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How to backup Microsoft exchange email? Here is the best way to do it

If you want to find out how to backup Microsoft exchange emails, you are at the right place.

What if you were told that there is a single solution through which you can backup and restore Microsoft exchange emails and more? It is true! All you need is the right tool and all your troubles will be gone.

Read this article till the end and you will find the best Microsoft exchange email backup solution that works.

Why do we need to backup Microsoft exchange emails?

  • It is found that a majority of exchange servers are not adequately backed up
  • If proper backups are not in place, companies might explain server failure
  • Many times, users accidentally delete emails or contacts
  • Exchange database files are also prone to corruption
  • There is also a chance of unexpected disasters causing data loss

It is common for most employees who work in an organization to send important email information over email without thinking whether the information will stay secure and preserved. But it is extremely important for companies to have a solid backup plan in order to avoid any unfortunate situations.

You have two options to create Microsoft exchange backup

The first option is to manually backup exchange server to PST file

Launch your outlook application

  • Go to the file menu >> Open & Export
  • Click on Import/Export
  • Click on Export to a file and hit the Next button
  • Select outlook data file (.PST) and click Next
  • Select the folder you want and click Next
  • Name your backup file and choose where you want to store it
  • Click on Finish and your backup will start

This was the manual method to backup exchange to a PST file.

There are certain drawbacks of manual Microsoft exchange backup

  • This process can be slow and tedious for many users
  • Need for skilful execution of the process for acceptable results
  • Risk of data loss and mailbox corruption if wrong steps are taken

If you want to avoid the risks associated with manual exchange email backup and recovery, you should only use the modern automatic methods.

Mail backup X by InventPure is the fastest, most powerful, efficient and economical

Mail backup X is the best way to backup Microsoft Exchange emails if you are someone who likes perfection. If you need quick, accurate and reliable results without needing to do anything complicated, this is the tool for you. If you want a tool which can give you absolute control to do what you want with your email data regardless of the service or format, this is the tool for you. Experts have taken years of research and put it behind this tool so that you can have the most accurate, easy and reliable email backup and recovery whenever you want.

This is the best tool for Microsoft exchange email backup and more. It lets you backup, restore, convert and also archive any emails you want. Everything is offered under a single interface. What more can a user want? This tool has it all!

These are the most unique features of this Microsoft exchange backup tool

  • Set up automatic incremental backups
  • Restore your exchange email backups to your live mailbox
  • Backup and restore Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Exchange and other IMAP based email services
  • Archive Microsoft exchange emails directly as PDF files
  • Inbuilt search box to find emails in mailbox
  • Inbuilt compression feature to save up to 3X space
  • Inbuilt email conversion feature that lets you export any email backup
  • Smart backup and resume feature for uninterrupted backups
  • Filter item lets you choose what you want to backup or ignore
  • Create online or offline backups
  • Choose how frequently you want your files backed up
  • Mirror backups, fragmented backups, distributed backups, full backups and more
  • Works on both mac and windows OS
  • Backup all major email services without compatibility problems
  • Different versions to choose from (according to usage and budget)

This is how the tool works – How to automatically backup Microsoft exchange emails

Here is the step-by-step process to backup Exchange email mailbox 

Pre-backup process – The first thing you need to do before you go on to back up your Microsoft exchange emails is to download and install this tool

  1. You have to launch the tool first. Do this by double clicking on the Mail backup X icon. Doing this will bring you to the first window where you can clearly find the option of creating a fresh backup profile. Click on the “Setup a new backup profile” button to go to the next step
  2. Now you will see several email services to choose from like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Postbox. Click on Email server.
  3. This will bring you to the next window where you will see more options to backup and restore. Here, we want to backup Microsoft exchange emails so we will click on Exchange server.
  4. Mail backup X tool will now begin to go through your exchange account. It will bring to you, all the contents of your mailbox in the form of folders and items within them. You can choose any folders you want. Just select any folder you want or de select the folders you don’t want. You can also choose to leave behind all empty folders. To go forward with the process, click on continue.
  5. Now, you will find yourself on the most important advanced settings window where you can modify your backup profile according to the desired results.
  6. This window is the most important part of your exchange backup process
  7. You can find the option here to give a name to your backup profile
  8. You can also select where you want your email backups to be stored. Once you click on “Choose a space” you will be given an option to store your data on your computer or a connected offline location. You can also choose the other option which lets you “Add new cloud space” where you can configure your own cloud storage account so that you can use it to store your exchange email backup. Cloud backup and recovery is faster than regular backup and recovery.
  9. You can also secure your backup so that this data is inaccessible on any other computer. You can also add another layer of security so that anyone who launches the app has to enter the security key every time.
  10. There is an option to set up automatic incremental backups so that you get automatic backups without any manual intervention. You can choose your preferred storage and backup frequency so that you don’t have to do it again and again. The tool takes a full backup once and then backs up each email as it arrives.
  11. There is another setting which lets you configure a USB drive which can be used as the destination for automatic snapshot backups.
  12. Once you have modified the backup profile, you can click on “Save” to start the exchange email backup process.

The process is now live and the backup progress can be tracked on the live dashboard. You can also download the detailed log report of the exchange backup progress after the process is finished and you have the end results.

This was the process of backing up Microsoft exchange emails with the help of the best third-party solution available today.

Here are the latest client testimonials

“I did not know how to backup Microsoft exchange emails. This is why I wanted to find out a solid and reliable way to backup Microsoft exchange. I found Mail backup X to be the ideal way to backup and restore any emails including all major ones. I just followed the user interface and I was able to backup my Microsoft exchange emails. You should give it a try and see how it works.”- John Kramer

“What if you could backup Microsoft exchange or any email service you wanted with a single email backup tool? I found Mail backup X by InventPure to be the most useful, powerful and affordable automatic email backup and recovery software. Just a few clicks, and the job was done. I love this tool and use it for everything related to email management. It can backup, archive, convert and also restore any emails I want!”- Alice Rimbaud

Mail backup X Packages

These are the packages offered by Mail backup X exchange backup software

  • Single user version

This version is offered for both mac and windows users. You can install this tool on two computers. This is ideal for single users. You can backup and restore up to 5 mail profiles per user with this version. If you think that you need more firepower, you can get an advanced top up package which gives you 10 more backup profiles.

  • Team version

The team version is also one of the greatest reasons why users love working with this tool. It is offered for different types of teams ranging from small to large. You can get this tool even for 5 users. You can also get this version customized for your enterprise. Similar to the single user version, this version can also be upgraded with a single top up package which gives you 10 more mail profiles to backup.

The team version admin also gets the exclusive rights to use the tool remotely to manage backup profiles for other users.

Here are some frequently put-up questions – Answered

Can I backup Microsoft exchange email without experience?

Yes, you can surely backup Microsoft exchange email without experience if you are using the right tool. All that matters in email management is the tool that you are using. If you are someone without any experience, the manual method is not recommended for you. The only way to go is the use of a certified tool like Mail backup X by InventPure. This tool offers a dedicated and user-friendly interface which guides you through the process and ensures that you don’t feel confused at any point of time during the process.

What is the benefit of PDF archiving feature offered in Mail backup X?

PDF archiving is one of the most advanced and useful features which are offered with Mail backup X tool. This PDF archiving feature allows you to directly archive Microsoft exchange emails to PDF format. These PDF files can be protected with a strong password before they are shared. The benefits of PDF files are many but the most important one is that they can be accessed without the internet. They can be used to preserve the folder hierarchy as well as for printing needs. Mail backup X is the best choice for this.

Get the free demo of this exchange backup software

Yes! You can now really test how this tool works in real time. The free demo version of this tool works flawlessly to give you a complete idea about how this tool works with real files. Most email users are sceptical about the tool that they considering to choose. This is where a free trial comes to the rescue. The best thing about the free demo version of Mail backup X tool is that it works for 15 days and gives you access to all features without anything being hidden.

You are free to go ahead and upgrade to the full version of the tool in your chosen package.

To download the free trial of the tool, click here –