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Mail backup X Mail converter for mac and windows – Automatic email conversion software

The right Mail converter can make all the difference when transferring from one mail service to another

Email conversion is an important task in the field of mail management. When an individual or an organisation decide to switch from one mail service to another due to any reasons, they can face format incompatibility. Making files compatible requires email conversion. It can be a tough nut to crack if you are thinking of doing something so important without the aid of professional tools.

Professional email conversion software makes the difficult ease and simple

Certified tools combine advanced algorithms with improved and new user interfaces so that the sophisticated technology can be applied by a user without the need for any skills. If this was not so, then the technology fails to be user friendly and thus fails its purpose. This is something which has actually happened with many licensed tools. This is why you need to be careful when selecting a certified mail conversion software application. There are few checks you must run which should include-

●         Accessibility and ease of usage

●         Affordability and choice of packages

●         Security with easy to apply settings for keeping data secure

●         Interactive interface and simple instructions

●         Good experience of existing users

●         Dependable user support and maintenance

The best ever mail converter for Mac

Windows users rue that Mac users have better choices with regards to applications for tasks like mail backup, conversion, recovery, and security. Mac users also say the same. For the first time, both the users can have consensus on one application which can run on both the operating systems for email conversion.

Apple Mail to PST Converter

Mac Mail to PST Converter

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

PST to MBOX Converter

PST to Mac Mail Converter

PST to Thunderbird Converter

OLM to PST Converter

PST to Apple Mail Converter

OLM to MBOX Converter

Thunderbird to PST Converter

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

It is Mail backup X mail conversion software by InventPure!

This is the tool that is going to please both segments of users with its ease of use, set of features which are simply outstanding, multiple functions not just limited to mail migration, and flawlessness. This tool combines three major functions that are otherwise too difficult with manual methods. These are email archiving, conversion, and email recovery from backups. The set up and settings are easily manageable even if you have no previous experience or technical knowledge.

 How to use Mail backup X Mail converter tool to migrate emails?

This is the step-by-step process of mail conversion from Apple mail to PST format. You just have to download and install the latest version of Mail backup X email converter for mac.

Launch the tool by double clicking the tool icon. This is the first window where you will see already set email profiles and other information related to the data that has been managed with this tool.

You have to click on the “convert” button on the left panel

mail converter

This will start the process and you will find yourself on the next window where the tool lets you choose different email services or formats so that you can get what you want. Choose the source email and click on the corresponding option. Click on Apple mail.

email converter

The tool then asks you to grant disc access so that it can retrieve your Apple mail emails from your computer and any stored mailboxes. This is secure and you don’t have to think about the safety of your emails anymore. Click on the version of the tool which applies to you. Here, we are going to select Mail backup X personal.

mail converter Mac

This brings you to the next step in the conversion process. It is suggested that you choose the auto detect option to save your time. You also get other options to get the emails from Apple mail archive or Apple mail database.

mail converter software

Now you can see that the tool has scanned for all available Apple mail emails and has brought them to you in an organized manner. You can choose the email folders that you wish to convert. Once you have selected all folders you want, click continue.

mail conversion

Now, you are going to choose the destination or target email service or format. You should choose the format you want to export to. Click on MS outlook PST format.

email conversion

Now, you are at a crucial point where you get to make one very necessary modification. You have the chance to split the resultant PST file into a smaller size so that it can be managed more efficiently. You can choose the size of the PST files so that it is easier for you to manage them post conversion. Once you have specified the size of the PST, click on continue.

mail converter tool

This is where you get to select the storage where you want the exported files to go. Here you can choose an already existing folder or create a new one.

email conversion software

Your mail conversion process will now start. You can actually see it happening in real time. You can see where the files are getting stored. The end report shows you the total number of items which have been converted along with the storage path. Once you are satisfied with the results and the corresponding report, click on done. This is all there is to using Mail backup X Mail converter tool.

mail converter for Mac

This was email conversion with the best email conversion tool for mac.

Here are some of the best features of this mail converter software

More than a mail converter

This tool is a brilliant email converter. But really it is much more than that. It also works as a dedicated email backup and recovery software. It is regularly used all around the world to backup, restore, archive and also convert all major email services.

Convert specific files

The filter item window lets you be very specific when it comes to managing emails. You don’t have to convert all files at once or the entire folder at once. You can access each label and select or deselect any file you want. This gives you the power to control the backup in a way like never before.

Handles multiple email services

 You get to work with emails from different email services like Apple mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo mail, and other IMAP services.

Split large PST files

PST files can be nuisance if they cross a certain size. They are prone to getting corrupted after they grow substantially. This is why most people prefer to split PST files into smaller manageable chunks. This tool allows you to choose the size of your exported PST files yourself.

Choose your own path

This tool gives you the chance to choose your own storage for the exported email data. You can select your own storage path or create a new specific folder to store the converted PST files or email data.

No performance issues

This tool is designed to give you 100% efficient performance regardless of your email service or your experience. You don’t have to worry about any lags or errors. You can work with the largest possible file and this tool will not lag at all. It is built to perform.

Restore emails to live mailbox

Since this tool is the complete solution for email management, it gives you the option to restore the backed-up email files anywhere you want. You can restore the backed-up emails to a live mailbox of your choosing.

Support team that has your back

You will never be left confused about anything related to email management anymore. You have a dedicated support team to help you out in case you get stuck anywhere. The chances of that happening are very low but you can still reach out to the support team. Expert individuals will solve your queries.

Choice of packages – Best Mac mail converter package

Personal editionversions for both Mac and Windows are available. When you buy one license, you can use it to run the tool on two systems. Both systems may run Windows, Mac or either.

Team editionyou can get an email converter package for a group of 5 to 30 as varying packages are available. Bulk licenses are also made available when requested for customisations. Additional settings like admin controls are added in the Team version.

Free editionwe all know that a tool which requires testing, maintenance, and continuous support cannot be a free tool. This is why a professional mail converter free of cost is not possible. But what is possible is a demo version for a fifteen-day trial period so that your doubts can vanish.

User testimonials- words which matter!

There is no greater reward nor validation than the one which comes from the users themselves. Listen to what some of the existing users have to say.

“As a team of professionals building a company from the scratch, we needed a licensed mail migration tool which was affordable yet effective. With Mail backup X, we did not just get that but even got additional benefit of using this tool for backup and restore. This is a real treat for users like us. Thank you.”

–         Nelson Hawks

“Limited budget, limited skills, and limited time to migrate emails are the terms best suited for the situation where I needed a tool urgently. Mail backup X was the second tool I tried and it is now my number one choice and recommendation for email conversion. Just get it without even a second thought.”

–         Norah Martin

FAQs – Answered

1.     Can I convert OLM files to MBOX with Mail backup X?

You will be pleased to know that our tool supports migration to and from most of the common email formats and mail clients. Yes, OLM to MBOX conversion or vice versa can also be done by using this tool. You can now find the conversion setting on the left side in the very first window.

2.     How can I access the licensed version of this tool?

You can choose Team edition or Personal edition according to your requirement and complete the purchase process. After this, you will get the link for download in your mailbox within a few minutes. You can install the tool on your system and get round the clock help. We also provide a money back guarantee for this tool. Please refer to terms and conditions for the same. 

3. How to backup emails with this Mac mail converter?

The process to backup and restore emails is incredibly simple with this software. You just have to create your own backup profile initially. The tool then asks you to choose the email service that you want to backup. Then you have to login to your email account. The tool automatically brings all your email data so that you can choose the files you want. Once that is done, you get to the modification window where you can customize your backup like you want. You just have to choose a storage space for the backup after that. Once that is done, your backup will start instantly and your files will be backed up wherever you want. It is as simple as this.