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archived yahoo emails

You are well aware that your data is not as safe as it once used to be. Hackers have become smarter and can get your data in a jiffy before you know it. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you? This is why it is important that you have Yahoo Mail archive. This will ensure your data is protected and you have a copy of all your Yahoo mailbox data with you at your fingertips. The easiest solution for archiving your mail data is InventPure’s Mail Backup X. A comprehensive look into the features will help you better understand why this tool is the best for easily archiving your Yahoo Mail data.  

 Effortless to set up and start using

 The first question in your mind may be how to archive Yahoo mail folder with this tool? Don’t worry, the wizard makes it so much easier and effortless. After you download the software, you need to install it. The installation process is smooth. Once that is completed, you can start with the actual archiving process. There are only a few steps that you need to perform in order to archive Yahoo Mail with this software tool. If you are a beginner, then we assure you there is nothing to get tensed about. The software is self-explanatory and easy to use even with no prior knowledge and experience.

 Preservation and security that no other can beat

 When you archive your Yahoo emails with this archiving tool you can expect flawless preservation. Your data is going to be preserved without any loss of data. All International languages are preserved with this archiving tool. Your data will be extremely secure and safe too. The reason is that encryption is applied to all the data. This lets you store all your confidential email conversations and attachments with utmost ease. You will never have to stress about doing something extra to keep your archived email data safe from unauthorized access.

Backup Yahoo Mail emails as they arrive

 InventPure’s archiving software tool is capable of backing up your emails as they arrive in your mailbox. This is a major advantage for people who do not wish to back up their data at intervals but want everything to be backed up. This is how it works. If there is an email that comes into your mailbox, it gets automatically archived and saved at your desired location. This ensures full archiving of your Yahoo mailbox is performed. In this manner, not even a single email is left out. All your emails will be getting archived as they come into your mailbox. You don’t need to do anything as the software takes over.

 Save wherever you like

The Yahoo archive folder can be wherever you want it to be. This archiving application can save your archived emails where you wish. You get an option to save your emails where you wish. You can choose one location or multiple locations for saving your emails. When the emails are stored in a single location they are saved in a folder that you can name as per your choice. When you choose to archive emails in multiple locations, the archives are not linked. That is, if you delete an archive from one location, the same archive won’t be deleted from the other. This ensures that when you cannot access one location, another is still available for you.

Compression to save when you archive

Your emails are compressed when they are archived with Mail Backup X. This helps to save a lot of space which would otherwise take a lot of storage. As you know, the emails that you store are only going to increase with time. They are not going to decrease. This is why an efficient method of archiving is required. Mail Backup X helps you save lots of gigabytes by compressing up to three times. This can save considerable space when you are thinking of thousands of precious emails. The compression does not affect the data that is being stored at all. In fact, it can help you make the most of your storage available.

USB back up option

You can back up your archived emails to a USB drive. This helps you to keep your data safe in an external location as well. You can auto-sync to the USB drive. This helps you copy archives from a location you specify to the USB drive when it is plugged into your Mac. This can help you save time and energy of having to manually send the archived folders to the USB drive. The tool helps to effectively move your Yahoo archived emails to USB drive at lightning fast speed every single time. This is done incrementally so that there are no two copies of the same Yahoo email archives.

FTP server

When you purchase the archiving software, you get an integrated client of FTP. This feature can be very useful. The FTP client helps you to securely store your archived Yahoo emails to the server. You can choose when to upload your archived emails to the FTP server. If there is a requirement for a restoration of your Yahoo emails, you can get them easily without wasting any of your precious time. The archiving software gives you the ability to set up different backups if you want to be extra careful to ensure zero loss of your data. You can set up mirror backups as well.

Ease of finding emails

What happens when you have thousands of Yahoo archived emails? It becomes difficult to search through them. Thanks to the efficient search tool available in this archiving software, you can find what you want pretty quickly. There are various search options that are available in this archiving software. If you need something urgently then this tool will impress you with speed. The tool does not slow down or lag when it is searching through your thousands of emails. It just works to get what you are looking for as fast as it can. You can search using keywords, attachments and many other criteria.

Organizing emails becomes easy

You can organize your archived Yahoo emails pretty easily with the help of InventPure’s software. That is because you can save the archived emails in the form of PDF files. Once the archived files are saved in that format, you can organize them as you wish without any issue. You can do so when you are archiving from other email accounts such as Gmail as well. The tool makes sure that you can organize your data without any difficulty at all. The best part is that your Yahoo mailbox folder structure remains the same. Your emails won’t be all over the place but will be in properly designated folders.

You can archive from other email accounts

You are not tied to only archive Yahoo Mail emails with this software tool. You can just as easily archive your email data from other email accounts. The only difference will be your choice of email client at the beginning of the archiving process. Everything else will remain the same and you don’t have to worry about anything as it will be done just as easily. This helps you securely archive not only your Yahoo Mail messages but messages from other email clients as well. This is an additional bonus that you can use to archive and safeguard your email messages before a calamity occurs.

Viewer to ease monitoring

There is an email viewer that is available with this particular software utility. It enables you to view all the archived emails in a single place. This is particularly useful for viewing and monitoring purposes. When you have your archived emails, you can view them when you like. You do not need the Internet connection for viewing them which means you can view all your emails together. All the emails will be in one place which will help you easily go through your emails even when Yahoo server is down. When you archive other emails from other email clients, these can be viewed here as well without you having to switch.

Bonus Feature

You get a free conversion tool that comes embedded with this archiving software tool. You can use the converter to convert data from one format to other. Of course, the formats we are referring to are email formats. This helps you to migrate your mail data from one email client to another with utmost ease and speed. There is no restriction as to many conversions you perform. The conversion tool is the best-in-class and so you should expect excellent conversion. The converter recognizes files from all the well-known mail formats that are currently available. This saves you from buying an exporting or importing tool for your email data migration needs and requirements.

You cannot get a more comprehensive tool than this. Did you know that there is a free trial of this archiving software available for free? Try it today and discover what a fantastic archiving software for Yahoo Mail feels like!