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How to save all emails from outlook to hard drive

save all emails from outlook

E-mail will never die: it is an excellent means of professional communication. But what should we do to save the messages received in on our PC? There is a good solution through Microsoft Outlook.

Saving Outlook emails to hard drive with attachments can be important for several causes. We can cram various emails in places safer than an account, to prevent someone from getting hold of confidential information in case the account is hacked. Or we can simply make a big archive that we can manage better. The utilities are many.

The professional medium: save the file as a PDF

Usually, the PDF format is one of the most suitable for this purpose. It cannot be easily modified, but it presents itself as the most suitable solution for archiving our emails with a view that is nothing short of integral.

We open our message in Outlook. We open the menu at the top left ” File ” and then go to ” Print “. In the available printers, you will find “Print to PDF” or “Adobe PDF”. This depends on whether you have installed a version of Adobe Reader or if your operating system comes with an integrated system for printing to PDF. Usually, Windows 10 already has a similar system among the available printers.

save all emails from outlook

Once printing is initialized, you will be prompted to save the PDF. Once the conversion is complete, your message will be saved.

The universal medium: save all emails from outlook in various formats

An easier method is to simply save the message. We open ” File ” and go to ” Save As “. As a result of this, you will be asked where to save the Email. Keep in mind that the standard choice for Outlook is to use a format that can only be read by him. This is handy if you only want to use that program to read your emails, but it’s not really a universal medium.

Therefore, change the type of file saved. You will be given an entire list. If you save the email as plain text, the message will be saved without formatting or multimedia content (images, sounds or special text). The HTML format is compatible for viewing through a browser. It is also possible to use an MHT file, which does essentially the same thing, but needs a separate archive to extract text, images and so on. The two remaining choices are dedicated to Outlook.

If you are looking for a suitable file, use HTML. This format saves all the contents of the Email in a single file, without the need for separate archives. All you need is a browser, even the integrated one from Microsoft (Edge or the dear old Internet Explorer are enough).

Speaking of some useful tricks that you can implement in Microsoft Outlook, there is also the possibility to save the individual contacts related to the received emails.

In the email, go to the contact. Then open “File” and go to “Save As”. As with email, you will be given a list of available formats. The standard one is the typical vCard, compatible with all editions of Windows and Android. In the case, you can save the contact as plain text, Rich Text (if you want to keep the text formatting) or as an Outlook file, if you only want your program integrated into Office to read this file. A universal solution that maintains quality is Rich Text.

Speaking of other useful features, you can save your appointments/commitments (or the whole calendar! ) As a single file.

Open your saved appointment. Go to “File” and then to “Save As”. You will always have a large number of formats available. The standard and most used is the iCalendar, which like the vCard is a file used by a good number of programs. But if you want a more universal format, use HTML.

How to save all emails from outlook 365

For the Outlook365 online service, here are the steps to save emails on your PC:

saving outlook emails to hard drive with attachments

  1. Select File> Open & Export> Import / Export.
  2. Select Export to a file, and then select Next.
  3. Select Outlook  Data File (.pst), and then select Next.
  4. Select the mail folder you want to save.
  5. Choose the name and folder where to save this backup file and then select Finish

Automatic and best way to save outlook mac emails

Mail Backup X removes the worry of a tedious process and automates the task of backup Outlook Mac 2011 2016 Mails on your Mac. Therefore, you can rest easy as you focus on more important tasks in your day to day life. Mail Backup X not only gives you back up your emails and Outlook Mac attachments but also does compression to save disk space. You can outlook save all emails in a folder. You can browse and search through the Mail data, you can also configure it to create a mirror backup and synchronize it regularly on a USB drive / FTP server.

Here are the regularly asked questions by users

Q.1 How to save all emails from outlook?

If you want to save all emails from outlook, you are going to need to backup your email application. You should get the Mail backup X to save all emails from outlook without any risk of data loss.

Q.2. Which is the best way to save outlook mac emails?

The best way to save outlook mac emails is with the help of a professional email backup tool like the Mail backup X by InventPure. Anyone can use it and it is 100% safe.

Q.3. Can I save all emails from outlook to hard drive or a USB drive?

You can save all emails from outlook to a hard drive with the Mail backup X. Just choose the folder location within your hard drive to store the backup. You can also use the Auto USB backup and sync feature to save the backup to a USB drive.

Q.4. Can I save all emails from outlook in a PDF file?

Yes, you can save all emails from outlook in a PDF file if you are using the Mail backup X. This certified tool comes with a feature to store your archives as PDF files.

Q.5. Can I leave out the unnecessary stuff while saving all emails from outlook?

Yes, you can use the filter item feature to ignore the empty folders automatically. You can also un-select the folders which you want to leave out from the backup process.

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Team edition

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