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Best way to restore Mail from time machine: Professional solution for Mac

restore mail from time machine

Mail backup X can restore mail from time machine in few steps with absolute precision

  • Restore emails from time machine with minimum steps
  • Restore emails from time machine to your desired location
  • No data modification during backup and recovery
  • Choose the items that you want to recover from time machine
  • Works directly on Mac systems
  • No lags or errors while you restore mail from time machine
  • Automatic incremental backups that you can set up and personalize
  • View live progress of time machine restore on dashboard
  • Inbuilt email converter which can convert multiple formats
  • Backup and restore all major email applications
  • Smart resume feature for unfailing backup and recovery

Confused about what to do next? Get the free trial of Mail backup X and see how it works for you.

Mail backup X as the best way to restore mail from time machine

Over 40,000 users have tried Mail backup X to backup and restore their mails. Email backup and recovery has been made simpler than ever with this certified solution that works. We follow a fail proof approach and create backups in such a way that when we restore email from time machine or other services, there is no room for data modification or data loss. We want all mail users to understand the need for safe email backup and recovery because the need for it is rising consistently with rising cyber threats. It is best to realize your need and then choose the right solution which fulfils it. This is why Mail backup X has been developed to be the best way to backup and restore emails from time machine.

These are the features which make this time machine restore tool an ideal solution

  • Restore mails from time machine with easy steps

Most email users believe that it is not easy to restore mail from time machine by default. However, Mail backup X gives you easy instructions on how to restore mail from time machine in just a few steps without affecting the quality of your results. It doesn’t matter if you have experience of not. The tool guides you to backup and restore the emails you want, whenever you want.

  • Filter what you need during time machine backup and restore

The filter item facility allows you to specifically select the items or attachments that you need to backup or restore. This gives you power over the contents of your email backups. These are made customizable so that you don’t have to needlessly backup or restore your entire mailbox. This feature saves a lot of time because you are working with a specific amount of data.

  • Backup and restore multiple applications

You can backup and restore different email applications with Mail backup X. The tool allows you to backup Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. You get control over a variety of email applications so that you can use a single tool for maximum efficiency.

  • Smart backup and resume backup or restore process

There are times when we are experiencing poor connectivity. Mail backup X has a feature that can hold the progress of the backup/restore process when the connection is lost. It can then resume the process from where it was held. You don’t have to lose your progress like it happens with other email backup and recovery tools. This feature lets you save a lot of time and effort and is an absolute favourite of time machine users.

  • Check live status of time machine recovery

If you are using Mail backup X, you are always aware of what is happening. Our aim is to give you total control and transparency. You can check the live progress of the process on the dashboard where you see the active processes. You can switch back to any other process in the application whenever you want. At the end of the backup/restore process, you can check the log report.

  • Retains integrity of mailbox during time machine restore process

There is no use of time machine backup and recovery unless you are able to retain the integrity of your mailboxes. The whole point of choosing a certified solution is to maintain the originality of the mailboxes that are being backed up or restored. You can be assured that after backing up your time machine with Mail backup X, you will find every small detail retained.

  • Highly simplified and user friendly UI

Most users avoid the process of restoring mail from time machine because they don’t know how to do it with 100% accuracy. This is why Mail backup X brings you an easy to understand UI that stays with you and guides you from the installation till you get the final recovery. You are given clear instructions on what to do and that is how you achieve perfection while you restore mail from time machine.

  • Restore time machine mails in portable USB drive

If you have set up a USB drive to store backups, you can enjoy portable backups without making any effort. You have to just plug in your USB drive that you have already mapped while setting up the backup profile. The tool will then use the USB drive as the destination to store your backup. This gives you portability on the go without doing any struggle. This feature is great for users who constantly travel with their data.

These are the system specifications of Mail backup X

You don’t need to have a high end or advanced computer to restore mail from time machine. Take a quick look

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Client testimonials

‘I was almost going to use free online software for backing up time machine due to the apprehension that a professional tool might be too difficult for me to use. It was the free demo of Mail backup X which saved me. Trying it rid me off my fears. I bought the license for Personal edition and have been using since. You have developed a very unique tool which is so easy to use.’ – Viktor Oslo

‘Buying a professional time machine backup tool is big decision for a small business. But it is an important one because safety of data is paramount. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford loss of data so risk taking behaviour was not allowed. On top of that, this tool was not expensive and had many features. Today after having used it for months, I can look back and say that when it comes to safeguarding your business one must take the safest approach. Thank you.’ –Maria Scott


  1. I am a little confused and need help to understand that do I pay differently if I want to use this tool for email migration as well or that is a definite part of the same package?

Email migration feature is a part of the package you purchase whether it is Team edition or Personal edition. There are no extra charges for this feature as it is a part of this tool. I hope your confusion ends with this answer.

  • No one talks about the nested messages. What about these messages when we backup files?

This should definitely be addressed. Other tools and methods mess up on this. But Mail backup X includes nested messages and makes no changes in any form. It backs up these messages all the same. Let me also mention that empty folders are ignored saving you some work as well as space.

  • Will I lose progress if during backup I lose connectivity or power due to any reason?

We would never let that happen. It is with reason and confidence that this tool is termed the most efficient. No matter what causes the process to stop, resume feature ensures that backup will start from where it was interrupted. This is why it si such an intelligent tool.

  • How do I select a backup location for best disaster management strategy?

We have incorporated options for local as well as external backup in this tool. Locally, you can even go for mirror backups. Although you can choose where all you want to backup, we strongly suggest that you should go for both external as well as local backup for complete safety against all kind of data loss scenarios. A portable external backup would even keep you safe if something goes wrong with the Cloud storage. So, use multiple locations for backup.

  • When is the best time to back up?

Only you can decide that. With traditional backup methods, the problem was that it affected the performance of the system. Also, the work had to be stopped for this process to continue. But it has all changed with Mail backup X as you can back up without interrupting work and without affecting the performance of your device. So backup when it suits you.

What’s the next step that you should take?

The next step would be to test this tool for free. The free demo version works flawlessly to make you understand how it works in real time. You don’t have to spend even a penny to test all its features. They are unlocked and work perfectly for the provided time frame. Once you are sure that you want this tool as your permanent solution to backup and restore mail from time machine, you can upgrade to its full version. The choice is yours, you can either choose the single version or the team version according to your requirement and budget.

Make the right choice and come aboard. You will be able to manage your emails whenever you want and however you want.

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