you want to restore to mac mail
  • Search for email items in mac mail archive
  • Restore Mac mail to live mailbox in few steps
  • Inbuilt mail viewer to view emails from different formats
  • Backup and restore multiple email services
  • Inbuilt email export feature to convert email backup formats
  • Save email backup in 3X lesser space
  • Remote backups for team version
  • Choose to restore emails from external hard drive or cloud service
  • Free trial for all

Restore Mac mail account: Is it a standalone process

Mac mail is one of the most widely used email services across the world. It has been one of earliest ways to manage emails for mac email. This is why it has one of the largest user bases in the world. You might be thinking that you need a lot of skill and experience to restore mac email. You are not completely right and not completely wrong either. What users forget is, you need to backup your emails first in order to restore them. In order words, you need to have an Mac mail backup in order to restore it.

Mail backup X offers a very simple step by step process to backup and restore mac emails

How to restore Mac emails with the best Mac mail restore app

The process to restore mac email account begins with a backup. You need to have a backup of your apple mail email app in order to restore it back to the live application. With Mail backup X, you can easily create a mac mail backup in few clicks by following simple instructions. Once you have created the backup, it is then easy to restore the Mac mail backup.

How to backup and restore Mac emails successfully with Mac restore software

You just have to download and install Mail backup X application.

Launch the tool by clicking on it. The first thing to do is to setup a new backup profile. Click on this option to setup a new backup profile. This can also be accessed through “My backup profiles”

restore Mac mail

You can also click on “Setup a new backup now” under the tasks section if you have set up backups previously.

restore mac email tool

Now you are at a new window where you are shown different email services to choose from. Here we are going to select Apple mail.

how to restore Mac email

To remember: Users who have not allowed full disk access to the tool while installing it might face an error in this step. You will see the error “Disk access denied”. However, if you have allowed disk access in the beginning, you will not see this error.

how to restore Mac mail

Fortunately, this error can be easily fixed. Quit the application. Open your system preferences in macOS X. Next, go to security and privacy. Under this, you have to locate “Full disk access”. Make sure to add “Mail backup X” to the list of apps which have full disk access. Once you have added it to the list, this error will not persist.

restore mac email addresses

Now, we will continue according to the set process and arrive at the next step.

In this step, you are shown the complete folder structure of your mac email mailboxes. You can select the email folders that you want to backup. The folders that you don’t want to select must remain unchecked. You will also get the option to preserve the folder hierarchy. Follow the recommended settings to get the perfect results that you wish to have.

Click on continue.

restore mac email folders

In the next window, you will get the chance to customize the backup according to your personal preference.

  • Set up the frequency of the backup according to your choice. It is suggested to go for the automatic settings in order to get the best results
  • Setup USB backups if you need portable backups. Just set up a USB drive which you want and then just plugging it into the computer will ensure that the latest snapshot copy of the backup is stored in the USB drive
  • You can encrypt your mail backup by setting up a strong password in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your mail backup data
restore email mac mails

You can also select the location of the backup. You can choose to store the backup in your hard drive, on your computer or directly to a cloud service. Currently, you can store your backups to Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive.

best way to restore mac email

Once you have clicked on save, the backup process will begin and you can check its progress on the dashboard under the activities section.

how to restore mac emails on Mac

How to restore Mac emails to Mac mail mailbox

Now we will restore mac mail email backup to mac mails account. Just go to “My backup profiles” and click on the “export data” for the email profile that you want to restore. The export data option is on the bottom right of the window.

restore Mac mail data

You will then arrive at the next window where you will find the options to either export your emails to different formats like Apple mail archive, Thunderbird, Outlook PST, MBOX etc file formats or to restore emails. Click on Export to Disk. We will choose Apple mail and export to Apple mail archive.

This apple mail archive will be saved to your desired location on your computer.

restore mac mail from backup

How to restore Mac mail

Step 1: Open your apple mail application>> application menu>> File

Step 2: Select “Import Mailboxes”

Step 3: Select “Apple mail” and continue.

Step 4: Choose the folder where you have your mac mail backup stored. You have to browse to the folder where the backup is located and then click on choose without going deeper into the folder.

Step 5: After scanning the folder for your mail backup, you will see all the folders within your backup. Select the folders you want and click on continue. These folders will now get imported to your mac mail email application.

To locate this restored data, just look under “On my mac”

This was the manual process to restore Mac mail addresses. This process can be slow and is unsuitable for large mailboxes. Thus, it is recommended to use Mail backup X to backup and restore mac emails.

Here are the top features of Mail backup X tool – Restore mac email software

Automatic incremental backups

You can set up your apple mail backups in such a way that your emails get backed up automatically in regular intervals without asking you to do anything complex. This is best for users with a large influx of emails.

Data compression

This is a great feature of Mail backup X which allows all users to save up to 3X space in their hard drive or cloud service while storing the email backup. Many times, users are reluctant to backup mac mail emails due to lack of space. This is not the case if you choose Mail backup X.

Simple step by step process

Using Mail backup X to backup and restore mac mail emails or any other emails is extremely easy. The process is self-explanatory and you don’t have to seek any guidance to do what you want. Even first-time users are able to restore mac mail backup without any issues.

Smart backup and resume

You can use the smart backup and resume feature to ensure that you get uninterrupted backups even if you have poor network connectivity. The tool automatically pauses the process when network connectivity is low and resumes it when the connection is re established.

10 Frequently Asked Question – With Answers

What makes this tool the ideal solution for beginners?

There are a lot of factors which make this tool the best solution for beginners. You can see this by testing the free trial of the tool. The extremely user-friendly interface of the tool lets you use each feature of the tool without any confusion. This tool is specially designed to backup and restore mac emails without making the process difficult so each feature is designed to increase effectiveness. You can easily understand the instructions given by the step-by-step interface.

  • Which feature offers portable backups for users?

This tool comes with an inbuilt portable feature facility which allows you to set up a portable USB drive as the destination for storing the email backup. The tool lets you set up your own USB drive in a way that the tool saves it as the destination for storing instant screenshot backups. You just have to plug in this USB drive and the tool automatically saves the latest snapshot backup copy of the local backup in the device.

  • What is PDF archiving that Mail backup X offers?

The PDF archiving feature embedded within the interface of the tool allows you to create portable and shareable archives which can be protected with a strong password. The PDF archiving feature is brilliant for users who have been looking for shareable and portable archives which can be accessed without the internet. You can encrypt these PDF files with a strong password. These files are great for preserving the folder hierarchy of the mailboxes. You can even print these files.

  • What are the risks of using free tools?

The risks of using free tools are actually endless. There are countless ways in which you can negatively affect your data because no one really knows what could happen. If you are someone who is working with any type of professional email data, you should avoid using free tools because they are packed with spyware, malware and other types of cyber threats. Many users have also reported that their email data was corrupted and left unusable after getting uploaded on an online server.

  • Can I trust Mail backup X completely?

Yes, you can trust Mail backup X tool completely because it is the absolute best in its class. You don’t have to worry about malware, spyware or any other performance issues. The tool is absolutely secure even if you are working with classified data. Apart from this, the tool comes embedded with several added security features. You can also encrypt your mailboxes with a strong password. You can protect the data and the application to get double layers of encryption.

  • Can I migrate emails with this tool?

Yes, this tool comes with an inbuilt email viewer which is embedded within the interface of this tool. yes! This tool works both as an email converter and an email backup and recovery software. There are a lot of things that this tool can do and email migration just lifts it up and sets it apart and far ahead from its competition. You can now easily, backup, restore, archive and convert any emails you want.

  • Can I store my emails on my external hard drive?

Yes, you can store your emails on your external hard drive pretty easily with this software. You can choose wherever you want your mac emails to be stored. The tool lets you select any location on your local storage or a connected external hard drive. You can also directly restore mac emails to your live mailbox.

  • Can I store my emails anywhere else with this tool?

Yes, this tool specifically comes with “Choose a space” option where you can choose a particular space on your computer or on your preferred cloud storage. You can choose to store the backup to different locations like internal storage, cloud storage, external storage and even a portable USB drive.

  • I have an oversized mailbox. Can this tool backup and restore those mac mail emails?

Yes. This tool can absolutely backup and restore large mailboxes without fail. This is an automatic solution which works flawlessly due to its user-friendly interface and also ensures that there is no data loss or file modification. The tool works with complex algorithms which grant it the power to work with even the largest mailboxes without running into problems. No matter what you throw at it, it can work with it. This is why it is considered to be the best among all professional tools.

I am still sceptical. Is there a free demo I can test first?

It is good to be sceptical about something that could be a very important part of your life. If you are not sure about how a tool works, you should surely test it in advance so that you can find out everything you need to be sure. The free trial of this is offered to all interested users. You can work with the free trial of the tool for 15 days. You are offered all the features of this tool totally unlocked. You don’t have to risk even a single penny in order to work with the free demo. You can test it till you are satisfied.

User reviews

“I was scared of losing my emails during email backup because I didn’t know how to restore mac emails. I was able to overcome this with the help of Mail backup X by InventPure. I wanted to be an expert but I did not want to take any risks. This tool lets me backup, restore, archive and also export my emails like I want. Today, I can backup and restore mac emails whenever I want without worrying about data loss.” – Boris Crawley

“Mail backup X came like a revolution and literally changed everything about how we manage our emails. This can be called the perfect tool because it offers you everything in a single interface. You can backup, restore, archive and even export emails from different formats. I use it to backup and restore mac emails whenever I want. I have never faced any issues. This is a truly professional offering designed by top experts. You should certainly try its free version.” – Carla Sanders

System requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Home version/Single user

The single user version has been specially designed to help single users who want to get something for their home and work computers. The best thing about this single user version is that it can be installed on two computers for a single user. You can set up this version on both your home and work computers. It works on both windows and mac so there is nothing to worry about. You get to backup up to 5 mail profiles with the single or home version of this mac email backup and recovery tool. You can also get a 20$ top up which adds 10 more mail profiles to your backup capacity.

Team version

The team version is divided and offered in different packages. You can get the team version in packages of 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles for each user. You can also get a 20$ top up and get 10 more mail profiles which can be assigned to any user. As an addition, the admin of the team version can backup emails for other users remotely. You can enjoy the team version in your chosen package according to your need. It is also compatible with both mac and windows.

Get the free trial of this tool to find out more

Mail backup X is available in a free trial which can be downloaded by anyone. You should test the free trial to see if it works for you. All the features are unlocked and the tool works for a limited period of time. It is truly useful to understand the worth of this Mac email restore tool.

Get it right here.