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How to backup web.de mail emails automatically?

Best web.de backup solution for all users – Including YOU

If you want to backup web.de emails, you are right where you should be. There is a lot of confusion out there regarding several email backup services. Most users don’t know how to backup webmail services independently without using an email service. Here you will find out how to backup web.de emails with absolute precision every single time. You will get a simple, 100% effective and completely automatic solution for web.de email backup and recovery.

What is web.de backup?

It is true that billions of people use webmail services for their email communication needs. Web.de is a German email provider which serves millions of users for their emailing needs. It also has services like calendar, contacts and webmail. Since a lot of email users work with web.de email service, they also realize the need to create timely backups.

Why is web.de email backup needed?

Our world has totally gone digital and we store most of our contacts and communication data on the cloud or in webmail services like Gmail or web.de. However, things are not always rosy. With rising adoption, cyber threats are also increasing exponentially. There is a risk of your account getting hacked and all information getting lost. This is another reason why email backups are extremely important for all users, regardless of their experience with email backup process.

Unfortunately, many webmail services do not offer inbuilt backup or recovery options. Even if you are given the option to somehow create an email backup, you are not offered the option to restore the backup. Web.de email users are also looking for a way to backup and restore their emails. The good news is that it is finally here.

Which is the best way to backup web.de emails? Directly backup, restore or export web.de emails

There are two ways through which you can backup web.de emails.

Configure your web.de email with outlook and create backup when you need.

It is important that you have outlook app installed on your computer and you have logged in with your web.de email in the outlook application.

Step by step backup of web.de email with outlook 

  1. You just have to launch your Outlook email application and go to the file menu
  2. Go to the “Open and export” option
  3. Click on “Import/Export” option. This will launch the import and export wizard. Select “Export to a file” and click on the Next button to go forward
  4. Choose “Outlook data file” from the list of options and click on Next
  5. Now, outlook will show you different email folders from within your web.de email and you can choose the ones which you wish to be exported. This method can be used to backup only a single mailbox at a time. Once you have chosen your preferred folders, click on “Next”
  6. Now the outlook interface will prompt you to choose a location where you want your emails to be backed up and stored. Click on “Finish” and your backup will begin.

This was the process to manually backup web.de emails. This seems simple and it is so for many users who have some experience. But there are a few disadvantages of the manual method.

  • This process can be slow and time consuming
  • You might get confused during the process
  • The process of retrieving data from the webmail mailbox can take some time
  • A wrong click or a mistake can cause data loss
  • There is risk of human error
  • You may have to repeat the process multiple times to get the desired results

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that there is a lot of risk of losing your email files and items. If you lose your internet connection in the middle or experience power failure, you might end up corrupting or losing your email files. It may happen or it may not happen but the manual method is not risk free. This is why experts suggest using only professional methods to backup and restore any emails that might be important for you.

The best web.de backup solution today- Automatic web.de backup

There is a secure and professional solution available for all email users. It is called Mail backup X by InventPure. This tool is certified to run on both mac and windows operating system so you can freely work on either windows or mac. Once you have worked with this tool, you will realize how brilliantly it has been designed. Experts at InventPure have worked for a long time to develop the most effective and brilliant solution which works for all users regardless of their experience.

There are a lot of things which make this tool special and better than any alternatives out there

  • This tool works automatically and does not need any expertise from your side
  • You can set up automatic incremental backups to avoid any accidental data loss
  • The tool is incredibly easy to operate due to its user-friendly wizard-based interface
  • You get to backup all major email services which are used across the world
  • You can also use this tool to restore the backup to a live mailbox
  • You can also use this tool as an email converter with its inbuilt export feature
  • You can make portable backups when you want
  • You can archive your web.de emails directly as PDF files
  • You get a smart backup and resume feature which gives you freedom from internet dependency to continue the backup

How to automatically backup web.de emails – Step by step method

  • Download and install Mail backup X tool
  • Launch the tool to initiate web.de backup process
  • You will find yourself on the first window where there is an option to create a new backup profile
  • This will take you to the next window where you can see different email services which can be backed up with the help of this tool
  • To go forward, click on email server
  • You will be taken to the next window where you will see different options that can be backed up. Click on IMAP server
  • You will be asked to login to your email ID. Here you have to enter your web.de email ID and password. Click on Login
  • Once you have logged into this, the tool will start to automatically scan the email mailboxes and bring to you all the files you have in your mailbox
  • You are given the chance to choose the email items that you want to choose
  • You can select the ones you want to choose and ignore the rest
  • It is suggested to choose the automatically recommended settings for the best results
  • Click on continue to go forward with the process
  • Now you will find yourself on the advanced settings window where you can modify your backup
  • Name your backup profile according to your desired profile settings
  • Choose where you want your web.de backup to be stored
  • Configure your cloud backup to use it as the destination for your backup
  • You can also map a USB drive to use it as a portable backup destination
  • You can encrypt your web.de backup profile with a strong password so that there is no unwanted access
  • Once you have modified the backup profile, you can click on the save button to start the backup process

The backup will now start. You can track the progress of the backup on the live dashboard so that you don’t miss anything out. Once you have worked with this tool, you will realize its true potential.

You can also download the detailed log report of the backup process and get all the details of the process to keep dedicated records.

This was the automatic process of web.de backup.

Here is what our clients say

“I was tired of searching for the right tool to backup my old web.de emails. I could not find any reliable solution but I did not want to take any risk with a free tool. That is when I was suggested to use Mail backup X by InventPure. I found this tool to be ideal for me because it was simple to use and it gave me the power to take complete control over my emails regardless of the email service. Now, I can backup, restore, archive and also export my web.de emails any time I want. I get multiple email profiles through which I can simultaneously backup multiple email services with absolute control.” – Damien Franco

“I was sure about what I wanted but I didn’t know where to get it. There were just so many options available out there that I ended up confused. I was satisfied only when I used Mail backup X. This truly professional tool works on both mac and windows. It also lets me backup all major email services along with IMAP services so I am really free with this tool.”  Samantha Rogers

Here are the packages which are offered for all users

The single user edition

The single version of the tool allows you to backup up to 5 mail profiles. This version is meant for a single user and can be installed on two computers. If you need more mail profiles, you can get the top up pack and it will give you 10 more mail profiles. It works on ma and windows.

The team edition

The team version of this tool is incredibly powerful since it is offered in packages for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. This version is also compatible with both mac and windows. You get to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can get the top up package which gives you 10 mail profiles in addition to the ones you already have the capacity of backing up. The team version admin gets the ability to use the tool remotely for other users.

Get the free demo version right here

Yes! You can try the free demo of this web.de backup tool right here. You just have to test the trial to really find out how it works in real time. Once you are able to test all the features of the tool, you will be sure that this is what you want. It works for 15 days and you don’t have to commit anything. All the features are left unlocked so that you don’t feel that anything is hidden from you. Want to test the free demo? Click right here –