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How to backup Zoho email with 100% accurate results: This secret method changes everything

In a world full of rising cyber threats, it has become essential to back up your emails especially if you use email for work of business. Zoho mail backup is one of the most in-demand things because Zoho mail users want a solution to backup Zoho mail with complete efficiency.

Here you will find out how to backup Zoho emails with the best-in-class solution which never fails.

If you are familiar with email backup and recovery, you must be aware that this process was done with the manual method. There were no other options so the users had no other ways to backup their emails. Fortunately, things changed when third party tools were introduced to automate the process of Zoho email backup and more.

How to find the right Zoho backup tool for your emails

The best solution for effortless and secure Zoho mail email backup is the use of professionally designed third party tools

How to backup Zoho mail – Manual step by step method

  • Open your Zoho email account
  • Go to the settings option
  • Find the Import/Export Emails option
  • In the next window, choose your preferred date range so that you can choose the time period for which you need the backup
  • Once that is done, click on Export
  • Your export process will be done and you will get a link to the exported ZIP file in your email
  • Through this link, you can download the ZIP file for 30 days

Drawbacks of manual Zoho Backup

As you can see, the process looks a little less complicated compared to other manual email backups. However, there are a few limitations to this method.

This tool only allows you to download or backup only one folder at a time so if you want to backup your entire mailbox, you will have to repeat the process again and again. Apart from this, there is one more disadvantage that you cannot ignore the items that you don’t wish to include in the backup.

This lack of flexibility and other limitations make this option a secondary one compared to the modern and more effective backup methods out there.

How do automatic methods compare to the manual method?

If you are a curious user, you might have seen that there are several options to backup and restore emails automatically. Before automatic methods, manual methods were used but they were not accurate or efficient enough to be used professionally. On the contrary, automatic tools are able to offer you ease of use and automation of the email backup and recovery process.

Compared to the manual methods, automatic methods are able to provide protection to your email data regardless of your skill or experience. These methods are also advanced in terms of the algorithms used to create them. The risk of data loss or file modification is completely eliminated with these tools. These tools are designed with advanced encryption features which enable you to feel confident about the process and its results.

How to backup Zoho Mail emails with automatic method

The best way to backup Zoho mail emails with an automatic or third-party method is with the help of Mail backup X by InventPure.

The process is initiated after you have successfully downloaded and installed the tool.

  • After installing the tool, launch it by double clicking on the tool icon.
  • You will find yourself on the first window where you can find different options for backup and recovery. You have to click on “Setup a new backup profile”.
  • Now, you will see the various email services which can be backed up with the help of Mail backup X tool.
  • You have to choose, email server from the available options and click on it.
  • To go ahead, you have to click on IMAP server option.
  • The tool will now ask you to enter the credentials of your Zoho email account.
  • Once you do that, you will be taken to the inbuilt mail viewer window where you will get the option to choose the files that you wish to be backed up.
  • Here on this window, you get to choose the email items and folders that you need. You can also ignore the folders that you want to ignore with a single click. Once you have chosen the options you want, click on continue.
  • The tool will bring you to the advanced settings window where you get to modify your backup settings
  • These are the backup settings that you can do in order to modify the backup process
  • Give a name to your backup profile
  • Choose the storage destination for your email backup
  • Choose the frequency of your backup
  • Set up your cloud service to use it as storge for cloud backups
  • You can encrypt your email backups with a strong password
  • You can map a USB drive to use it as a storage location for cloud backups
  • Once you have modified your backup profile, click on Save

Once you have clicked on the save button, your backup will begin instantly. To make things even better, the tool allows you to track the live progress of the backup on the live dashboard.

Once the Zoho mail backup process is finished, you can download the detailed log report of the backup too.

Why choose this Zoho backup tool?


The one thing which sets this piece of software apart from the competition is its ability to handle complex things and make them simpler. The developers of this tool have been able to automate the process of email backup and recovery completely.


Email backups mean nothing without security. The whole point of email backup and recovery is to secure your email data and to protect it from the dangers of hacking, data loss and other cyber threats.


The best thing about working with efficient measures like Mail backup X is that they are cost effective. Professional tools were often considered to be out of the reach of regular email users.


The tool offers the benefit of flexibility for users who always wanted personalized backups. If you need to be able to modify your backup any time you want or like you want, you are going to love working with this tool.

Easy to use

The main reason why this tool is popular among all email users is its ease of use. The user interface of the tool is user friendly and wizard based. It enables you to effortlessly backup and restore your emails any time you want.

Email conversion

This tool is embedded with an inbuilt email converter which gives you the opportunity to use it as an email migration or export software too. This is a brilliant innovation which has changed the way users look at email management. You are not getting two tools at the cost of one.

Smart backups

It happens several times that users are in the middle of the backup process when they lose connectivity. When this happens, most methods lose the progress of the backup and hence the users are forced to start and perform the backup all over again. This is something that not all users can afford because it takes immense time and effort. The smart backup and resume feature embedded within this tool can automatically pause and resume the backup according to the internet connectivity. You don’t have to worry about losing valuable progress anymore.

These are the most frequently asked questions

  1. What are other email services which can be backed up with the help of this tool?

You can easily backup and restore multiple email services, including all major email services used across the world. You can backup Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP services like Zoho mail, Proton mail, Web mail services and more. There is nothing that you cannot do with this tool.

  •  What if I want to make a portable backup?

If you want to make a portable backup, Mail backup X tool gives you the ability to create your own portable USB backups. You can map your chosen USB drive and configure it as the destination for automatic portable backups. You will just need to plug in the USB drive and the tool will automatically detect it. Then the tool will store the latest snapshot copy of your backup in this device.

Want to find out everything before you go ahead? Check out the free trial of this tool!

The free demo version of this Zoho mail backup tool has been developed particularly to give you a clear picture of how the tool works in real time. Once you are done testing the free trial of the tool, you can upgrade to the full version to get the full benefits.

To download the free Zoho mail backup tool, click here.