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Why businesses should consider Yahoo Mail backup emails

Yahoo Backup

Yahoo Mail backup emails is a significant procedure that you should perform when you rely on Yahoo Mail for communication. However, many of you probably are unaware of why and how archiving is so crucial. Let us dive into the details that make Yahoo Mail email archiving an extremely irreplaceable procedure for businesses and individuals worldwide. The following are the reasons why Yahoo Mail archiving and backup is so important.  


Intellectual property is exceedingly helpful due to many reasons. When you have a plethora of emails in your Yahoo Mail mailbox, there is a lot of data that can be analyzed. This can be done with analytics software tools that are available for effectively analyzing your data. You can additionally take a look at the emails exchanged in the past. This can give you valuable insights into the communication that occurred and how you can improve in those areas. Email archiving will ensure that this can be effectively accomplished as you will have all your company’s data.


If your business uses Yahoo Mail as a mode of communication, then there are certain rules and regulations you must follow. Different business sectors and industries have different compliance rules. However, all businesses have some rule or the other that states how long you should store the data for and what data has to be stored. The rules indicate storing email content and the attachments too. The emails should be retrievable. The industries that need to follow the data retention policies include healthcare and energy.


When employees are working, mistakes can happen. They may accidentally delete an email only to realize later that it was a very important email they couldn’t delete. This happens to everyone at some point in time. However, once the deletion is done, there is no going back as the cost of retrieving Yahoo Mail after deletion is quite a lot. Moreover, time is wasted trying to get back the deleted email. Email archiving makes this a non-issue as your email data will be secure in another location. You can get the email archive and restore it.


You can effectively manage storage by employing email archiving. When you have a mailbox that is too full, the page opens slower and it does hamper productivity to some extent. When you archive your Yahoo Mail emails and subsequently delete those emails from the mailbox, then you can help to decrease the number of emails in your mailbox. This will increase the speed at which your mailbox opens. Moreover, you can save money as you will not have to buy extra storage for your Yahoo Mail mailbox. This can save a lot depending on the size of your business.


A court case or any legal action can be taken against your business. When you have supporting data in the form of emails, you will be protected. If you are unable to get the data at the right time (due to not archiving) then the costs and risks are very high. You cannot afford to do that as your business will be at stake and your business will be affected in a bad way. Your business (and you) will lose your reputation and this is when the competitors will pounce at the opportunity to make a profit with your business going into losses.


When you have loads of data that is being exchanged, the management of data can be overwhelming when your IT staff is in charge of it. Email archiving takes this stress away from them. When archived emails are stored in a central repository, the data becomes much easier to manage and access. In the case of recovery, it becomes easier too. You will be able to restore and get your email data whenever you need it. This makes it excellent for retrieving data in real-time and to recover your emails along with the attachments when it is necessary to do so.


Email archiving gives you the ability to store your emails where you want. Good quality email archiving software solutions allow you to select where to store your Yahoo Mail archives. This gives you a wide range of options to save Yahoo backup emails. You can store on FTP servers. You can store on dedicated devices. You can store on computers. You can store on multiple devices. You can store in the cloud. There are many options for you to save when you archive your emails. This ensures your email data is secure wherever it is saved.


When you store your emails only on Yahoo Mail mailbox, you have to rely solely on the server’s ability to fetch the emails for you. When you archive emails, you don’t have to rely only on the email server only. The location where you saved can be used for getting your email data and attachments such as documents. This means in the case of no or low Internet connection, you can still get access to your email data for sure. This ensures your business does not stop or slow down. This is of course, only true if you have saved the emails on devices where you can access them anytime.

There are no shortcuts to Yahoo Mail email archiving and you simply cannot do without it. Now more than ever, the need for keeping email data protected is crucial. You need to always be prepared and email archiving lets you do just that. Emails are here to stay and so it is always better for you to archive them. The next question is how should to archive your emails? There are many methods that can help you archive Yahoo Mail emails. Some tools are limited in nature while others are ahead with the changing times. Which one should you ideally choose for perfect archiving of your emails? Let us find out.

Which Yahoo backup tool should you use?

As there is a myriad of users in the world, a software solution that is able to cater to different users is the need of the hour. Although you might be thinking how can that be the case, we are here to show you it is possible. A flexible software solution is an answer to this situation. The best one out there is Mail Backup X by InventPure. This paid email archiving software tool for Mac is a great tool for all types of users and it is suitable for people of different proficiency levels. The software tool comes with an affordable price tag which means more small businesses can now archive emails with this world-class tool.

The following are the main features of Mail Backup X.

Safety and compression

Yahoo Mail emails will be encrypted when you archive them. This happens by itself each time that you archive your emails with Mail Backup X. The emails are going to be compressed as well. This will give you the ability to store your emails safely anywhere you want. You don’t need to think about any other security measures as Mail Backup X does it for you. The strong encryption is used so that your emails and the data stored in them is super-safe always.

View and find

You can view all archived Yahoo emails and attachments. There are two useful tools; a viewer and search tool for Mail Backup X. This can be accessed with the help of the dashboard that you get along with the tool. The viewer keeps all the archived emails together; somewhat like your Yahoo Mail emails. The finding tool helps to search through the entire set of archived Yahoo Mail emails. It returns the results in a short amount of time. This helps with efficient and quick searching.

Yahoo backup email in three ways

You can archive your emails in three distinct ways. You can archive automatically. The archiver does this incrementally where only new emails (which have not been archived before) are archived. The other method is to set an interval. The archiver backs up your emails at that interval time every day. This helps to have a dedicated time when the archiving of your emails occurs. The third is by manually archiving where you are supposed to archive when you want.

Manage storage

You can manage storage by saving on multiple locations. You can have mirror backups and distributed backups with Mail Backup X too if you wish which gives you greater options for storing the Yahoo Mail archives of your business. In addition to that, you can store on the Mac. There is an FTP client that is supplied to you along with the license when you buy it. You can store the Yahoo Mail archives there so that if a problem with the physical storage device is encountered, then you don’t have to suffer the loss of your precious data.

Mail Backupmakes it possible for you to save your email archives in PDF format too. This can make it easier for you to manage your Yahoo Mail archives. There is a trial version of the tool as well. This tool is cost-effective and provides you with the ability to perform archiving to get all the archiving benefits.