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Best way to restore outlook 365 emails

restore outlook 365 emails

As a user of Office 365 Business or Enterprise services, you may be wondering if all of your work data and outlook 365 is backed up and how to restore outlook365 emails when needed. First of all, it is necessary to understand the different protection methods applied to Office 365 products.

What data is backed up by Office 365?

Backing up Exchange Online data

When purchasing your email licenses, Microsoft integrates different mechanisms to protect your data. Your email accounts are replicated several times in different datacenters to avoid any disaster or loss of data. The databases that host your accounts are also protected from software or hardware corruption by using mechanisms offered natively by Microsoft Exchange.

There is also the possibility of recovering items deleted by users for a period ranging from 14 days up to several years if necessary. Indeed, it is possible, depending on your Office 365 subscription, to create retention strategies that will allow you to recover the items deleted by your users even after several years.

Backup of SharePoint Online data

Regarding SharePoint Online, Microsoft offers similar protection mechanisms with the possibility of recovering deleted items for approximately 90 days.

It should also be noted that Microsoft directly backs up your site collection every 12 hours. This backup is not accessible in self-service and can only be used after having created a support ticket with their service. It is not possible to restore a single item using this operation; it is your entire site collection that will be restored. As with Exchange Online, it is also possible to deploy retention policies to prevent items from being deleted from your SharePoint site.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise and Business offer basic protection for dealing with a multitude of threats that could damage your data. But even if the protection offered by Office 365 is rather complete, some risks are not covered and the restoration of data can be long or even impossible if you do not have a real backup process in place. For certain companies and managers, the possibility of restoring their data in a granular and safe manner is essential.

But then, is Office 365 backup really necessary?

When we talk about backup for Office 365, the subject divides the Microsoft community. Many consultants consider that setting up backups for Office 365 is not strictly necessary. If we analyze the functioning of the O365 service, we understand that for Microsoft the backup is not a necessity. Different data retention mechanisms exist and according to Microsoft this remains sufficient to cover the needs of companies.

Many of our customers have told us that they want a specific tool to restore outlook 365 emails. For some IT managers, it is essential to have the guarantee that the corporate data outsourced to the Microsoft O365 Cloud is included in a real backup plan separate from the Cloud service they use and to have a tool backup allowing them to easily and quickly restore mac outlook 365 database. There are also other reasons why you should consider backing up for Office 365:

  • The need to restore outlook 365 all the data as it was at an instant T if ransomware could, for example, have infected a computer;
  • Set up a number of very distinct backups so as not to put the company’s data in the hands of a single Cloud provider;
  • Protect yourself from administrative errors in the Office 365 environment, for example deleting accounts or mailboxes. These errors are sometimes not involuntary as in the case of the departure of an employee who would not have gone well and who would have the power to seriously harm society …

When we talk about safeguarding, a fundamental notion keeps coming up: the 3-2-1 rule. This rule requires making 3 copies of your data on 2 different media, one of which must be off-site. If we analyze the Office 365 environment then we see that Microsoft respects this rule well but that an off-ecosystem copy of Microsoft can be a good thing for securing data. The protection systems integrated into Office 365 are of course integrated into Office 365 and therefore cannot be considered as external to the O365 environment…. One can reasonably think that an application must be protected by something other than this same application.

Know about the Simple and Best way to restore outlook 365 emails

If you want to back up and restore Outlook 365 Mac, you’ll need all the necessary information you can get. In general, it is believed that to make a backup and restore outlook 365 data, you must be an expert in the process. Since there is no native form of shortcut to make a backup of Outlook 365, let’s talk about the methods available to make a backup of Outlook 365 files. You may have found many Outlook 365 backup tools online on the Internet that claim to offer free results, however, there is more to them. If you listen to experts, they do not recommend backing up Outlook 365 mail with free tools. Since free and online tools do not offer any kind of data security, it is not advisable to use them unless you are 100% secure. If you want to know the best way to restore outlook365 emails with a 100% secure Outlook 365 backup tool, you are in the right place.

Mail Backup X Best Third-Party Solution

Third-party tools were offline software that was created to ensure that all Mac users can back up and restore outlook 365 data without worrying about risks like data loss or file modification. If you want to backup and restore Outlook 365 emails with 100% security and risk-free, you must obtain a certified Outlook 365 backup tool that you can really trust. There are some tools you can choose from, but there is also something you should know about them. Most professional outlook 365 email backup tools are thought to be too complex or too expensive for ordinary mac users. Then, if you are doing this for the first time, you will need a safe and reliable tool that can operate easily. You will need a tool that provides guidance to back up Outlook 365 files for all types of Mac users, beginner or advanced. So, let’s find a tool that fits the description above.

MAIL BACKUP X tool is created by InventPure to ensure that the Outlook 365 email backup process is optimized for all Mac users, regardless of their experience. This tool is created as the absolute solution to back up and restore Outlook 365 without affecting the original database. The tool works directly on Mac and offers all Mac users a backup of their Outlook 365 data without risking any files. The tool is surprisingly easy to install and operate. You don’t have to be an experienced user to back up or archive Outlook 365 with this tool. The tool’s easy-to-use wizard-based interface guides you through the backup process so you don’t miss anything. In addition, the tool guarantees to protect your email database from any type of data loss or file modification. So, if you are someone who likes to keep your files safe, this might be the best Outlook 365 backup tool you can get.

Discover the main advantages of our Mail backup X solution:

  • Simplicity and performance: Backing up your data is done transparently and using the platform is quick and easy. If necessary, you will be able to directly access all of the saved elements to act independently.
  • Centralized management: All the backups of your company on a single administrative console to save time.
  • Simplified data recovery: Different options will allow you to quickly restore lost, deleted, damaged or destroyed items.
  • A service managed by our engineers: No need to bother with the configuration or management issues of backup servers, our experts manage everything in the background so that you can guarantee the continuous backup of your Office 365 environment!