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Is the habit of simply backing up the PST file of MS Outlook 2010?

take pst file backup

If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 to process emails, appointments, and then you have lost information stored in Outlook contacts and events may cause serious problems. You may lose some accidentally deleted, hard drive failure reasons, ie data from Outlook. You should protect your important data from loss and backup of the entire Outlook 2010 PST file. Backup copy information. In the case of a serious failure, you can use this copy backup MS Outlook e-mail and other information missing from Outlook PST files. You may lose Outlook data due to various reasons. Here is a common reason responsible for PST file corruption.

Virus attack

Damaged PST file header

Use of PST files on the network

Oversized PST file

Application failure

human error

MS Outlook 2010 abruptly terminated

Improper system shutdown

How to take pst file backup in outlook 2010

Namely in Outlook 2010 there are two different ways to store information in PST file, in MS Exchange Server mailbox, the possibility of data loss from PST file. This is because the MS Exchange mailbox is located in a shared database, and the messages are stored on the server. The network administrator of the MS Exchange server is responsible for backing up the server. Along with that, he will also keep backing up the Exchange Server database with the entire information of the user.

If you have not configured MS Exchange Server, the data in Outlook 2010 is stored in a PST file. The PST file can be located on the local hard disk of your PC or in a directory on the home server. Although the server-based PST file and the local PST file are the same, from a functional perspective, from a backup perspective, they are different. This is because there is no need to take pst file backup files as the server-based home directory that network administrators need to back up regularly. PST files are usually located in home-based directories only. However, the normal network backup strategy does not apply to PST files on your local hard drive. In this case, you need to consider protecting your data from PST file in your own steps. You can manually backup the PST file in the import and export options, but it is very time-consuming, and its custom forms, views and other hidden data backup fails.

How to take Pst file backup in outlook 2007 and other version such as 2010, 2011, 2016 and 2019

In order to safely and quickly backup your Outlook file ie PST file, use one of the best Outlook backup and migration software. The software provides a one-click backup option to backup your Outlook 2010 PST file. If you are using Outlook 2007 against any corruption issues to protect your Outlook data, you can use this software. It can help you backup Outlook PST file data in 2007 easily. Even so, the latest version of Outlook such as: Outlook 2010 has a larger storage capacity, it may be damaged due to other reasons such as virus attack, Outlook crash, header damage, etc. caused by Outlook data loss. To avoid this situation, you can use this software to easily perform 2016 MS Outlook PST file backup . If you want to back up the data in Outlook 2010 at a specific time, then you can use the built-in scheduling Scheduled backup. It helps in the backup PST Windows 7 , Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. With the same software, you can backup Outlook contacts to an external drive.

Step-by-Step Outlook backup and restore steps

Step 1: Download and install the Mail Backup X app on your Mac. 

Step 2: Once the installation is complete. Start Mail Backup X from the applications / Quick Start menu

Step 3: you can start running a fully functional 15-day trial or, if purchased, activate the app.

Step 4: you will be presented with an option to configure a new backup profile. Choose configure a new backup profile.

Outlook Mac 2011 2015 2016  backup Profile Setup with Mail Backup X

Step 5: you will be given with the mail clients option > choose Outlook Mac 2011 or Outlook Mac 2016 depending on the version you are using and continue with the next step.

Choose Outlook Mac 2011 2015 Client to Backup Apple Mail on Mac

Step 6: you will be given with the folder structure of Outlook Mac 2011/2015 mail accounts. Select/deselect the folders you want to back up from Outlook Mac 2011/2015.

Select the Folders you would like to be backed up on Mac

Step 7: You are now offered with advanced options such as mail backup frequency (select Automatic as recommended or you can choose the days and time frame for backup), you can also choose to add and configure Mirror locations for multiple backups for extra security. You can also turn on automatic USB synchronization. Therefore, each time you connect the USB drive, it automatically copies and synchronizes a copy of the local backup to the USB disk in the background automatically.

Choose Settings that you prefer for Mail Backup

Step 8: The backup profile is configured and now your emails are configured to be backed up according to the options and settings you selected during the previous steps.

What makes users confused- top 5 asked questions

  1. Will I get an error while I try to take PST file backup?

No, you are not going to get any errors because the Mail backup X does not work like that. It is a straightforward tool that does not lag or cause any errors. Just follow the user interface and the tool will give you the results that you wish to have.

  • Can I share my archive if I don’t know how to take PST file backup in Outlook 2016?

Yes, you can definitely share your archives even if you don’t know how to take PST file backup in outlook 2010, 2011, 2016 or 2019. You can just use the PDF archiving feature where the tool allows you to store your email archive in PDF format. You can then share these PDF files with anyone.

  • Where do I get assistance if I get stuck while I am trying to take PST file backup in outlook 2019?

If you think you are stuck while taking PST backup, feel free to contact the support team. They are going help you through the issue till it is resolved. You can reach out to the support team anytime you want.

  • Are my folders and contacts secure with this tool?

Your entire database is secure with the Mail backup X. It is the safest tool to take PST file backup without the fear of data loss. You get 100% assurance of no data loss or file modification with this tool.

  • Can I use this software with different applications?

You can use the Mail backup X to backup different email applications like Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail and other IMAP services. It is the most versatile tool out there.

Client Testimonials on the Mail backup X

“If anyone asks you how to backup emails and really get some results, just tell them to get the Mail backup X. This tool is the perfect blend of everything that an email user wants in any utility. I got its free trial and tested it till I was familiar with its features. That is when I realized that it also works as an email converter. I immediately got its team license for me and my 4 team members. Now we can use it like we want.”- Edgar martin

“I was really afraid about the whole process of email backup and recovery. That is when my boss saw me reluctant about backing up my emails. He gave me the license for the Mail backup X and then I got to know his secret. This certified tool works right on mac and gives you the power to backup multiple clients without ever having to worry about data loss.”- Darron Wilson

System Specifications

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

The Mail backup X – Different packages for different users

Personal edition

The personal edition is for a single user

It can be used on two PCs

You can backup 5 mail profiles

Get 10 more mail profiles with a top up package

Available for both mac and windows

Free support and maintenance for a year

Team edition

The team edition is for multiple users

It can be used on multiple PCs

It is meant for 5, 10, 20 or 30 users in different packages

You get to backup 5 mail profiles per user

You can get 10 more mail profiles with an affordable top up

Get it either for mac or windows

Free support and updates for a year

The next step- Test it for free

The free trial of the Mail backup X has been designed to make you familiar with its performance and results. It works with all its features with a limited potential. However, it is enough to give you an idea about how it works and performs. Once you have tested all the features and seen the results first hand, you are free to go ahead and choose the full version according to your needs.

To download the free trial, click here.